big guys have style


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is coming to PS4 and XBox One on Augst 8th! On top of that, the PC version is getting a really neat update with New Game + and other super cool things!

I really really recommend playing this game - it’s a fantastic and intriguing and fun and heartbreaking story with a bunch of characers you can’t help but love a lot. <3<3<3 See the link for the trailer, info on the update and new releases! ^U^

I so so recommend this game guys.

today a very sweet and gentle and thoughtful kid in a pay-what-you-can queer barbershop cut my hair the way i asked, paused to ask me to put my glasses on and have a look at each stage, asked permission before touching me, and… when i inevitably as i always do got too far down a nerd path to turn back, the point at which i am always deeply embarrassed, they introduced donna haraway and apocalyptic temporality into the conversation and i was like……… i feel safe as a queer AND a nerd???? in a hair salon?????? what is this !!!

it was wonderful

also my hair looks great


More Miitopia sketches :O

Double Ponytails.

Just days ago, before everything changed, an anon asked me to draw Lirry, because it was a rarely drawn ship. Here’s my current take on Liam and Harry, after all that’s happened - I like to think they had a private moment leaning on each other, connecting to Zayn. So I guess the drawing actually turned out Zirry/Zarriam…but can you blame me?