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Cam!Couple Oneshot

“I’ve got an idea,” he paused as he watched Y/N’s eyes catch his, her eyebrows raised, “I mean, I used t’do it before we started datin’ I swear. Only before. But it got me a bit o’cash that I needed and it paid the bills for a bit, ’n I know you probably won’t like it but it did work f’me and I reckon it’d work better if we did it as a couple,”

“For god’s sake Harry, just spit it out,”

“Live sex, live porn, whatever y’wanna call it.”


Harry and Y/N are struggling UNI students and are looking for a better and easier way to make some money.

word count: 3.6k

rated: nsfw 

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do you like Pink Floyd or The Smiths
🌹 4/13/17 🌹
(BTW, I’m not really skinny, I’m actually chubby with big huge thighs and big calves, I’m serious. I just look really look good lol)

MANY sad Bethyl feels with this one.
I apologize in advance… 💔😩😢😭
I’ve been wanting to do a photo edit that features the lyrics of this hauntingly beautiful song by the Moody Blues–“Isn’t Life Strange” for a while.

Current mood: wanting to become an open minded, strong willed yet still romantic English teacher at a boarding school in the 1800s, surrounded by the dreamy woods and slowly falling in love with a another teacher whilst being a wonderful mentor to your students


So here is the latest installment of my ongoing comic strip series: “The Adventures of Beth & Daryl.”
I have soooo much fun making these! 😁
This one showcases a naughty little side of Daryl peeking through. Hee, hee, hee. 😏
Hope you enjoy! 💘🐞🐍💘

That damn hallucination episode gave me engaged Lauriver AND engaged Raylicity and I was just like 

and by lost it i mean the show fucked it all up


I tried some dupes from the new city mini palette by Maybelline.

This photo collage edit is my loving tribute to all of the amazingly creative authors out there who have written and continue to write copious amounts of compelling Bethyl fanfic available online for us fic freaks to devour. LOL! 😜
I did a play on words from the famous Helen of Troy quote for the main text of the edit.
It was so difficult for me to choose only eight fics from my loooong list of faves from which to pull the excerpts from to use in the composition of this collage (it was actually the most time-consuming step of the process of creating it!), but here are the ones that I selected for this purpose–listed in order as they go in the collage from left to right/from top to bottom row…

***ADDENDUM to the initial post of this edit: I was incorrect in my credit to Abelina for her ‘Fall Right In’ fic excerpt. It was actually from chapter 1 of ‘The Hunt’ by Saya087. This was a total mistake on my part and I have made the necessary correction below. Thank you to @abelinajt herself for pointing this out to me. I appreciate it!!! So sorry for the error! It was never my intention to incorrectly credit you for Saya087’s fic.💗***

From chapter 2 of
‘I Bet You Didn’t Know Someone Could Love You This Much’ by @dynamicsymmetry:

From chapter 87 of
'I Will Follow You into the Dark’ by Aireabella @boltthrutheheart:

From chapter 6 of
'Continuum’ by TheWalkingDead69:

From chapter 2 of
'Birthday Cake’ by HappyDirtyCookiie @happycookiie:

From chapter 1 of
'The Hunt’ by Saya087

From chapter 5 of
'Fifty Four Days’ by LemonStar @templeton21:

From chapter 2 of
'All That Remains’ by @swiftsnowmane:

From chapter 1 of
'Prisoner of War’ by @bethgreenewarriorprincess:

The quote here that inspired my latest collage edit came courtesy of the lovely @boltthrutheheart. Because I truly believe that the sweet ship that is Bethyl first set sail from the moment of that tender embrace they both shared in Beth’s prison cell. That’s what first sparked the intrigue and attraction between them that eventually grew into a full flame of deep love and longing. ❤️
*sigh* 😔