big greenie

goodbye, little downfloat

dreamtime of ( colours,
the lovelymumsounds
come fly with me &
these little wigglethings
( @ the end of me ))
look @ them go

so but so but so
aren’t we floating (so) happy,
you & me, like high lifting
or nosetwitching bubbles?

learning to creepycrawl
on the toptippies of big greeny
leaftrees, tickling like (
aighghl-gl-ai! glghghhhghlee! )

and so & so and so

oh! did you hear that snap?
i think that was a bigface
( like a mummie maybe )
trying to catch us

she did! ( & here is
my bed-so-soft i flutter
my & i–

Heads first, saviors of a maniac ll (CLOSED) with good-old-american-boyscout♥

Tony walked straight up into the meeting room and pushed some sheet’s of paper on the table. 
“Allright, I made up a plan.” he said and looked around. “First things first, we have to save Bruce, no matter what.” he said and looked back at his paper.
“But we don’t know anything at all about those who took him.” Natasha responded quickly and tugged one eyebrow up. Stark sighed. “Listen, dear, I might be short, but not stupid. Of course I did some research before I decided to save our big greenie.”, he snapped and rubbed his hand over his face then. “Those guys are called S.C.P. Secret-Containment-Programm. Clandestine and worldwide, The SCP Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major world government with the task of containing ‘items’ which jeopardize normalcy.” Tony said and looked at the others again. Then he picked up one piece of paper and started to read out loudly: “'Many of these 'items’ pose both a physical danger to people and a psychological mistrust in worldly affairs, their personal beliefs, and an interruption to daily life.' "the paper went down and he looked around, one eyebrow raised. "That basically means, that this are a bunch of wannabe scientists, who do experiments with drugs or somethin’ on people.” he explained and explicitly looked at Steve, because he knew, that his blond companion wasn’t the brightest candle in the basement.

“Natasha, Clint, you stay here, helping Fury and Coulson to find out what the fuck those douchbags are doing exactly. Rogers, you’re comming with me, kicking some scientist asses and Thor-…you…uhh…do what you always do.”