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Chapter 865 Thoughts

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Seriously, I’m quite thankful for Perospero. I am so thankful  that he doesn’t give a fuck about Katakuri’s warning. If he did, the Vinsmokes would be goners by now. But NO. He still continues on his preaching. I don’t think he even wants to kill them, he’s just there to smear them with shit-talk until BM will go cray-cray. 

He never thought someone in God mode would appear.

still love him, tho.


I have some people I’m betting to have BM’s wrath after all of this.

First is of course: Brûlée. 

Brûlée is aware of her fate. Caesar’s logic here is plausible, and it’s actually already figured out by Katakuri. I’m pretty sure Brûlée won’t just wait and let herself get killed. She’ll probably bail or something.

Secondly: Pudding.

It’s plausible, considering the fact that she visibly failed to perform her role on the assassination plot. Daifuku’s words here can indicate that she may incur BM’s anger due to her failure. If anything, maybe Pudding’s siblings themselves would punish her, and in the worst-case scenario… take her life

And yooooooo: has anyone seen Opera? HAHA

Mont-d’Or realized about Opera’s lies, and is probably going to relay this to his mother. But he’s nowhere to be found at the tea party at least. Opera probably knows what’s waiting for him if ever he stays so he’d bail too I guess.

There’s also Praline and Chiffon. Lola’s already a given, but Chiffon is more likely than Praline to be punished or killed. Brûlée knows about Chiffon’s treachery, but then again she’s doubted herself. Praline only follows her husband because they know about Jimbei’s plans, but who knows what might happen?

3. Katakuri 

Charlotte Katakuri or Dogtooth was introduced as one of the Three Sweet Commanders, and most likely to be the strongest out of all of them due to his ridiculously high bounty that’s higher than Jack the Drought. Hell, he shot a person with a jellybean. He can also see a bit into the future. Surely, he’s going to be a tough opponent. 

But as you can see, even on the previous chapters, Katakuri has been constantly failing at stopping the chaos. He might be the first one to predict about the craziness but he can’t do anything. This chain of events can be disappointing, but I’m still optimistic about him.

I’m guessing he would have a clash with  Luffy and do considerable damage to him. Take note that passed through Bege, Pedro and Jimbei by himself, without taking major damage. If anything, I don’t think he was damaged at all. This still speaks for his strength as a fighter. 

This might suggest that I speculate an incoming war. Why do I think there would be some kind of war?

4. The assassination plot might fail

The Straw Hat-Fire Tank alliance’s plot has been sailing a bit smoothly since the beginning of the Tea Party, with a little miscalculation here and there. Now, I don’t think Big Mom would die in just a mere five seconds. She’s a Yonko, she plays a big part in the current saga…well, the Yonko saga. She’s an important character, and I really don’t believe she’d die just like that. Hell, we’re even getting flashbacks for her backstory.  

How do I think this assassination might fail?

The KX launchers. One of those launchers has poison that’s more than enough to kill a person. That’s good logic because they highly considered Big Mom to be very durable and most likely invulnerable to damage. One of those is packed with instant death, and they managed to have three

However, I think it’s a big mistake to use all three at the same time. What if they missed or something? What would they use then?

Also, the mirror. Many speculate that the mirror will shatter upon contact with BM’s Conqueror’s Haki/alien-like scream. Caesar managed to bring the mirror they’d use to escape but we don’t know what happened to it after BM screamed.

Those are just some of the common plausible factors about the assassination’s failure. There are those who say that Luffy and Big Mom will end up having a truce. This is unlikely, but still arguable. If you consider the fact that Luffy doesn’t end up killing his enemies, if anything he makes allies out of them, then the ending of the WCI arc being a truce is still a possibility… though it won’t sit well with Bege and probably Caesar too. What’s most likely is that Luffy will kick BM’s ass… but probably not in this arc? Who knows?

Anyways, I firmly believe that the assassination will fail. This will end up being an all-out war between the Charlotte family and the Big Mom pirates against the Straw Hat-Fire Tank alliance. The Vinsmokes might either be a neutral party or an enemy of the BM pirates, since they were betrayed after all. 

But I have that gut feeling somebody will die… or a huge decision will be made. I strongly hope it’s not Sanji leaving the crew, because NO.


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