big group picture


This picture is for some of my friends here on Tumblr! Sadly, I couldn’t fit everyone that I wanted to but I did what I could! ^_^ Anyone who’s not in these pictures will appear in other pictures!

1st pic: Everyone is going for a little flight together!

2nd pic: @iwel-san ’s Skelesona and @mistymiddiana ’s Modern!Bendy hanging out on Nile, Blackberry’s Gaster Blaster, with @blackberrysans and their Rivertale!Sans, Blackberry! (He’s a smol skele. XD)

3rd pic: In order we have @foxiis-chan , @msstarlight6 , @straightforparsp , @baintastic , @geekyowlet , and Styx (Rivertale!Papyrus’s Gaster Blaster) (Sadly, I did not have space for Rivertale!Papyrus (Delta) to fit in with his Blaster because he’s a BIG skele!)

4th pic: We have @lavender-sans ’s mun (Val) and their Naturetale!Sans (Lavender) riding on Lavender’s Gaster Blasters and @lelainx (I believe that’s @jillidraws’s new name?) and their character Jè sharing a little magic carpet (because I couldn’t think of what else to put them on. XD)

5th pic: We have @shinydiamondblog being carried rather precariously by Eclipse (from @lunarecliptic or @eclipticart ) with Ecliptic’s Underdroid!Sans (Isocteur) following behind them on his Gaster Blaster. (Sorry, Shiny and Iso. XD They both look terrified.)

I hope I did everyone correctly! I actually drew this probably a few months ago and a few people have made changes to their personas and characters since then so I’m very sorry about anything that’s wrong. I hope it’s still good, at least! ^_^ Thank you so much, guys! You’re all just amazing, awesome people and I’m glad to have met you!

My cosplay squad and I were at Connecticon as the beta kids! If anyone has any pictures of us, I’d appreciate it if you could send them my way!

John: @icouldbereadingnow​
Rose: @the-ever-present-julie​
Dave: @innocuoussketches​
Jade: Doesn’t have a blog

kdramawomensweek | kdrama women’s week

alternatively: a week and one day to talk about and make things for women you appreciate in celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) 

Day One: Least Typecast Fave

An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you.

Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again.

Day Three: 40 + up, women in stories you adored

This is self explanatory, no? Female characters in dramas over the age of 40 that blew you away.

Day Four: Work X3

A character with a job or a relationship with work that you found either interesting/was merged well with the show/was unexpected etc.

Day Five: Femininity + Her

A character who dealt with being a woman in a way that interested you. Either in the way she behaved, or the way she dealt with the way she was percieved or the way she dealt with her existence ‘as a woman’. Am I being clear enough? Forgive me if I’m not.

Day Six: Strong Foundations

Wax lyrical about a character who was supported either her friends or/and her family. Female characters supported in life throughout, called out when they should and loved for who they are.

Day Seven: So Goodbye

Female characters with the best disappearances (no death, never death unless it’s fake death) and gap years, off to better themselves, or leaving for whatever heroic dramatic reasons. I’ll be incredibly impressed if you can do one on a character that never comes back.

Day Eight: Age of Youth Love-fest/Happy International Women’s Day

News about Season Two dropped and even though the tag is still active, it could be a little bit more active. Tell me about your favourite girl (it can be all of them), favourite scene, favourite prop, favourite line, draw parallels between Park Yun Sun’s previous work and Age of Youth! Do it all.

As always should you not like the categories, there are always  2015 + 2016 prompts, although it would please me if you could stick to these ones. Please tag your posts #kdramawomensweek and/or @ us so they are easier to find, admire and reblog.

beautiful in chicago 2017

i was going to do one immediately, and then i didn’t and i deleted the original lab report type post, but then the photo op pics came out and this happened:

so i thought, yeah. i’m going to write a small fanaccount of how i have an irl crush on minhyuk and lost my shit at the mx concert bc i love 7 boys and a long legged weird one a bit more. (i look at hot mess in that photo and way too excited i’m sorry :D)

some videos and pictures have been posted here, but all of my media has been posted on my twitter 

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anonymous asked:

so I had a dream about endgame klance and basically it was like the end of the show, and everyone had saved the universe, and gone back to earth, and the credits were rolling, and in the credits there were like pictures of everyone living on earth peacefully, having fun together, hanging out on the beach and stuff, and then it got to KLANCE. And it showed them being all dopey together and Lance taking cute pictures of them together, and little private moments between only them two. (cont.)

And then it shows them getting MARRIED, and everyone’s reactions to the ceremony. Allura is tearing up, coran is clapping and smiling, pidge has this genuine non-snarky smile on her face, hunk is just full on bawling, and shiro is sniffling and looks so proud. They end up adopting two cats (one red and one blue), and the credits end with a big adorable group picture! Ever since I’ve had this dream it’s been literally the only thing I’ve been thinking about and I want it to be a reality SO BAD!! (END)


I was in an annoying art block for a little bit, and I needed to stretch my muscles again, so I wanted to do a big group picture of gemsonas I’ve come to love, adore and appreciate.

Phire: @vt-scribbles
Magnetite: @shacklefunk
Axinite: @draivus
Benotite and Muscovite: @twilightkirby-sketches
Kunzite: @sketchapod
Cinnabar: @thesulfidegems
Hackmanite: @nrwynter
Moonstone: @artifiziell
Amber: @flower-thorns

I really enjoyed drawing all these, and I hope you all enjoy them too. :)


To my many anons that are sad, worried, have read things that have upset them, are nervous about the future or just disappointed today - I want to share something that always makes me feel better:

This was the first thing he wrote to us post-lawsuit. 

We should be thankful for every single triumph and disappointment. We could have ended up with nothing. No Matrix, no Carnival, no Best. Absolute. Perfect, no Put ‘Em Up  no NOIR, no ROSE, no Unlimited and no BLUE. 

If you know, then you know and if you don’t know, you’ve definitely heard. We have been through the very worst together. Please don’t let insignificant things and petty people get you down. 

Don’t misunderstand me, your feelings and fears are valid and I respect you all for caring so much - but what I hope you understand is that B.A.P is a big-picture group, they always have been. It’s why they took so many risks to do what they love on their own terms. Trust in them.

So, watch over them like they asked and enjoy this time! Life is colourful! etc. ;-)

They will be just fine. 



Comissions are OPEN! 

Hey y’all! I’m going to be moving out of my parent’s house soon, and I’m in need of money! I’m getting my first apartment with my girlfriend c: 

Headshots/busts with simple background (or transparent): $10 

$5 per extra character (If you want a big group picture, we can negotiate a lower price for all the characters!)

Full body character with simple background (or transparent): $20

$7 per extra character(s) (If you want a big group picture, we can negotiate a lower price for all the characters!) 

Short, simple animations! Ex: character floating, character blinking, colors changing, ears twitching, rain or snow falling, etc: +$6 to the price 

If you want something different from what I’ve described, send me a message either on Tumblr or through e-mail at (yes with only 1 M!) and we can negotiate a price! 

I will draw: 

  • Voltron
  • Any ship
  • Characters from any other series as long as you provide clear reference images! 
  • Your OCs 
  • Real people (in my style, as long as there is a clear reference image!)
  • NSFW
  • Furries
  • Gore
  • Mecha (only with clear references)

I reserve the right to decline a commission if it makes me uncomfortable. 

I wanted to thank everyone who made this happen by RT my call outs an helping finding people to join us! 

Jensen was really positive surprised and all smiles and he checked our costumes (as in he looked everyone up and down after the picture was taken and was all wow and a little giddy maybe) and said “you guys look amazing” . We intended to be the “class of Jensen Ackles’ characters” I love the pose he chose to do. When I let him sign it, he checked out all the characters again and looked over the picture for a quite long time and was all smiles. He also told our Eric Brady in her autograph session (oh wait it was the meet and greet with Jensen, sorry)  that he thought she looked awesome (which she totally does) and Jensen smiled every time real big when he saw our Priestly (during Misha Jensen photo op and autographs) so I would dare say he did like the whole thing. I also loved that Clif was all smiley once he understood why so many odd dressed people turned up during photo op. It was really great that Chris and Creation allowed us to do such a big group picture. 

I’ll post a better picture later if you guys are interested. thanks again everyone!


Please excuse my shitty cellphone camera. It does not handle indoor lighting well. 

So anyway, Sakuracon had a lot of Thunderbolt Fantasy stuff this year! They had the four main characters on display in the expo hall, and they were amazing up close. I was really, really impressed. And then they had a panel all about the puppetry behind the show, where they told us about the history of budaixi, showed some behind-the-scenes footage, got some puppeteers from the show to put on a bunch of demonstrations, had a long Q&A, and then since it was the last panel in the room they just ran overtime and let a couple folks from the audience go up and practice with the puppets they had and took a big group picture. It was great. 

They were surprised and pleased with the foreign reception (previously all their stuff was just for Taiwan), so I hope they’ll be able to make more appearances overseas.

(attn: @rosymaplemoth​)

Wedding Part 3 - Valenna

Please don’t kill me for the ending. I almost didn’t put that in there but I just had to 😉

“No” Jenna whines when she hears their alarm going off the next morning.

“We have to get up love.”

“We just went to sleep!”

“Sorry Jennachka. We’re all going over in the bus. We can’t be late.”

“I can’t even keep my eyes open.”

“I can carry you to the bathroom. A shower will help.”

“We’re going swimming Val.”


“What’s the point of showering when we are going to get into a pool full of chlorine?”

“Just stand under the water and let it wake you up.”

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I wanted to draw a big group picture of my bnha ocs! theres also Himura and Honoro there too!! 

Himura belongs to @insert-witty-saying-here
Honoro belongs to @ask-the-silver 

Okay but what if like, no one could see or hear Ghost Jon, and he’s oblivious to it. At first anyways.

(Also let’s pretend Eduardo and Mark moved in across the hall from Edd and friends))

Like imagine him going about his day thinking Eduardo and Mark were just too busy or annoyed to answer him, and then as the days go on he realizes they literally DON’T know he’s there. And he tries to deal with it, thinking aw it can’t be helped I guess. But as time goes on and days turn into weeks and weeks into months, he starts getting really depressed. And he can’t pass on, he just can’t bc his death was so sudden or something. Anyways he starts being depressed even more as Eduardo and Mark actually start being friends with Edd’s gang? Like without Jon they really needed a new positive influence and they started to realize Edd wasn’t really that bad??

And now Jon starts getting mad. Like, how come Eduardo is so friendly to Edd?? He used to hate him, and now their all buddy buddy. Jon friggin LIVED with the guy and didn’t get treated that nicely. He starts getting furious. But its not like he can DO ANYTHING, bc he’s DEAD. So he just kinda floats around glaring at his old room mates all the time. 

And then one day they get both groups together to take a big group picture, like Matt or Edd is holding out a phone for a giant group selfie or something. And Jon is kinda in the middle of the group, and he’s just SO ANGRY, and now, let’s imagine his ghost body kinda reflects his emotions ok. So he’s furious that these guys pretty much stole his friends, and he’s right in the middle of them all and no one even KNOWS, so he gets so mad he screams and his body kinda gets all spikey and glitchy like a banshee type thing and he’s just yelling at the camera, letting out all his rage as they snap the photo. 

Now, no one heard him, but when they look at the picture they all see this HORRIFYING monsterous looking Jon in the middle (or behind, to the side maybe)  of them all. So they snap more photos, and eventually Jon starts looking more like himself as he realizes, hey, he’s iN THOSE PICTURES. THEY KNOW HE’S THERE. 

Turns out ghosty Jon can only be captured by camera. 

Eventually they start making ways to talk to him more and Jon ends up happy again. And Tom uses Jon for all his movies and gets famous.

A big group picture! 16 people in one photo! From left to right, Beau, Meadow, Blaze, Moira (?), Rae (?) ((They look so alike!)), Marcie holding the twins, Evelyn, Candy, Eva (in front of Candy), Corni, myself (Sabrina), Aaliyah in my lap, Emmaline, and lastly, Stella! We hope that you all had a lovely time and we really appreciate that you helped make Aaliyah’s 8th birthday amazing!
-Sabrina 😎
❤️ Thanks again!

Words of wisdom: Don’t antagonize the tiny leader who has a best friend that is a giant monster amazonian woman whose hobbies include sparring everyone and adding to her scar collection daily, and beating people who side-eye her, or her family, wrong into bloody pulps with her fists.

Unless you can run. Really fast.