big grub

Honestly Mulan and Disney’s treatment to of that character is so fascinating to me bc like to me it’s like 2 separate Disneys

there’s the Disney that made and distributed a movie for kids that encouraged them to not let their full potential go to waste by worrying about what makes others happy or comfortable, or underestimate themselves or others

aaaaaand then there’s the Disney that only sells the image of Mulan in her matchmaker outfit. The outfit that represented how impossibly hard it was for her to conform to expectations that others forced on her.

Like, even little kids understand “this is the outfit she wore when she was the most sad” Tbh it made no sense to me as a kid I was like “Why did they make THIS the doll and why is she suddenly so content in this outfit now?”


On The Dreadnaught

Hunter: So where should we look first? Hall of Souls? The Hanging Cells?

Titan: Can we just pick up beacons and smack around a few hive? Not much for exploring to day.

Warlock: ...guys

H&T: What?

Warlock: *points to ground* the fuck is that?

*big ass grub looking thing wiggling on the ground*

Hunter: Holy shit that’s the size of a fucking cat!!

Titan: Stomp it for the love of god!!!

Warlock: *slowly creeps close to worm*

Hunter: Dude back up we don’t know what that is!

Warlock: Just a scan! nothing harmful.

Ghost: The Hive eat these not for substance, but for survival-


Hunter: Dude that’s pretty hardcore…

Warlock: Still gross..alright lets keep going-

Worm: *high pitch screeching*

Titan: *girly scream before stomping the shit out of the worm*


Hunter: Didn’t know Titans were that scared of worms..


We’re moving soon so the girls and I were digging up the small raised bed we have at the apartment. The plan was to take the soil to my parents and deposit it in the raised beds I had constructed there. But then I came across a big. Ol. Fat. Grub. Now I like insects, I do. But grubby maggoty things give me the creeps. My first impulse was to freak out but my girls were with me and I don’t want them to have the hang ups I have. I took a moment to collect myself and we ended up collecting a cupful of them from just a small corner of the raised bed. The girls were very interested in them and didnt shy away from touching them and proudly showed their mother the writhing cupful. Needless to say I won’t be transporting this soil to my parents garden. I believe theyre Japanese beetle larvae but I’m not sure.