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Gasp! The famous magizoologist had stumbled upon a time vortex that took him to the distant (well, perhaps not that distant) future! When you were on your way home from work he had fallen into your path - his suitcase had accidentally hit you on the forehead and you swear saw stars. Now what? You have a fumbling, quick witted blusher of a wizard from the 1920s and you certainly are no flapper…

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  • Newt is awed, yet frightened at the advance of technology
  • “That” he points at the small object in your hand, “-is a telephone?” he shakes his head. This is too much for him. Back home he had a telephone, he knows what a telephone is and how to use one and whatever contraption you hold onto so tightly is certainly NOT a telephone. Where are the buttons? The cord? The lavish design? And most of all, what in Merlin’s beard is that red plastic (or is it gum-like?) thing around it?!
  • “Yes, it’s a mobile. We don’t really have phones like…you have? had?” You pause, sensing he is more curious than unnerved now. Pressing the home button the screen lights up and you can practically see the golden sparkles of admiration in Newt’s green eyes as he leans in, just a bit, to get a better look at your phone, “Oh, and this…” You glide your fingers over the rubbery surface, “is my case. It’s like to protect the phone if it falls…And it looks cute.”
  • Newt randomly pointing at airplanes in the sky and curiously questioning, “What’s that?”
  • Your tired replies after about five minutes of explaining the same thing, “Airplanes. Big metal objects with engines. A form of travel. Like a broom…But quicker. Not sure if safer, though.”
  • “It looks like a big metal goose.”
  • Showing Newt all the new candy and snacks and having a binge fest with him, later having to explain what a ‘binge fest’ is.
  • Introducing him to Netflix. He doesn’t quite understand why you would choose television over books, but he seems to enjoy it just as much, if not more, than you once you put on some documentary. He just doesn’t want to admit it.
  • Showing him all the new forms of music. He is obviously displeased by the lack of jazz in your playlist and when first hearing a song with the bass boosted he visibly jerked.
  • “(Name), what’s an app and how do I use it?”
  • “(Name), what’s a meme?”
  • “(Name), what’s a (insert random millennial question here)?”
  • You are a bit annoyed most of the time, since he when he sees something he points, clicks his tongue and with a  bright grin runs to it, no matter if there’s heavy traffic or not and you have to follow after him and stop him from getting out of trouble. You don’t have the heart in you to scold him, though. He looks too cute.
  • He is very eager, yet a bit frightened, to go to museums and art galleries, almost as if he’s afraid to know what he missed.
  • He loves amusement parks. The only redeeming quality of the 21st century is amusement parks. His words, not yours.
  • Taking him to zoo’s. 
  • “Beautiful creatures…” His words come out in a gentle whisper as he watches lions stroll in their big cages. The sun beams down harshly and sweat breaks out your pores. Sitting on a bench next to him you admire the gracefulness in which the lions pace in, yet frown at how shabby their fur looks, how glazed their eyes are and how mindlessly they seem to wander. Newt clears his throat and you glance at him - it is obvious he has the same thoughts as you, “Your world, (Name), is very beautiful…” A shy smile graces his lips and he glances at you, “But it’s without spark. It’s missing. On people it’s less evident, but on animals…” He trails off, “They seem so unhappy. It breaks my heart.”
  • Him telling you how it was in his time, how people dressed and acted.
  • “Muggles and their contraptions…Fascinating.”
  • Newt is delighted by the range of tea to choose from.
  • And how quick it is to make it.
  • He likes to spend his time in this small coffee shop near your apartment building. You have shown him many, but this was the very first one and so it has a special place in his heart. While he doesn’t completely understand everything yet, especially what is a ‘Frosted Flake Cappuccino with extra Syrup and whipped cream and sprinkles’, he enjoys the atmosphere and always reads a good book so he could catch up on today’s way of thinking.
  • A part of you thinks he goes there because it reminds him of his time period.
  • Him being saddened when hearing about today’s political climate.
  • “So things haven’t change that much after all…We’re still at war. Dare I say, today, with ourselves.”
Rain // Kwon Ji Yong

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Another boring work day.

Your eyes drooped shut as the subway carried you to your workplace. A yawn was eager to escape, but you didn’t have the energy to allow it to form. Instead, you continued to listen to the self-help podcast playing through your earbuds.

‘All about: Living an exciting life.’ — You listened to it secretly. If your boyfriend knew about your fascination with people’s exiting lives — he would tease you. After all, he was G-Dragon. He seemed to have the most exciting life! 

You felt awful that you envied your boyfriend. Envy was an ugly trait on anyone, and you had caught the bug. It was hard to watch him tour, record, film exciting music videos and put out hit after hit. You were there with him for so long, you knew how hard he worked. He worked hard for his place and had worked hard to keep it. But still, you envied him. 

Maybe, you just weren’t as hard working? Weren’t as appealing to an audience? Either way, you had a job and you had to make a life for yourself.

Leaving Jiyong was out of the question; you two had been through so much together. If a breakup was in your future, he’d be the one to initiate it. 

That was another problem.

You began worrying. Jiyong had a bright career ahead of him — while yours looked dull in comparison. He told you he loved you every day and you still loved him, but you questioned whether he deserved better; somebody worth something.

You didn’t have much time to stress about it any further, your stop was coming up, and you would have to focus on work for the next few hours. 

You carried on with your day as you always did and blocked out any worry with work.

Finally, you arrived home at 5PM, luckily, just before the rain began to pour outside. 

Once your shoes were off, you noticed the apartment was eerily quiet. Usually, Jiyong would greet you by now, ask about your day and place a peck on your cheek.

You called out to him and heard shuffling coming from the bedroom. You hurried to investigate, but soon ran into Jiyong.

He rubbed a towel through his hair and held another around his waist. “Babe?” He asked coolly before placing a kiss on your cheek. Then, Jiyong passed you and headed to the living room. “How was your day?” He added as his feet brushed against the tiles.

“Fine, you?” You added as you returned to the entrance of the apartment to put away your coat. 

Jiyong shrugged, “Boring.” You heard Jiyong approach you and place a kiss behind your ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You grinned as you spun around and tied your hands behind his neck. You stared into his eyes and couldn’t help but smile wider. You didn’t know what you would do without him. 

“It’s pouring out there.” Jiyong chuckled awkwardly as he turned to the balcony. 

You released your grasp from him and began walking to the bedroom, “I know — it’s a little scary!”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Jiyong teased as you picked out a more comfortable outfit to change into. 

You picked up light conversation with Jiyong as you changed, then when you were done, he entered and changed. 

You noticed he had put on something fancier — not a tux, but not something he would lounge in. "What’s the occasion?“ You teased. 

 Jiyong chuckled again as he hid his face from you and answered, "I need to stretch these pants out." 

"They’re new?” You asked as you removed your light makeup. 

Jiyong agreed in a hushed tone as you watched him slip on a fancy pair of socks. "Those need stretching too?“ You teased. Jiyong laughed and your shoulders fell, "Are you leaving me tonight? Is there something going on?" 

Jiyong made his way to your side and wrapped his arms around you, "No, baby… I felt like dressing up… Since I have to stretch these pants out for a photo-shoot." 

"Ah,” you sang, “I have no intentions on dressing up, so you’re on your own.” You sent Jiyong a wink before kissing him. 

After a surprisingly passionate kiss, Jiyong giggled, “It’s your choice.”

“What now?” You asked him, “Would you like me to take some pictures of you?" 

Jiyong’s eyes lit up, "Yes! I haven’t updated my Instagram in a few days." 

You snorted, "I was kidding — but you do look handsome." 

"I know.” Jiyong teased back, “But it sounds like a good idea. Come on.”

You were then dragged to the balcony by your boyfriend. On the way there, he had grabbed his Polaroid camera. 

 As your apartment was more of a penthouse, the rain poured down on Jiyong immediately. "Quickly!“ Jiyong cried out, "Get some good ones!” He added over the sound of the rain. 

You stayed dry under the doorframe as you frantically took pictures of Jiyong. 

You held back your laughter as he posed provocatively on the railing. “You’re scaring me!” You scolded Jiyong as you pulled him off of the railing by his waistband. 

Jiyong smiled at you and froze. You stared back at him with your eyebrows furrowed before he spoke over the rain, “This wasn’t how I planned it." 

"What?” You called. 

“I love you.” Jiyong stated. You stopped yourself from saying it back as Jiyong knelt in front of you. You shook your head as he smiled and reached into his pocket, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you." 

"You’re everything I dreamed in a partner. You’ve been with me through my toughest moments. Sometimes you understand me more than I do.” Jiyong continued,  "I want to marry you.“ Jiyong grinned at your reaction before speaking up again, "Most importantly, I want to live an exciting life with you. I know you have been second guessing things recently and I took no offence. I love you and I’m ready to support you through more of your tough moments. Please, accept my marriage proposal. Allow me to marry my true love.”

“Yes!” You exclaimed quickly as you grabbed his face and kissed him hard. You felt Jiyong shiver. “Jiyong, you’re going do die, get inside.” You giggled as you pulled him by the face into your apartment.

You kissed him again but Jiyong pulled away, “You can kiss me in a second, put the ring on!” You laughed at his order as you allowed him to slip the ring around your finger. You looked back at him and smiled.

He was your life; and he was far from boring


The Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition continues on.  This week was N for Nutcracker.  Interesting to learn that the original story is a bit darker than the ballet that everyone knows.  In the original story, a princess is cursed by the Rat Queen to turn into a nutcracker doll.  To break the curse, the most handsomest man in the kingdom must find the hardest nut and crack it open with his teeth and must feed it to the princess before her transformation is complete.  However the curse is transferred to the handsome man and he takes her place as a nutcracker doll. No one tells him he would inherit the curse and is banished from the kingdom.  Its so sad

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Top 10 Clow Cards

10. The Personal Radio Card (23)

9. Sandnado (41)

8. Lost Pokémon (30)

7. The “FITE ME” Card (20)

6. It Makes Bubbles (58)

5. Just a Möbius Strip Chilling in the Air (21)

4. The Abstract Concepts of Light and Darkness Are Gay, Pass It On (42)

3. The Asshole Card (19)

2. Death Itself (02)

1. Big Goose (01)

It is a rainy Monday morning and I’m sitting down enjoying my second cup of coffee. A 6:30 alarm went off and the last thing I wanted to do was so go out in rainy, cold weather to log some miles. My motivation was a big old goose egg. My bed was warm and my legs were still asleep. But I slowly got out of bed and convinced myself to just go out and see what happens.

There is something exhilarating about being on the road in the pouring rain while every one else is tucked in their warm bed. The only sounds you hear are the birds and rain drops hitting the green leaves. If you’re lucky, you might pass another lone soul running along.. you exchange “Good morning” and yours is full of excitement. Because yes, it IS a good morning. I’m out here striving for a healthy body and doing it because I LOVE the ~simple yet not simple~ act of running. There was no punishment in these miles this morning. It wasn’t a chore. My heart led the way before my feet could even catch up.

In the miles this morning I could see my goals laid out in front of me. Yes, this is why I am out here. This list of goals engrained in my brain and on my heart. I can almost imagine the feeling of the experience I will get when I can check of those lofty goals. I can picture myself breaking the tape. I can picture myself dueling in the last 800m of a race with the other top runners. I can picture the sweaty, lifeless hugs with my competitors and family after finally seeing the hard work pay off for once in my life.

The only thing standing in my way of these goals is me. This run wasn’t anything amazing for the books. It wasn’t speedy or long. A simple 7 miles at 7:30 pace seems pretty average. But it didn’t have to be record breaking. My heart was happy and at peace. This run was a reminder of why I have stuck with this sport after so many signs have told me to just throw my shoes in a corner. This feeling will be fleeting by the time tomorrow morning rolls around and yes I will have to convince myself all over again. But you know what? That’s okay.. this running life is hard.

It is far from simple.

Don’t Fear the Reaper: Chapter 2: Raising Death

Sam Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Summary: You step out from the shadows, making yourself known to Sam Winchester, which will forever change your life as a Reaper.

Read Part 1 Here

Death was coming back. It was the mantra in your head, and you couldn’t wait. He was your creator, your everything, and with him gone, Chaos had reigned. It hadn’t been pretty, many of the Reapers had fought for supremacy, and Tessa was just barely able to keep control, and keep death running smoothly. During this hectic time, you had stayed hidden, preferring to follow the Winchesters instead of being bulled and tormented by the other Reapers. Tessa hadn’t minded, in fact she hardly ever called on you for jobs, she seemed to sense how much the other Reapers hated you.

But now Death was coming back and things would be different, better, much as they used to be. You were excited, you had missed Death greatly, and you were excited to see how things would be when he was back.

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If people were not aware, there’s been a new character revealed for Disney’s Gigantic. It’s the Golden Goose. Thing is though, the character hasn’t been finalised. From the concept art by @pbcbstudios (voice of Marshmallow, Mr. Yama), we see that it’s going to join the ranks of Maximus, Sven and Pua of non-speaking Animals. This means to say that there’s going to be some gimmick with this character (Maximus was strategic and engaged in combat despite being a horse and Sven was able to speak through Kristoff). But, there’s some more interesting details that people may not realise…

It nests in human hair: On the concept art, we see that it nests on human hair, and, it has strands of blonde all hair over its body. This elaborates on a lot more than people may presume. For instance, it’s a size indicator of the Golden Goose being regular human size if it rests on giant hair strands. Also, if the hair is blonde, we can assume that the golden goose is associated with Imna. And before you wonder, I don’t think it’s even Imna’s pet, because…

The significance of birds: Linking back with my previous point with the Golden Goose being associated with Imna, another point to stress out is a world building aesthetic of Gigantic. Now, I want you to evaluate this picture very closely and identify anything that particularly stands out in this art…

Still haven’t figured it out yet? Well, birds are insects in the world of Gigantic. This leads to a lot of creative scenarios, for instance, pigeons and seagulls being pests instead of flies and mosquitoes. I can’t really speculate as to how relevant that could be in the plot, however, it’s something to point out.

The Golden Goose relevance to the plot: In the original Jack and the Beanstalk tale, the Golden Goose was what Jack was trying to obtain before he was chased down by the Giant. From here on out, I’m going to speak speculation. I speculate that Jack travels to discover the Gigantic world and sees the Golden Goose laying a Golden egg. He nearly obtains the Golden Egg, however, he gets caught by Imna. Confusing him for a doll, Imna captures him, and on queue, the “I Love My Little Man” (Gigantic’s Let It Go) song ensues.

Again, I’m open to opinions, does anyone else have any differing opinions about The Golden Goose and its relevance to the plot?


WITTE: Okay, it’s a deal!

FEE: Awesome!

WITTE: If we’re going to watch a movie, we might as well make it into a slumber party! I bought a king sized bed recently, so there’s enough room for you to stay over!

FEE: Staying over? Witt, I’m not too sure about that…

WITTE: It will be fun! Don’t think too much of it, you big goose!

FEE: Fine, it’s a deal then.

  • Rotti: You do not say "big silly goose," you call him an asshole like a normal kid!
  • Pavi: But Dad, I was just trying to-
  • Rotti: Paviche, you call your brother an asshole this instant!
  • Pavi: *to Luigi* Asshole.
  • Rotti: That's better.
  • Luigi: Don't call me an asshole, you bastard!

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You should make someone happy (me) writing something with Harry and his 3 year old boy watching games and being cute together...... (Puppy eyes) 😊

This was sent when Snowbound started, so I set it in its universe. It’s pretty general, though, except for the middle part… I dunno, give it a whirl if you’re so inclined! ;) x

Gentle Reminder: requests are CLOSED! New ones will likely be posted without response to be catalogued. 

060. Lions and Vikings and Bears – Oh My! - Optional Snowbound Extra

“Careful, bug,” Harry laughs as he straightens the Cheesehead hat on his son’s curly hair. “Whoops,” he mutters to himself as he knocks it askew again and the triangular shape falls over his son’s face.

“It’s too big for him,” you remark from your spot next to him on the couch.

“I know,” he sighs and he grasps it with one of his large hands and removes it.

“No!” his son exclaims with a great shriek of protest. A miniature chin trembles and ten fingers reach up high for the cheddar hat that’s been robbed from his head.

“S’too big, yeh goose,” Harry retorts. “Fallin’ all over your face!”

Little hands reach for the hat regardless, and the boy on Harry’s lap is nearly wailing so he sets the too big hat on top of his head again, holding it in place.

“He’s going to be a nightmare to get to sleep,” you fret. “He’s already up past his bedtime, he’ll be so tired—“

“S’jus’ the once, love,” Harry argues gently. He’s looking at you with green eyes that melt you in his favor. “Big game for us Cheeseheads.”

Your son is practically drowning in a Packers jersey all his own but that is still too big for him  (“He’ll grow into it,” Harry had told you when he’d first brought it home for him) and his eyes are shining with a level of excitement that, you think, has little to do with the game.

He’s more excited to be spending time with his daddy who has been Stateside for the better part of the last two months, and you have to admit you’re feeling a similar level of excitement and relief. You enjoy a good game, but the Packers are Harry’s – he’s the one with the tattoo, and the American football, and the jerseys, and the other pieces of memorabilia. He’s never forced you to watch a game with him, but he’s always lit up a bit when you do decide to settle in on the couch and cuddle into him, only to be jostled when he leans forward on an exciting play.

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