big group pic!!


LOOK AT THIS FUN AND COLORFUL THING I MADE. I’ve been in such Splatoon phase that you don’t understand. XD

Kelly has the Splat Roller mainly cuz I couldn’t see him wielding one of the shooter weapons.

Grey has the N’ZAP 89 since it’s a call back to Nintendo and he’s a gaming geek.

Lance has the Heavy Splatling because it’s an awesome weapon and I feel it just fits him so well.

Riley has the E-Liter 3k because that weapon has such impressive aim and distance and having her as this vicious sniper keeping everyone especially Kelly safe just feels like it suits her.

This was going to be one big group pic but my dumbass computer all but threatened to crash on my since it’s old and all. XD

All of these beautiful creatures belong to moosoppart

anonymous asked:

I do honestly think if things are still going well as they seem to be then he'll propose within the next 1-2 years. Ahhhh I'm so excited to see all these wedding pics this weekend!!! Everyone is going to be looking so good. I need a big group pic of them all and then one of each couple by themselves, and then each one of them individually. Is that to much to ask for?! ;)

Yeah, maybe. Awww everyone will look incredible. Haha that’s not too much to ask for, that’s what I would want too ;)