big head guy and the other guy

Fake ah head cannon that they purposely switch up names whenever they go out just to mess with people.

Like Gavin and Ryan will go do a ammo trade with a new gang and Gav will go, “Hey, I’m Geoff, and this big guy is Gavin. What’re your names?”

And the guys from the other gang will be like, wtf I thought Gavin was a small dude, but he’s this guy?!? And isn’t Geoff the leader of the gang? Why is here?!? And will just freak out while trading, the get back to their gang and tell their leader the news that “the golden boy is really scary and Geoff looks like he’s 12”

And then they’ll trade again later, but this time with Jack and Michael, and Jack’ll be like, “I’m Geoff, and this is Jeremy” and the other guys will be like, I thought Geoff was a 12 year old boy? Not a girl?? And be even more confused.

And the police will have their mugshots all over the news, but their names switch around every time cause they have no fucking clue who’s who, they just know their names.

And the crew will place bets on who they thing Geoff is every time they watch the news.

Crocodile Emoji Review

this is certainly an alligator. 7/10

this guy has a real big head, im a big fan. got some nice chompers on him too. 8/10

very stylized, dont know whats up with those teeth though, gonna have to give it a 7/10

this is definitely not a crocodile, but i really like the look of this guy. and by really like i mean i fuckin LOVE the look of this guy. 10/10

it looks like a muddy version of the apple emoji 5/10

look at this artsy lookin guy. with the minimalistic style and everything. look at those feet though. 6/10

very small compared to the other boys but this guy, hes got some spunk. hes got some attitude. 8/10

this guy just scares me with that weird eye 6/10

very moody…………. i love the look of this guy though…. 9/10

idk man….. 4/10

holy FUCK look at this guy!!!!!!!! look at this guy!!! sitting down like a normal human!!!!! 10/10 im a VERY big fan of this one with the BIG eyes filled with love im very much enjoying this guys emotion

this one just looks like a baby godzilla 6/10


-wall sex

-Dallas loves the liberty of pinning guys to the wall. Holding their hands over their head and their legs wrapped ‘round his waist.

-Dallas is well practiced at hand jobs, he is a dude himself after all.

-He could leave a guy squirming from just using his hands

-a smirk never leaves his face, he gets so confident and dominant with other men.

-his type is usually smaller, submissive guys but he’ll take anyone honestly, he loves it with men?

-dallas is big

-makes boys scream.. a lot.. buck gets angry sometimes because it gets loud.

-very little foreplay, he gets right to it.

-dude he doesnt just leave hickies, dallas bites. hard. he’s posessive and he’ll mark what’s his. everywhere.

-Dallas is into knife play. Never actually harming anyone, of course, but he finds it thrilling and he likes to tease.


Second chance meeting

Before meeting Noct, Prompto wasn’t sure why that day in particular stuck out in his mind. Why he couldn’t shake the other young man’s image out of his head. They were both young kids, Prompto probably looking much younger than what he was thanks to his baby fat, and this big, buff guy, sitting in the shade under a bridge on a hot day, both jogging. They talked, for a few minutes, listening to the sound of the running water and then the blond slid his earphones back into his ears, and jogged off.

He didn’t hear the guy call out for him, didn’t hear him splash into the water. He just kept running. As he shed that fat pound by pound he could help but notice the unwarranted attention his mark earned him. Men and women alike approached him, asking to ‘compare marks’ as if he didn’t know what that was code for. So he began to cover the two black birds, circling each other, up. Scarves, chokers, popped collars, anything to avoid it getting looked at. Besides, the moment they learned where he was from, no one would dare want him as a soul mate.

Then, one day, Noctis and he are eating on the ledge, talking about how Noctis had met his soul mate, Lady Lunafreya, when he was only a kid, a trait he shared with his bodyguard Gladio but not nearly as young. On reflex the prince had taken out his phone and showed a picture of Gladio’s wrist while recounting the tale told to him, how Gladio had found his soulmate under a bridge but hadn’t realized till he was walking away and lost him. He knows he’s out there, the proof is there on the man’s wrist; a pair of circling black birds.

Fuck his life. Just royally screw it.

From then on Prompto came up with every excuse to avoid meeting the man. He was sick, he had work, he had a huge project. Anything but go to a man who was likely trained to take out their soulmate if they posed a threat to Noct. So when he was just walking randomly down a street, running into Noctis wasn’t a surprise. What he said next was. 

“Hey, Gladio’s house is just right there! Come on! You can miss one day of work!” And so Prompto was dragged into the house, Noctis calling out for Ignis and Gladio to come meet his friend, smiling for a change. “Look who I finally managed to drag out here!” He beamed, Noctis presenting him to the two.

“Gladio, Iris, this is Prompto. My friend from highschool!” They were graduated now but still it didn’t help. Didn’t help when the blond stared up at Gladio. “…Wow you’re tall.”

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Do you have any HCs for Kiawe and any guy s/o? //Yes i know im projecting XD//

* He’s not the kind of guy to hide how much he loves you and isn’t afraid to say it in front of others.

* He’s one for giving you lots of kisses all the time. He always gets a big smile on his face whenever he does this.

* Sometimes he’ll lay his head on your lap when he’s feeling tired and he does falls asleep when he does this. 

* He loves either holding your hand or keeping an arm around your shoulders.  He always does this towards the end of the day because he knows he’ll miss you one you two have to go home.

What’s this? Am I actually drawing an OC for a change?!?

The big guy is Caeill, a giant who was rescued as a kid by a group of travelling knights and brought to live and work at a military academy, where he eventually became the head dragon trainer (his size, weight and hardiness come pretty handy in that line of work)

The other guy doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s the grandson of the man who found Caeill and decided to bring him to the academy. And son of the student who was pretty much Caeill’s older brother while he was studying there

That’s probably why he managed to climb onto his shoulder in the first place. Caeill is not a very grabby person and is a bit too self conscious how his size can easily break someone’s bones (he’s friends with most people, but some families would love to have an excuse to get the academy in trouble and use it for their own political gain) 

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“Just a heads up babe - I think Freddy’s got a little crush on you.” The words came out in a relaxed manner, Lance looking over at Vi with a lopsided grin. “Thought I’d give you some warning in case he acts on it. the big guy doesn’t do well with…rejection, so just let himself nicely, yeah?” Fred really was just an overly sensitive guy with bad luck…at least, from what Lance had seen from the other boys dating experience. “Unless you’re into him too, which would mean problem solved really.” 

Hounds of Justice (Part 5)

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Parings: Roman X Reader X Dean X Seth

Warnings: Swearing

Song: Sometimes By Skillet

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You were wiping down the countertop at the diner when you heard the door bell jingle. You looked up and smiled when you seen Roman walk in. 

It’s been about three days since he told you everything. And if you were being honest, he didn’t think any differently about him. He still was same guy, just with a secret. 

You leaned on your elbows on the counter. “Hey big guy.” You said, when Roman sat on the stool in front of you. 

“Hey baby girl.” He said, smirking as you blushed. “No Dean and Seth tonight?” 

“No, I needed them down at the warehouse since we were having problems down there the other night.”

You nodded your head. “You want a coke?” 

“No. I actually I want some coffee.”

You looked up at the time on your watch. “It’s almost midnight. Why in the world do you want coffee?” 

“That reminds me. Why are you working the latest shift?” Roman asked,a s you walked away to go get his coffee.

“Less people to deal with.” 

You came back over with his cup of coffee and handed him it will with the cream and sugar. “I don’t want you working this late at night. It’s not safe for a beautiful lady like yourself to be here alone.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Roman-” He cut you off. “Don’t Roman me. Just don’t work this late.” 

He leaned in, waiting for you to kiss him. You made a face at him and kissed his nose. 

You smiled at him. “Waitress! I need my check please!” The only other customer in the diner said.

“I’ll be right back.” You said. 

You walked around the counter and over to the table, handing the guy the check. You stood there as you got out his wallet and handed you the money.

“I’ll see you next time sugar.” The guy said, smiling and handing you a ten dollar tip.

Roman’s head turned in you direction. 

“Have a good night.” With that you walked back around the counter. Roman watched the guy leave with hard eyes.

“He’s lucky I didn’t punch his teeth down this throat.” 

You put the money in the register and smiled at Roman. “Why?”

“What do you mean why? He was flirting with you! And as far as I know, you’re mine.” 

You blushed and walked over, pecking his lips.

“You want something to eat? I could get you something here, or I could cook you something back at my house. I mean from the looks of things you haven’t actually eating a home cooked meal in a long time.”

Roman smiled at your offer. “I would really like that.”


You were cooking spaghetti for Roman. He was sitting at your kitchen table watching you.

“It’s been a long time since I actually ate a home cooked meal.”

“I could tell. You were at the diner every night!” You said, looking over your shoulder at him.

“I live a busy life.” Roman said. You poured the noodles into the boiling water, then walked over to Roman.

“Well, anytime you get sick of eating at the diner, just come here. I’ll be more then happy to cook something for you.”

Roman smiled at you. “Thank you.” He leaned forward and kissed you.

You grunted as you moved around. You opened your eyes and seen that you had falling asleep on the couch. You rolled onto your back and closed your eyes again. 

But your eyes snapped opened when you heard someone in your kitchen. You looked towards the kitchen and rolled off the couch.

You were still dressed in your black jeans, black shirt from where you were working at the diner last night. 

You shuffled to the kitchen doorway. You peeked your head in and seen Roman standing there shirtless, in his jeans and boots. 

He had his hair pulled back into a messy bun at the back of his head. You pulled your eyebrows together. You don’t remember him sleeping here. Then it dawned on you, you had falling asleep on him last night, after eating you two had watched a movie. 

His back was towards you and you seen his big back tattoo. It was a hellhound and along the top it said Hounds of Justice, and towards the bottom right it had MC. It was just like his cut.

Roman turned around and seen you standing there. “Morning. I made coffee.”

“Morning.” You said walking fully into the kitchen. “Thanks.” You said when Roman handed you a cup. 


Roman sat in one of your kitchen chairs and put some sugar in his cup. 

“I hope you didn’t mind that I stayed the night. You fell asleep on me, and you worked all day, cooked for me. I just didn’t want to wake you.”

“No I don’t care.” You said, smiling and taking a seat.

“Uh, were did you sleep? Because it looked like I took up the whole couch.”

“I slept right behind you. Or I guess you slept in my arms all night.” 

You blushed. “Oh, right. That makes sense.”

Roman smiled at you. “I seen your back tattoo. Is that like a thing the whole club does?” You asked, taking a sip of your coffee.

“Yep. Everyone that is patched in gets the tattoo. But if you get kicked out, you have to black it out. And if you don’t…then we’ll take it into our hands.”

You pulled your eyebrows together. “What do you mean?” 

“We give you a set date on when it’s to be blacked out, and if it’s not done by then……We burn it off their back.” 

“Did…Did you ever do that?” 

Roman nodded his head. “Once. But I already gave the guy a second chance to get in blacked out.”


Roman’s phone started ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket.  “I got to take this.” He said. 

He walked out of the kitchen. You sat there, drinking your coffee, thinking about what he said. You were just trying to picture him in that place. You just couldn’t see Roman, who was so kind to you, burning a tattoo off someone. 

Roman came back in the kitchen, pulling his shirt on. “Everything ok?” You asked.

“Just things with The Kings. I have to go down to the club and talk about a plan.” 

“What kinda of things?” You asked, as you watched him pull his dark blue jacket on, zipping it up.

He looked at you. “We need someone to go into their club, get close enough to them so then we can know their plans.”

You bit your lip. “I could do it.” 

Roman’s head snapped over to you. “No you can not! Have you lost it!?”

“Come on! I already have Wade’s number! All I have to do is go on a couple of dates get close to him. Then I’m sure he’ll open up!”

“You are not doing this! That’s the end of it!” He said, pulling his cut on. 

“I thought you had to bring this to a vote? Hm? And how would they feel if you knew of a plan that could have save someone’s life but you didn’t bring it to a vote?” You said, crossing your arms.

“This is not something I’m going to talk about with you, Y/N. You’re not doing this.” Roman said, heading towards the door.

“But that’s not fair! I can help you! It wouldn’t be that hard to get him to trust me!” You said, following him.

“I’m not risking your life! Damn it!” 

“Just put it to a vote! I want to know what they think!”

“I don’t care what they think! You. Are. Not. Doing. This. That’s the end of it!” With that he walked out of your house, slamming the door.

“That’s what you think..” You mumbled.

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You walked into club house and few looked at you. Dean came walking over to you. 

“Hey, Y/N. What are you doing here?”

You smiled at him. “There’s something I wanted to talk about.”

“What?” You asked. 

“A plan that I think could help you with The Kings.” 

Seth came walking over. “Keep talking.”

You smirked. “It there somewhere we can talk in private?”


You told them the plan and they liked it. They said they’d bring it to the table for a vote.

You were sitting in the main area of the club house. Roman didn’t know you were here yet. Their table room was just to the left of you, you were surprised that there was no yelling.

The door was yanked opened and Roman was the first one out. He was angry. He’s eyes fell to you, he walked over to you and grabbed your arm. Yanking you to his room.

“You’re hurting me!” You said, jerking your arm away once you were in his room.

“What part of you’re not doing that, don’t you understand!” He yelled, slamming his door behind him.

“I just wanted to help..” You mumbled.

“Well we don’t need your help! No! We don’t want your fucking help!”

“I told you everything yesterday for a fucking reason! This isn’t something you can just fuck around with! You aren’t apart of a club! You…You are just someone…That…That I’m messing around with!” He yelled.

“I don’t even want you at the club anymore! Just go the fuck home!” He yelled.

You stood there for a moment, tears burned in your eyes. Messing around with, you hadn’t done anything yet. You went on one date!

You shoved pass him and opened the door. You walk through the club house, wiping your tears with your jacket sleeve.

Seth watched you as you shoved open the door and slammed it behind you. He looked over to the hall and seen Roman standing there, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You didn’t need to yell at her like that. If you didn’t like the plan then you could have said. She was only trying to help.” Seth said, standing and walking out of the club house. 


You’re sitting in your living room, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, watching TV and eating pizza. Roman had acted like an asshole, yet again. You were just trying to help. Maybe going behind his back and having Seth and Dean bring it to the table wasn’t the best thing to do. 

But he didn’t need to yell at you like that. You ran a hand through your hair. “Stupid men..” You mumbled. 

Suddenly someone was knocking on your door. You thought about not answering it, but when they kept knocking, you had no choice but to get up and answer it.

You opened your door and went to close it quickly when you seen it was Roman. But he put his hand on the door, stopping you from doing that.

“Can I please talk to you?” He asked. 

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“And I can understand that. I was an asshole for yelling at you. But I don’t want you to get hurt. I’m trying to protect you like I said I could.”

“I only just got you into my life. I can lose you as fast as I got you.”

You stood there. You let go of the door, letting him in. He walked in, wrapping his arms around you and kicking the door shut.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

He rested his forehead against yours. “You’re everything I’m not….I can’t lose that…I can’t lose you. I’d never forgive myself if something happened to you.”

You closed your eyes. “I’m sorry for doing that. I just wanted to help you. “

“The club voted for your plan. So do you still want to do it?”

“Do you want me to do it? Because I won’t if you just say.”

“There isn’t much I can do about it. You want to, then do it.”

“But there’s something you need to understand. If The Kings find out that you’re working for us, or even a thought that you’re working for us. That’s it, you’re dead.”

Pack Night

New imagine! Enjoy! we have a few others on the way and what we think will be the start of a series coming!!!


Saturday’s are the day of pack sleepovers. There is always one every other weekend and they are always tons of fun. Tonight is the first day of summer vacation so you guys are going to be going big. Games. Lots of them.

            “Okay pack. We are going to start with a game of messy twister and work from there. I hope you guys wore the right kind of clothing.” Scott says as we all head to the basement where the floor is concrete so it won’t really matter if we get red, yellow, blue, or green paint all over it.

             “We will split into our teams and at the end of the night the team with the most points will pick the movie to watch.” Lydia says as she steps forward and stands next to Scott. They are obviously the team captains. “I will be picking first. Isaac.” Lydia says pointing to the tall boy with dark curly hair. Scott goes next, “Liam.” “Allison.” “Stiles.” “Malia.” “Kira.” “Boyd.” “Derek.” It is down to me and Jackson. I know they are going to go for Jackson. I’m always last to be picked and always will be. It’s not like I don’t have any supernatural powers. I’m a phoenix for crying out loud, but I can’t do anything more than kindle fires and see in the dark. Which neither help very much in a game of Twister. As far as the night vision is concerned Jackson has it too. It is Lydia’s pick and she doesn’t have real good reason to pick me, but she does anyway. I’m kind of a little shocked that she picked me over Jackson, but then I see Isaac smiling at me as I walk up so I know this is his work.

            Isaac and I have been best friends since grade school. I had been super supportive when Derek turned him, not wanting to lose a friend. When I met the pack I was stoked and I instantly became friends with Kira, Allison, and Lydia. Next thing I knew I was kindling fires and flipping out about it. The first person I went to was Isaac and he helped me through it. Now I’m here at a pack meeting standing next to my best friends. With his arm around my shoulders we walk over to the edge of the twister set.

             There is a big glob of paint on each dot and extra paint for various rounds. Isaac and I stand on the same side and looking across the twister mat. Liam, Stiles and Derek are first up from Scott’s team, and Isaac, Allison and I are first up for Lydia’s team. We follow the commands of left foot red and right hand blue, left hand yellow, right foot green and so on in so many different combinations until we are all a tangled mess. I’m face to face with Liam with my leg under Isaac and my arm over Stiles. One wrong move and we all come tumbling down. We hear the command left hand yellow and I try to take my hand gingerly off the circle, Stiles jerks and I pull my hand to my chest as a reflex only to lose my balance causing me to grab something, which was Liam and who comes toppling down taking Isaac with him. Soon enough no one is left standing and we are all covered in paint of various colors and shades. We are a mess. Lydia, Scott, Malia, Boyd, and Kira are just cracking up, while Allison, Stiles and I groan in pain. All the werewolves are just fine, but those of us without healing powers are going to be sore as hell since Derek and Isaac pretty much fell on everyone in some way.

            “Okay, next game is glow in the dark hide in seek. I have the glow in the dark paint upstairs and there is no use of night vision in this game, understood?” Lydia says as we all make our way up the stairs nodding. We get to the main floor and head to the bathrooms, there paint in all of them and we are instructed to be in the shower or tub to be painted. There are 4 bathrooms total so we split ourselves up and get painting. Allison paints me while I paint Isaac and Isaac then paints Allison. All the girls come out pretty much in shorts and a sports bra while all guys just go shirtless.

            “K. We all ready? We are going to start at the woods entrance and there are flags throughout the forest. Isaac and I set the up so we are going to be the seekers. There are enough flags for everyone to grab one, get back to the entrance with all 10 flags and your other 5 team mates before the opposing team, your team wins more points. And don’t worry, I’ve been tracking the points so far, my team won because Lydia’s player caused the fall. You guys ready? Let’s go!” Scott says and we all walk out the door and immediately start to glow. It was beautiful.

            We all get to the entrance and the last thing we all hear before we take off is “No supernatural powers guys, remember that!!!” from Isaac. Allison and tag team it in a way by at first running on the trail together and when we hear footsteps behind us we split up.

             I take off running into the woods. I don’t see the hole as it is just a tad bit dark. I turn around for a split second to see if anyone is following and then the ground drops from under me then rises again. Like it is a trench. I let a shriek escape my lips as I fall and then a groan when I hit the other side. The edge it at my knees and I am going with such momentum that it bends my knee in the wrong direction. I hear a crack and know it’s not good. I look down using my night vision at this point to see I have scrapes from the many rocks and sticks that sticking inward on the trench. I have blood flowing down my leg, I find where it is coming from, and it came from the back of my knee. With the knowledge I am deathly afraid to look and see what happened knowing that I didn’t actually hit the back of my knee. I look at the back and see what looks like a fairly thick stick protruding from my leg. Only I know it’s not a stick, it is my bone. I’m stunned at first, not realizing I had that kind of power and then I scream. Like the way Lydia would. The first one by my side is Malia. I guess she was nearby or could smell the blood. One of the two, then it was Isaac and Liam and so on until everyone from the pack was there. Malia was already starting to pick me up and Scott calling his mom at the hospital, I wasn’t far from the entrance so the just took me there and set me down.

            “Okay, now Y/N this might hurt. Like a lot, way more than the pain you are in right now, but I’m going to put the bone back in place.” Scott says. “My mom said that’s the best we can do for now. We are a few blocks from the house and I’ve already sent Liam there to get some bandages so we can try to stop the bleeding.” With those last words he places his hands around my leg and pushes the bone back in. He is right it hurts like hell. Way more than the pain I could ever imagine. I bite my lip to stop a scream from escaping. Malia is supporting my back, so I lean against her, and Isaac is holding my hand. I feel my body temperature rising with every bit of pressure applied by Scott. “Almost there. Just about half an inch left.” And then the bush beside me catches fire. I didn’t think I could do that! Scott’s pressure suddenly stops. “It’s done.” I keep my eyes closed not wanting to look at the blood.

The next thing I know I’m in a hospital bed. The whole pack is there. My leg is in a cast and the doctors left me crutches, which are now being used for fun by Stiles. Isaac is right beside me hand in hand asleep. Liam is the first to notice that I’m awake and asks “How are you feeling?” I start to answer when Stiles starts speaking. “Great actually. I could use some water though.” “Stiles I wasn’t talking to you.” Liam says annoyed while pointing at me.

            “I’m fine, a little sore, and bummed about the cast, but other than that great.” I say waking Isaac who looks at you in astonishment. “I can’t believe you are already awake.” He says thrilled.

            “It’s been 2 days, how much longer did you want her unconscious?” Derek says.

            “I’ll just go get my mom, let her know you’re awake.” Scott says walking out of the room.

            “Well I’m glad you’re up, short stack.” Isaac says with a grin.

            “We all are. We’ve been here for two days, but hey! What are friends for right?” Lydia says with a shrug making you giggle. And she is right, friends should always be there for you, and I’m glad mine are.


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time


Mad Hatter

Here we go again. Another day, another struggle to even went to exist. Nobody ever wanted to stick around with Kaiden. Even at his job at McDonald’s, nobody really liked him. Well one person did but that didn’t matter. Not right now. Why? Because Kaiden had just walked into a bar and ordered a fireball whiskey. It had been a hard enough day so when the drink was poured, he immediately took a big swig and ignored the burn in his throat. Quite frankly, he almost didn’t notice the guy sitting next to him. The world almost disappeared. Luckily, it didn’t because this guy was kinda cute. Kaiden shook that thought out of his head and glanced down at his tight skinny jeans and black My Chemical Romance shirt, eyes flickering back over to the other. He just couldn’t stop staring.

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Since the tent looks really tiny, who out of the FF15 guys moves the most when sleeping? Who kicks? Who is stiff as a rock? Does anyone drool? Does anyone steal blankets?

Gladdy is HUGE and takes up the most room, though he really doesn’t mean to. He also snores pretty loud, but the guys have gotten used to it now. He usually sleeps on his back with his hand behind his head and the other down by his side. If he gets too bad with his snoring, the boys (it takes all three) roll him onto his side, and it subsides long enough for them to get to sleep. For how big he is, he’s actually a light sleeper and is the first awake if any sound is heard too close by. He likes to read before bed.

Prompto is the a notorious cuddler. He clings to whomever is next to him so the guys try and take turns sleeping next to him. Noct minds the least so he usually volunteers anyway. He also drools a bit and has horrible bed head. Sometimes he has bad dreams and whimpers a little bit in his sleep. They’ve also heard him muttering about chocobos before. He periodically steals blankets, and they guys have nicknamed the act “nesting”. Prompto denies all of it.

Noct sleeps like a rock. He’s usually the last one awake, and they let him sleep for as long as they can especially if the day before was particularly rough. He does have nightmares a lot though, and once he’s awake, he’s not going back to sleep for a while. That’s why he sleeps in the car so much. He thinks the others don’t know, but they’ve noticed and discussed it at length. Prompto’s cuddles do help a lot when he’s awake to comfort him, and that’s why he prefers to sleep next to him. Sometimes he plays King’s Knight to fall back asleep. Other times he sneaks out to sit by the smoldering coals of the fire from earlier and just stares at it or the stars.

Iggy sleeps with his glasses in easy reach, just in case. He buries himself deep under his blanket, partly to protect from Prompto’s “nesting” habits. He rolls around the most but it doesn’t disturb anyone. He’s a very quiet sleeper. Once they thought he was asleep and were going to prank him but he surprised them and told them he’d poison their food if they did. They guys are convinced Ignis doesn’t sleep. He closes his eyes, but that’s it. Iggy sees and hears all. He’s also a light sleeper and is awake right after Gladio if any suspicious sounds are heard.

Wow that was long, sorry… <3

I Can’t Even . . . Take 3

Ichabod staring Daniel down

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Joenny kickboxing and making me fangirl to the max

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Abbie getting upset with Jenny for seeing Nevins

Abbie with a big gun

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Sisters Mills love

Ichabod and Joe giving each other advice

Joe, Abbie and Ichabod staring blankly at Jenny and silently freaking out

Jenny asking: “Where are the guys?” and in your head your like: “yeah you know their your guys”

Ichabod and Joe’s bromance adventures.

Joe being a smooth criminal and kissing Jenny

One of my ships coming true

Joenny and Ichabbie in general

Sophie being FBI 

[Pref] Brother and Sister Moments


“Luke!” You yelled skipping merrily towards his direction. He was facing ahead talking to the other guys when you suddenly jump onto his back, your arms encircling his neck might as well nearly choke him by the action you had made. “Y/N! God, get off!” He whined though the others find it funny and started chuckling.

“Why are you like this to your older sister? Them guys likes me more than you do…” You sighed and jumped off him then shrugged. “Aw, you guys are like so cute…” Michael awed patted your head, you were the same age as Ashton yet you act the youngest out of all that even the other guys treat you like a child, well except your own brother, Luke, who’s such a grumpy head towards you, well time to time.

“So, I’ll borrow this big guy here and take him alright?” You wiggle your brows at them 3 and chuckled “But…” Luke uttered not wanting to go with you “No buts… we haven’t seen each other in ages and I think you should make your elder sister happy by going shopping with her, huh”.

You smirked and he just groaned, he’s like the most obedient little kid you could asked for. “Well you guys enjoy shopping” Calum said and you nodded whilst Luke rolled his eyes only to get scolded by Ashton “Just spend the day with your lovely sister” And he pushed you two off away.


You were excited to go home as this was the day Michael, your older brother is going to be back. Well he was back this morning but your mum told you to let him sleep first as he was tired so now you had been in dire to get home. “Mikey’s finally home” You chirpped to your classmates and they just chuckled with you telling you how lucky you are to have a brother that’s a rockstar and of course you’re proud of that.

It was near the ending of school and you can’t help but get this mushy feelings in your stomach, you haven’t seen Michael in 6 months almost, of course computer and chat you see each other but you’re nervous as you’re seeing him again in person, it’s weird I know, since he’s your brother and stuff but yeah, Mikey’s a lot older than you and you had quite the age gap but he was the sweetest; Mikey’s turning 20 and you were just starting fresh in year 7.

You were chatting with your mates about Mikey whilst waiting for your mum to pick you up. You facing your friends and they started giggling and stuff and some people started screaming around you, one of your mates pointed behind you and you looked back and was taken aback when you saw Mikey instead of your mum getting off the car and walking towards you.

”Mikeeeeey!” You bounced up and down and ran towards him in his embrace, funny you were nearly just half of his height. He ruffled your hair and chuckled “How has my little sister been?” He playfully asked “Good! And you? Mum didn’t let me wake you up earlier she said to wait until schools end and that made me not able to focus” You told him and he just pinched your cheeks “You could’ve woke me up and I could’ve drove you to school, sweetie”.

You told your goodbye to your mates whilst Mikey gave some fans signature or taken selfie with them and just greeted them in general.

There was this picture you saw when you were scrolling your instgram and it was you hugging Mikey and has the caption of “So cute, like goals af with an older brother; they’re totally cute; like wtf man why you do this; Y/N is a cute-y bunch gaaah; pfft. Mikey and Y/N is brother and sister goals, right?” There was a lot of cursing but hell yeah, and it seems like Mikey had liked it and everyone went wild on this commenting the same thing; Goals and stuff.


Well you and Calum are awkward with each other, probably because you were just a year older than him and stuff. He treats you differently than how he treats Mali. You could’ve sworn he’s so hating you but he was sweet, you sighed. Well you two had fought when he left so that’s awkward as you just say hi and hello in chats when mum calls them or vice.

Your mum and Dad had and errand to do and must be somewhere on this very day, early in the morning, and Mali wasn’t near Sydney at the moment, so you ended up being told by your parents to pick Calum up at the airport. Since you’re the obedient middle child you just groaned and complied.

You changed your clothes to an oversized black and grey checkered flannel and a ripped high waisted shorts, you wore a blue-y moccasins to match up. Who wears that at 3 AM? You. Why must they pick an arrival at dawn?

You grabbed the keys of the car and headed outside. You check the inside of the car making sure it was empty as surely Calum had more to carry than what he should be. Sigh.

It was more or less an hour drive to Sydney Airport depending on traffic. You got on easily with the traffic it was quite smooth so you arrived in less than an hour and there were some fans waiting at this ungodly hour of the day; 4 AM. You waited farside of the fans to not get squished when the boys comes. Well, you waited for more than 30 minutes in the chairs now and it’s making you sleepy until them fans started screaming making you jolt up. That was the sign that they had arrived.

You vaguely saw them walking from afar and you called Calum up hoping he would answer. Well he didn’t. You saw were the others family were at so you approached them and greeted a good morning. Liz asked you were your mum and dad were “They were having to go somewhere yesterday, and I guess I am the only one here to pick Calum” You chuckled. Soon everyone got to meet their families and such and you were just there… well waiting for Calum obviously.

“Hi… I guess you have me for today?” You mumbled biting your lip, “Mum and dad went away yesterday, they’ll be back tonight” You added to your explanation and he chuckled and just nodded. You were to push his overloaded trolley when he pulled it away from you “This I can do” He smiled at you and you nodded. “I’ll just buy coffee… do you want some tea?” You asked and he nodded. You were to walk away when he grabbed your wrists and pulled you to a hug “I miss you” That was a simple greeting but that meant a lot considering you hadn’t had a normal conversation for nearly half a year.

“I miss you too, Cal” You patted his back. Some fans caught some pictures of us. We’re like a couple but not a couple. Weird, just being being weird.

Love and hate relationship between brother and sister. You don’t know how the fans find that cute but it’s not really. Sigh.


Ashton’s POV

I just got back home from tour and all I wanted to do was sleep, obviously. The flight was alright but a good sleep in bed is more than what I hope for. It was midday and after going to twitter and updated the fans about being home and such I went black out to sleep, tiring. Mum and the others decided to not come and pick us up as they were preparing a welcome home party later tonight and they’re organizing it at our house, so the van will probably just drop their stuff and head to our house straight.

The van dropped the boys belongings in their houses (keys were given obviously). We arrived and was greeted by my mum and others. Lauren and Harry had absent to this day but I wasn’t seeing Y/N so she must’ve went to pre-school. “Y/N could’ve absent like you guys” I frowned at the two “But actually you could’ve gone to school” I told them making them groan and I laughed at their response “Mum’s going later in school because she had this awarding session, mabob” Lauren told me.

After talking to the two for awhile mum told everyone that she’ll be back in an hour because of this session. I approached my mum and volunteered to go to Y/N awarding session. “Alright, then” Mum gave me the car keys and I drove to the pre-school Y/N attends.

I arrived and parents were arriving too, I lined up to the reception as they’re collecting names. “I am here for Y/N” I beam a smile at the receptionist “Ashton Irwin” I added and she nodded and told me to follow where the rest of the parents are going. Some of the parents had come up to me and told me their teenage daughters a fan and took some selfies and such.

The awarding went on and parents were going to stage and crowning the medals to their children happily. “To our most bright and outgoing student here that makes everyone laugh and happy, may I call our little sunshine Y/N” She went up to the stage with her pre-school mates and their parents clapping. I made my way in the stage and her eyes started to water and I hurried crouching down to her level and putting the medal to her. “Sweetie don’t cry” I cooed and kissed her forehead wiping her tears, we had our picture taken and we made our way back to the chairs and waited until the end of the awarding session.

“For being a cute sunshine ball we’ll go for an ice cream!” I told her and she squealed and ran around. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the car. “I miss Ash-Ash” She cooed cutely at me and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheeks and there was drool on it too.

It was much better going in here than going to my bed because it was worth it.


She’s electric #5

She’s Electric- Part five
Sorry! Had a delay with the writing because I work Wednesday nights, and so the writing I would have done then to post last night was postponed :P Only one more part after this one! Will they find Finn? ;) I really love how much you guys are enjoying this haha ^.^ Now some of you may find the next cameo a little too much, but this guy is definitely my favourite of the whole series (other than Finn ofc) and so it would seem wrong for him to not still be in Rae’s life! 

Enjoy xx

The sky outside was bleak, the sun swallowed up by big grey rainclouds, and Finn could only think it was very fitting to what was going on in his head right now. The usual happiness and love that usually filled his very being with anything to do with Rae was hidden, out of his reach because of his stupid thoughtlessness. He let out the puff of smoke he’d let linger in the back of his throat, feeling himself calm down but not cheer up.

The rest of that summer was just as bleak, knowing she was in Stanford but being unable to see her was torture- though he knew he only had himself to blame. He knew Rae would hate herself for kissing Finn while still with the other tosspot, and after what had happened with Katie she’d trust Finn even less. But after the mess he had caused at the party he’d made himself hold off from seeing her, deciding that it was the best thing in terms of her ever forgiving her. He threw himself into his work at the garage and started a year-long course in music editing (to eventually work up into radio work). He and Rae had always talked about running a radio channel together so he guessed the only tie he could have with her now would be to do it with her in mind.
It was going well, so well in fact that he had the luck of finding a low-key station before he’d even finished his first term in his course that year, looking for someone to fill their 2am slot, and so decided to work the two alongside each other. By June  he was exhausted, giving up the mechanics to make more time in the day; he had been given most of the slots on the station (due to his popularity and increase of people tuning in) and had completed the course with several distinctions. The gang were a little worried for him, for the channel had Rae written all over it and they didn’t really think it was healthy for him- it got worse when he got in an old friend of Rae’s to run one of his slots covering ‘mental illness and how to get by’ on the late nights.

He thought of Kester then who, just like Rae’s family had become quite close to Finn. He wasn’t sure that was how it was going to be- Finn was actually pretty angry at Kester for lying to Rae at the end of their sessions- but annoyingly Kester turned out to be just as Rae described.

Finn had wanted to get away from the station early that night, for it was Chop’s birthday and they’d all agreed to surprise him with a ‘sexy party’ just like old times. It was more to embarrass Chop with how childish had been two years ago, but Finn really wanted to make the effort considering he hadn’t really been around for him or the others pre-Rae’s return. He’d decided to grab a coffee in the high-street before heading home, and ducked his head into a café. Before he had time to realise it was the café he had gone to when Archie had stood up Rae all those years ago, he was already at the counter and so ordered anyway. They weren’t heaving but had quite a line of customers and so when it got to his turn he was requested to leave his name and take a seat. He slumped down into one of the tattered chairs accompanying the yellow tables, getting lost in thought about the evening’s events when he overheard the girl’s conversation with a regular.
‘’Hey Kester, the usual?’’ She said, and Finn had perked up as he heard a welsh accent reply. He had seen glimpses of Rae’s old counsellor when he’d picked her up from sessions, and so knew pretty much straight away that this were the guy. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Kester the whole time the guy found a table and got his paper out, and only glanced away briefly as Kester’s eyes met his. When he looked up he found he was still being stared back at, Kester’s eyes narrowing slightly as if trying to work out where he’d seen Finn before. Finn silently answered by grimacing and looking away, now trying to dodge his eyesight and before long his name was being called. With a sigh of relief Finn took the cup from the woman, mumbled a thanks and left.

‘’Finn! Finn, wait’’ Before he’d had chance to turn the first corner he heard Kester calling him back, and out of pure curiosity more than anything he’d stopped.
‘’Finn..! Oh, you stopped.’’ The man was out of breath, though he begged Finn for a chat back in the café. On the walk back he analysed the man next to him. He was quite old, Finn noted, or at least had aged quickly with a grey shadow on his bald head and long, heavy bags under his eye. However that didn’t stop Finn from thinking about all the one-to-one sessions Rae had sat with this man talking about things she should have shared with him, and so flares of jealousy stupidly spiked at his chest and temple.
The sat opposite each other, staring at their own drinks till Finn plucked up the courage.
‘’What do you want?’’
‘’I just… how is she? Rae?’’
Finn pretended to look to the queue of customers  and muttered under his breath ‘’I couldn’t tell you’’
Kester didn’t seem to take it in, seeming in a world of his own wearing a wistful smile ‘’I haven’t seen her since she left for Bristol and..’’
‘’And you think I’ve seen any more? Surely you know she dumped me?’’ Finn was surprised at the bitter tone that came out of his mouth, and apparently so was Kester.
‘’We didn’t talk about everything, you know… and anyway, you’re Rae and Finn, I thought you were together for the long run?’’ Kester raised an eyebrow, accenting the ‘Rae and Finn’ in a way that caused Finn’s chest to feel ten times heavier.
He laughed humourlessly, picking at the rim of his cup; ‘’Yeah, so did I… still would be, but…’’
He wasn’t really sure why he was telling this Kester so much, but he figured he understood how easy it was for Rae to tell him things. There was something about him, something likeable yet also infuriating.
‘’But what? She found someone else?’’
‘’If you can call him a someone… he’s… Kester, he’s awful. Like, I wouldn’t mind if it were someone who really looked after her, someone who loved her like… like she should be loved…’’
‘’Like you loved her, you mean? You want someone who treated her as well as you did?’’
Finn really made as much attempt as possible to avoid looking at Kester ‘’I was a shit to her, we couldn’t talk proper like normal couples do’’
‘’Normal couples? What do you class as normal?’’
Finn rolled his eyes ‘’You know what I mean, people who stay together’’
‘’Do you think you found it hard to talk to her because you loved her so much? That if you had of told her how much you felt for her, she’d of left you?’’
It was strange having someone know exactly how he thought, and Finn didn’t like it. He voiced as much to Kester. ‘’She left anyway though didn’t she?’’
‘’Then perhaps’’ Kester said, leaning back in his seat ‘’in the future you could try just saying what’s on your mind from the beginning, then maybe you won’t feel the need to hide things?’’ To that, Finn finally looked him straight in the eye, mirroring his posture.
‘’You know, you’re extremely irritating when you do that?’’
To this Kester smiled, the first proper smile Finn had seen for a while- one that reached his ears and crinkled his eyes as he replied ‘’Yeah, someone told me that once before’’

He wasn’t sure whether it was just because it was someone who linked him further to miss Earl, or whether there was more to it. As he watched the in-goings and out-goings of the hospital he remembered how happy he was that Kester hadn’t agreed with the group (after Finn had admitted what had happened to the pair) and that Kester thought the radio station was a good attempt at putting all of his pent up feelings for Rae into something that people can enjoy. He also admired Kester for becoming the father figure he did to Rae- He was nothing on Karim, but he was the emotional support from that figure Rae had never received. It seemed weird to the group how first Finn had spent time with Rae’s family, and then her counsellor, but to Finn it was just another person who could put into words just how strongly Rae had affected him. He even came in handy, filling the evening slot and helping Finn come to terms with all of his feelings- and a little on why Rae might of held back.

And of course, Kester was right- Finn and Rae were in for the long run. They just needed the time to work out how their voice boxes worked when it came to talking about each other.
The evening Rae came back to Finn, had been down the station with Kester, and they were discussing an idea Kester had had regarding the bringing awareness to mental health- helping people who didn’t suffer with it ask the right questions to the people they cared about (that did). The station phone had rung, which was strange for a Sunday night (they didn’t air on Sundays let alone do call-ins).
Kester answered, and as a loud shouting voice came from the other side that even Finn could catch from the other side the room, Kester got that twinkle in his eye and grin that could only mean one thing. Rae.
‘’Hello to you to, may I ask who’s speaking?’’ Kester played along, though Finn’s heartbeat had picked up. It dawned on him at that moment how much of a stalker she must think he was and mentally thought of how he was going to explain this to her. When Kester finally passed him the phone however, a calculated and comforting look in his eyes, Finn finally knew.
He was just going to tell her the truth, how he really felt at that moment.

‘’Rae, hi’’ he breathed, closing his eyes when he heard her inpatient huff over the phone.
‘’What the bloody hell Finn? I come home looking for you, and I’m told you’ve bloody shacked up with Kester?’’
Both men laughed, and Finn wanted to spin in his chair with excitement ‘’Im..glad you called anyway… You were looking for me?’’
A silence came over the phone, and he couldn’t almost see the smile she was wearing on the other side. ‘’Yeah well, when I heard you’d started on the radio without me I had to come home and demand answers didn’t I?’’
Finn’s heart was going all a flutter as he grinned ‘’I’m just keeping it warm for you, it’s always been yours Rae… only, there’s a catch’’
‘’Oh yeah? What’s that then?’’ She asked playfully, and Finn narrowed his eyes at the grinning Kester as he spun away from him.
‘’Well… the station is kind of a package deal you see… if you want it, you have to have to take me back.’’
Silence ticked over between them again, then Rae sighed dramatically.
‘’Well, I guess you’ll have to come over to mine for your answer won’t you? To be all formal and that?’’

Before she had chance to say goodbye Finn had hung up and left a laughing Kester alone at the office.

‘’Finn! There you are, come quick it’s Rae!’’ Izzy had burst through the door, only her amber curls visible to Finn as she shot her head out the entrance and then sprinted in as fast. He was right behind her, his blood draining from his features and his heartbeat picking up like a racehorse.
‘’What’s happening? Is she alright?’’ he asked, running alongside Izzy
‘’The nurse is letting you in, but it’s going to be too late Finn! She’s giving birth now!’’
On that he overtook his slight friend, pacing down the corridors and up the stairs as he pictured his girl in her hospital bed alone, crying out in pain while he’d fucked up again.

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Luke would stay home with his sick little boy while you’re out working. They’d watch Bubble Guppies or Looney Tunes while cuddling together in their pj’s. Luke’s little man would be snuggled into his daddy’s shoulder with his blanket and a runny nose while Luke laid lower and deeper into the couch so he could be face to face with his little guy. He’d rest his head on his kids head while his son rests head on his shoulder, watching the cartoons quietly and sleepily together with a big blanket onto each other. “Does Iron Man get sick too, daddy?” Luke’s little guy would whisper in a tiny voice. Luke would nod with a smile before kissing his head. “All superheroes get sick, bud.” He’d whisper back then his kids eyes would light up immediately. “Daddy, does that make me a superhero too?!” Luke would chuckle at his sons excitement. “Of course little man.”

Hold my cat//officialjamesbarnes
  • I brought my new kitten to school hold her please while I kick this guys ass.


“Buck!!!” Pietro ran to the guy quickly, hands holding something inside his hoodie he still have on himself. He was smiling brightly, little chuckles escaping his lips here and there, as he dodged around other students and finally stopped before his friend. “Look, what I have!”

He moved his hands little and from under collar appeared small cat’s head. Kitten moewed quietly, looking at James with big, blue eyes, before he disappeared inside hoodie again.

Fleetwood Mac Members if they went to college

Christine McVie was one of those girls in your class who you didn’t know too well, but she seemed chill and sat next to you and whispered perfectly witty commentary during lecture- but she was also buzzed 80 percent of time she attended class.

Lindsey Buckingham totally was one of those competitive guys who would get way too into frisbee on the quad, take a risky catch, and injure himself in front of women to both a) impress the ladies and b) assert his toughness - though he’d complain about his injury nonstop after the fact- “man I totally shattered my elbow- is this normal?”

John McVie totally was that guy you never spoke to but he was in all of your classes. You mutually acknowledged each other and had a weird, silent bond- you’d nod your head when you passed him on campus. General stand-up trustable guy.

Mick was the one guy who would always be on the jumbo tron of your big-ten campus sporting events because he new exactly what to wear and what insane face or gesture to make in order get the camera on him. He’s got school spirit- and he’s probably the guy who drinks beer and other spirits as meal replacements. #college

Stevie totally the one girl you’ve never met before- who would randomly compliment you on your outfit when you were fixing your hair in the bathroom- then she goes off on some tangent about beauty tips and leaves. The conversation starter in all situations. At the parties where you didn’t know anyone, she’d be the only person to approach you and introduce you to her pack- making it less awkward.