big goddamn heroes

  • Trish Walker: is jealous and covetous and possibly even a little resentful of Jessica Jones' powers and perceived ability to be a hero
  • Trish Walker: is an addict and child abuse survivor
  • Trish Walker: believes in Jessica so much and supports her so deeply, she is willing to potentially die WHILE HIGH by taking Simpson's pills to stave him off during a fight
  • Trish Walker: wants to help uncover the insidious nature of IGH and find out the answers to Jessica's past so badly that she has opened the door to letting her verbally/emotionally/physically abusive mother back into her life in exchange for Dorothy's files on IGH
  • Trish Walker: IS A BIG GODDAMN HERO EVEN WITHOUT POWERS FITE ME (ง'̀-'́)ง(ง'̀-'́)ง(ง'̀-'́)ง
Mass Effect sentence starters: All the Whispers

based on (x)

  • “Just don’t make the mistake I did.”
  • “There’s always another mission. None of them are an excuse to make yourself an island.”
  • “I got a few scratches and dents. I hope they just give me character.”
  • “Confirmation that my father is working for (…).”
  • “Help us!”
  • “I know what you did.”
  • “I always have time for you.”
  • “It was nothing I couldn’t handle.”
  • “Are you here to kill me?”
  • “Somewhere deep in the fabric of reality, our actions are recorded and remembered.”
  • “Whatever you come up with, you can count me in.”
  • “It seems there will be no one to mourn me when I die.”
  • “You’re the only friend I’ve made in ten years.”
  • “…hell of a fight.”
  • “That won’t happen. I see you all when you get back.”
  • “I watched them die.”
  • “People could get hurt… even killed.”
  • “This war needs to be won.”
  • “My people have a saying - seek the enemy of your enemy, and you will find a friend.”
  • “Your courage for my people will be remembered.”
  • “You won’t be alone in your fight.”
  • “We do not wish you harm.”
  • “I’m willing to do what’s necessary.”
  • “I’ll march into whatever hell you want, but not with a fake smile on my face.”
  • “Nothing positive about grinning like an idiot.”
  • “Finish this… you promise me!”
  • “All I’ve ever done in my entire career is destroy the natural course of the universe.”
  • “If you are worthy of your command, prove your strength.”
  • “It’s so much easier to see the world in black and white; grey… I don’t know what to do with grey.”
  • “I have lived a full life… no regrets.”
  • “Good; get it out of the way so we can concentrate on being big goddamn heroes.”
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “Good to have you here.”
  • “I beg you - do not do this. Please.”
  • “I know how this will end. But I will not back down - I can’t.” 
  • “Face me in single combat, (…).”
  • “Let me die with honour.”
  • “We can handle ourselves.”
  • “Go back and get (…). It’s the right choice and you know it.”
  • “I wanted you to have a normal life. Marriage, children… things I could never have.”
  • “It has reminded me of what is truly important. Why I swore I’d lay down my life.”
  • “Now go back and get (…), and get the hell out of here. You know it’s the right choice.”
  • “Some souls die in battle, some die in their sleep. And some die for no reason at all.”
  • “One day there will be payback for all that my people have suffered.”
  • “Under your leadership we can’t fail.”
  • “No point in hiding from it.”
  • “So much space. Walls of stone. It’s amazing. I wish my friends could see it. I wish (…) were here.”
  • “There is only one way to save (…).”
  • “I made the mistake of trusting you - believing you were my friend. I was a fool.”
  • “Well, looks like I was the only one to make it out alive.” 
  • “I just want to know - is the person I followed to hell and back still in there? Somewhere?”
  • “Do we deserve death?”
  • “I ask forgiveness.”
  • “Screw that - I can hold them off!”
  • “Everything my people will ever be depends on it.”
  • “I hear we have a galaxy to save.”
  • “I don’t have what you do. That fire that makes some willing to follow you into hell itself.”
  • “I understand. Good luck. I hope we’ll see each other again.”
  • “You just spared our race another genocide.”
  • “You’re picking that thing over us?”
  • “I’m still human. I make mistakes like everyone else.”
  • “You are a great protector. But some things are beyond even you.”
  • “It’s a hell of a job, isn’t it? Being the good guys.”
  • “Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”
I Just Realized Disney's Biggest Lost Opportunity For Descendants

San Fransokyo is not a part of Auradon.

With Auradon’s emphasis on science, you would think they would include Big Hero 6, the movie that was literally all about how science is fucking awesome.

Imagine it.

Self-Driving car interfaces that freak-out the VK’s and an android escort because human staff were considered at risk.

Royal Guards walking around in “Shining Armor” exo-suits that allow them to keep the medieval suit of armor aesthetic and still have it be practical, with shock staffs, or non-lethal electric stun guns, or friggin’ lightsabers–don’t you tell me you wouldn’t want to walk under an arc of uniquely coloured swords of light!

The Magic Ban would make some goddamn sense. Big Hero 6 magic is ALREADY at teleporter levels and home manufactured super suits, and super-compressed chemical containers, mag-lev discs, plasma cutters, adorable Personal Healthcare Assistants–THEY WOULD CANONICALLY HAVE HUNDREDS OF BAYMAXES WALKING AROUND.

And the VKs would totally have one of their own who Carlos befriends and all of them learn to hug when they need it.

Plus, Carlos getting his Science Game ON! when he makes battle bots, hacks itto highly complex systems, and makes a belly rubs machine for Dude.

I was re-watching Episode 2 from S1, and looking at the sludge incident, I wondered what Katsuki was thinking as the sludge slowly took over his body. When it happened to Izuku, he said he felt like he was about to die in only a few seconds, so I’m pretty sure Katsuki was feeling the same, maybe even worse, and im really curious as to how he was feeling in what he figured his possible last moments.

Im sure he was cussing up a storm in his mind and thinking of 101 ways to kill the sludge villian, but im sure he had other… serious thoughts, as well.

In my opinion, i feel like besides wanting to kill the villian and being angry he was captured by him and being scared bc we all know it – he was at least a little scared – his parents and maybe izuku could have been possible things on his mind, since during that time the only people who were relevant somehow in his life were those two (and All Might).

I kind of hope this could get brought up sometime later in the series

eb-n-flo  asked:

Raspberry, zaeed

Raspberry - Remorse

sidenote: you asked for this

Obviously, the state of Commander Shepard was not his doing. 

It wasn’t his fault she’d gone charging straight into a Reaper beam, wasn’t his fault something had gone horribly wrong up there on the Crucible that left her in pieces. Definitely wasn’t his fault that the Normandy was still nowhere to be found, so on top of everyone agonizing over her, they were also agonizing over them.

None of that was his fault. He’d been on another side of the battlefield, sniping Marauders and doing his part. He’d just been doing what he knew how to do.

But damn, if it still didn’t hurt.

He didn’t visit the Commander very often. Thought the hospital staff might find it weird and run him off. Knew that the Lieutenant-Commander, her cousin who had actually turned out to be a big goddamn hero after all (had already been a big goddamn hero, actually, just forgotten in the shadows compared to Shepard, he reminded himself) would think it was weird. She’d become something of Shepard’s body guard, sitting in with her nearly round the clock, unless she was desperately needed elsewhere. Catching a moment to be alone with Shepard was hard enough as it was–he didn’t need to be answering any sappy questions while he was there.

It was strange, the first time he saw her. Half of her face had been covered with bloody bandages, her skin pale, a breathing tube shoved down her throat. The only thing that confirmed that there was still life somewhere in there was the beeping of the heart monitor by her bed.

Zaeed wasn’t used to feeling this way. Wasn’t used to caring about anyone enough to worry like this, but here he was. It was pathetic, really.

He watched her breathe for a while, sighing and leaned forward to brace his elbows on his knees. 

“Hey,” he said softly, remembering what someone had once told him about people in comas. “I know I’m probably not the person you wanna hear from. I wouldn’t want to hear from me neither.” He paused to huff out a dry laugh. “But, you gotta pull through this, you hear me? You’re a hero–a real one. The galaxy needs a hero, not a martyr. This war gave us plenty of them.”

He paused, looking down at his fingers to stop looking at the broken body of Commander Shepard on the cot. It was starting to pull a knot in his throat and he hated that.

“You’re a stubborn person, Shepard. A beautiful, bullheaded, stubborn woman, but you can’t end here. Not with–not with people still counting on you. When Garrus gets back–” if Garrus gets back, he thought to himself. “When he gets back, he’s gonna want to see you. Everyone wants to see you. So if you see any lights in there, you make sure you walk the other direction, alright? Or I’m coming in after you, got it?”

He paused, almost waiting for her to laugh and say, “Yeah, alright, old man,” like she always did, but…

But Commander Shepard didn’t move, and his heart sank a little lower.

No more visits, he told himself on the way out. I’ll just send flowers until–

Zaeed didn’t let himself finish that thought as he left her hospital room, just barely making eye contact with a puffy-eyed, exhausted Kira as he passed. She smiled at him a little, but he didn’t smile back.

All that was left now was a waiting game, and he hated waiting. He wondered where the closest, mostly in-tact liquor store was, and how many military dogs would get mad at him for making a makeshift shooting range of the the husk corpses still scattered around London.

This is 100% within the timeline of Moratorium and does, indeed, eventually end with a happily ever after.


So my Japanese teacher watched Big Hero 6.

Because last week I told her about the movie and how it featured Japanese references and she went to go see it right away

This week during class she told me that she’s sure that Tadashi is alive and he’ll come back in the potential sequel since we never saw a body and stuff

and I was like “HELL YEAH SON”

My mom doubts the two of us when we insist this because “there probably isn’t a body left in the first place” omFG MOM SSSSSSHHHHHHH


okay so i have always had a preference for renegade shepard. and it seems like most people who have only ever played paragon don’t understand why i prefer renegade. 

y’all have this skewed view of how renegade shepard works. and i’m not talking about renegade choices, i’m talking renegade dialogue. because a renegade shepard can still do things like cure the genophage and care about/gain the loyalty of their crew members while still being renegade. 

they’re still a big goddamn hero. but they’re a hero in a whole different light.

like renegade shep isnt just an ass. they’re smart and sarcastic and manipulative and cruel, but best of all they conduct their whole ‘no bullshit’ attitude using this very dark humor and it makes for SUCH an compelling character.

dhandelion  asked:

Hi ! Would you tell me, if you think Euron is one of the big villains, who do you think will defeat him ? Dany ? Asha ? Bran - a nice analogy to LOTR, since he would be the Gandalf of Euron/Saruman ? Or do you think his plan to become an Other will backfire spectacularly ? I'm in the mind to think that, if it's not them, it will be someone with magical abilities - that would leave us with Arya, Bran and Dany (do I forget one ?). Thoughts ?

Hiya! I do think Euron’s plan to become an Other will ultimately fail because hubris, but as for who brings him down…

A big part of my “eldritch apocalypse” theory is that, if as the evidence suggests Euron is a rogue protege of Bloodraven’s and has a significant villainous role to play in the overarching magical struggle with the Others (although as a trickster/interloper like Saruman or Randall Flagg, as I’ve been saying), he needs himself a base of operations, somewhere to gather the Others to him. In other words, like Aegon at Storm’s End, he needs somewhere to let his true (freak) flag fly. And Pyke just is not it; as I’ve said, Euron has utter and blatant contempt for the Ironborn and their ways, and is using them because he needs ships and cannon fodder, full stop. 

As such, we learn at the end of AFFC he’s looking to move his HQ. 

“Battle here,” said Xhondo. “Not so long.”

“Who would be so mad as to raid this close to Oldtown?”

Xhondo pointed at a half-sunken longship in the shallows. The remnants of a banner drooped from her stern, smoke-stained and ragged. The charge was one Sam had never seen before: a red eye with a black pupil, beneath a black iron crown supported by two crows.

“It grieves me that honest men must suffer such discourtesy, but sooner that than ironmen in Oldtown. Only a fortnight ago some of those bloody bastards captured a Tyroshi merchantman in the straits. They killed her crew, donned their clothes, and used the dyes they found to color their whiskers half a hundred colors. Once inside the walls they meant to set the port ablaze and open a gate from within whilst we fought the fire. Might have worked, but they ran afoul of the Lady of the Tower, and her oarsmaster has a Tyroshi wife. When he saw all the green and purple beards he hailed them in the tongue of Tyrosh, and not one of them had the words to hail him back.”

Sam was aghast. “They cannot mean to raid Oldtown.”

The captain of the Huntress gave him a curious look. “These are no mere reavers. The ironmen have always raided where they could. They would strike sudden from the sea, carry off some gold and girls, and sail away, but there were seldom more than one or two longships, and never more than half a dozen. Hundreds of their ships afflict us now, sailing out of the Shield Islands and some of the rocks around the Arbor. They have taken Stonecrab Cay, the Isle of Pigs, and the Mermaid’s Palace, and there are other nests on Horseshoe Rock and Bastard’s Cradle. Without Lord Redwyne’s fleet, we lack the ships to come to grips with them.”

“These are no mere reavers” indeed; Euron is after more than plunder. He is after power. Where else would a crazed drug-addled metaphysicist go, after all, but a city full of ancient magic and crazy secrets and palantir candles (again, Euron is Saruman to the Others’ Sauron) and a book that tells you how to kill dragons and the magic-obsessed ruling family…whose tower happens to be built upon an ancient skin-crawling “oily black stone” labyrinth of lurking eldritch insanity, aka Euron in building form? What better place for Euron to establish his (and the Others’) kingdom, to begin his transformation into a god of death? And hey…he agrees.

Euron turned to face him, his bruised blue lips curled in a half smile. “Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower?”

I believe Euron will quite literally signal the story’s descent into metaphysical madness when he blows the Horn of Joramun from atop the Hightower at the climax of TWOW, the metaphorical “leap” into the “flight” beyond even the one Bloodraven promised him, bringing down the Wall and unleashing the Others…in a ghastly inversion of the NW warning horns, right down to the magically high platform of the South instead of the North. And indeed, as I’ve said, Euron conquers and absorbs other forces and narratives, a black hole that walks like a man, an agent of entropy (“all of Westeros is dying”) like, again, Randall Flagg in The Stand. (There’s a lot to mock about Stephen King, but at his best, he can (could) deliver a fantasy-horror-grim-realism blend to rival GRRM.) 

As such, I can think of nothing more appropriate for his character than for him to decide that the Others are just like Bloodraven or the warlocks or the Ironborn or anything that’s not him: sheep to dupe and/or enslave. Again, fantasy is rife with characters who look at the gathering darkness and think to themselves “that looks delicious.” Y’know, another comparison just struck me: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, right down to his winking parodic sheen, relentless postmodern infestation of and assault on his world’s institutions, and his defining victim’s trauma and memory issues.

And then Euron’s all-categories evil-buffet qualities will destroy him, as he neatly arranges all varieties of hero against him. While he’s trippin’ balls in ADOS in the cracked glowing monster-infested ruins of the Hightower, I think Asha and Rodrik will lead a coup back home in the Islands against him. Meanwhile, GRRM has said that Willas and Garlan Tyrell have a quite significant role to play before story’s end, and I think it’s here, joining with Sam to rally the South against the new Night’s King even as Stannis fights the tide of the Other invasion to the North. (And again, I turn to LOTR: the Rohirrim fight Saruman, preventing them from coming to Gondor’s aid against The True Darkness until the very last second. The structure here ain’t without precedent, is what I’m saying.) And as @madeinmyr has argued, while all this is happening, Bran will be fighting his failed predecessor Euron on the astral plane, resisting his attempts to become Godhead (again, think Sephiroth vis-a-vis Jenova or Meteor). 

I think when all this comes crashing down on Euron, politically, militarily, and magically, he will flee a shadow of his supervillain self, and Dany will find him wherever he rests. (The Isle of Faces? The Lonely Light? Bear Island, bringing Jorah into the mix?) He will see one last chance, and like Saruman at Isengard, go all in on his honeyed tongue, offering to Dany that they rule the world together. And like Theoden, she will be swayed and tempted for a moment, before breaking through the fog, remembering who she and her fellow dragonriders are (“big goddamn heroes, sir”), and burning the fucker alive, continuing her series-long war against slaving sociopaths who think they’re the only real persons…before that war climaxes against the Others, the ultimate slavers (given the wights) who think they’re the only real persons.

Funny how people are kind of bitching about Honey’s lack of “latina-ness” when they forget Big Hero 6 is based off a Marvel Comic like–

Here’s Honey in the movies:

And here’s Honey in the comics:

Honey’s movie design was based off her comic counterpart!

Also as a Latina who has similar skin/natural hair to Honey, this is what some Latinos look like. Yeah, some Latinos are dark but it depends on what part of Latin America you live in. Some are actually considered “white/tan” but you’re blatantly putting on a stereotype that “ALL LATINOS MUST HAVE BROWN SKIN” and that is considered racist! Congrats for contradicting yourself tumblr SJW like always! 

So shut the fuck up and enjoy the goddamn movie.