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Double Ponytails.

Just days ago, before everything changed, an anon asked me to draw Lirry, because it was a rarely drawn ship. Here’s my current take on Liam and Harry, after all that’s happened - I like to think they had a private moment leaning on each other, connecting to Zayn. So I guess the drawing actually turned out Zirry/Zarriam…but can you blame me?

Chubstr's TOTALLY Scientific Survey: What Size Do You Wear?

We’re working on something that’s potentially going to be really fun and awesome for you, but we need some information from you - we need to know what size tops and bottoms you wear.

This will help us work on this super awesome, not-so-secret project and maybe even bring you something sooner than later. 

We’re trying to give big guys more clothing with style, so please help us out by answering the question below: 

What size shirt do you wear, and what’s your waist size?

June marks the beginning of the school year in Manila and the past couple of the days have been very busy.  As an assistant professor teaching cinema and media and criticism, I am always excited to meet my new students and look forward to a productive year ahead.

On me in this photo are: eyewear from Kintetix, knitted vest from Maxwear, button down long sleeved shirt from Thomas Nash for Debenhams, jeans from Baleno, shoes from Pedro and bag from Wade. 

Cheers, mates!

Johnathan, Manila, the Philippines

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