big hair week


Random BIGBANG sketches [1/?] - Daesung

Since I’m not drawing as much recently as I used to do, I decided to challenge myself and start this series. I’ll try to draw every few days or whenever something inspires me to do so. The sketches will probably be all over the place, but I’ll make sure to include all members equally. Starting off with my bias of course.


Decided to paint this to see if this scene still hurts. The answer is yes. Yes, it does.

class appreciation week day one - favourite character

it was so so hard to choose between charlie, matteusz, and tanya but i eventually went with charlie and matteusz. cool cool


Painting process - Gajeel Redfox [Fairy Tail]
Final version | Device: Ipad 3 | App: Procreate | Pen: Wacom I.C.S 2 


nick’s similarities to malfoy pretty much end at his hair colour

anonymous asked:

I've been following you for a long time and this is by far my favorite Christian blog ever!! If you're comfortable doing so, I was wondering if you'd be willing to post a selfie? I just kinda want to put a face to the stuff I read in your posts :)

omg !!!! bless you!!! youre so sweet!

i had a big hair day a few weeks ago, which i was kinda rockin. pls dont reblog


ROTBTD WEEK:  SPRING - Day 2 ;; Picnic

Aww, thanks Punz.  But I actually brought the blanket.