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So, then the Eds decide to break and enter.

They’ve been so conniving and invisible up until this point. Actually, Eddy tore apart Sarah’s doll. Other then that they never destroyed anybody’s house. Was it Eddy’s goal to break down Jimmy’s garage? Edd isn’t too on-board with the plan. This is another example of how the Eds are considered destructive through the kids perspective. 

Jimmy is playing hockey!

This is side to Jimmy that is not explored enough. He’s always seen spending time with Sarah, playing with dolls or feminine objects. Jimmy likes to explore his masculine side. We need to explore more of that side because Jimmy is a really intriguing character.

A hockey net is set up right in the garage. He owns three pucks. And even a hockey uniform.

While Sarah has a ballet class Jimmy must be on a kids hockey team! He doesn’t want to admit it to anyone fearing what they think.

In Ed in a Half Shell he enjoys spending guy time with the Eds. Jimmy has two different sides he likes exploring. I notice that he tires of his feminine side halfway through season 4. Jimmy is growing up. He can be anybody he wants. Does he have trouble choosing? Most likely. Sarah tends to hold Jimmy back because she is anxious to be independent. 

And his parents must come between his arguing gender norms, if you want to call it that.

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The holiday season was always a busy time of year—even more so topside, where their extended ‘family’ is larger than ever. He takes in stride what was once overwhelming, and at night, when the household falls still and he’s alone, he adds another year to the tally.

welp, it’s december already.

i wanted a festive icon, but got a little carried away while waiting for my new tablet pen to show up. anyway, enjoy your holidays regardless of what you celebrate. have a warm drink, eat lots of good food, and stay safe.


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Happy Holidays !! This is my @trc-exchange gift for @magastromancia / Linea !! (I tried to include dream objects so I hope Adam kind of counts for this haha) I hope you enjoy this sleepy morning Pynch!! Thanks to the @trc-exchange because this is such a lovely idea!