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FATshion FEBruary day 1
So it has begun and there would be no better way to kick it off but with this dope submission!

Meet Ady Delvalle
From: Boston
IG: iam_adydelv
FB: Ady Delvalle

Hat: Forever21
Elongated shirt: Parish Nation
Pants: Akademiks
Chelsea Boots: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors

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Can my fat be sexy!?!?!?

So as we all know plus size women are some of the sexiest creatures on planet earth! This statement is not to sexualize them but to acknowledge that a plus size women is just as sexy as, if not beyound, their smaller counterparts! I googled “sexy fat men” and the majority of the photos were plus size men in comedic situation regarding the subject; because when all else fails reverting to comedy is our safe place! It’s eazy for society to see us as the fat, funny, wing man than the sexy front man!

My question is DO WE REALLY CONSIDER PLUS SIZE MEN SEXY? Or does it irritate, embarrass, and/or offend us that they would even have enough confidence to consider themselves as such????