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She’s the betta half of the two


for your consideration: yoga instructor Doc who, when it’s the season for it, has his yoga classes out on the beach in a nice private area where no one will bother them unless someone is a merman who’s going to sneak a peek

also, can i just say, to the fic writers who can consistently write Donut and all his amazing blatant double entendres, holy shit, glass toast and hat tip to you because making everything he says a double entendre is a fucking ARTFORM that I just do NOT have the easy talent for holy shit like it’s embarrassing how long it took for me to come up with that

why is it that every new facecanon and first time drawing of one of the characters that happens is through this au tho like why me why

its even funnier because like it’s supposed to be a beginning class for yoga but like that pose is actually apparently mid to higher level but look i needed something that would show off kai’s insane flexibility


Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

“People often ask how to present a young, same-sex romance to a young audience without it having to be the same old ‘coming out’ story that’s been done to death. GrimGrimoire shows us that you’d write it the same way as any other young adult romance–emphasis on their feelings for each other without making it about sex or sexuality.”

I recently watched a playthrough of this game again (it’s a pretty short game; gameplay isn’t interesting so you can just watch the cutscenes for the whole story) and yeah it’s got canon F/F between the witch protagonist Lillet Blan and a homunculus named Amoretta Virgine. It’s pretty blatant and not at all played for fanservice.

Notable moments:

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Culture, Racism, and Kpop

Since everyone is acting like as if google doesn’t exist. I’m going to just make a long post about tuns of stuff.
Firstly, since it’s the most popular at the moment, Jackson Wang. What Jackson did was extremely insensitive, not only insensitive but extremely micro aggressive. The first thing he do after getting a few civil comments from his black fans is for him to call us ridiculous and haters. And on top of the that, to say that he wore the dreads to show his appreciation for black culture.
First off, that’s a cheap ass excuse, if Jackson genuinely cared about the culture, he wouldn’t just make lame ass rap songs in baggy shirts, he’d actually get to know us. Black culture isn’t just rap music, black culture is many things, it’s extremely diverse. And if he was SO interested in it, I’d hear him discuss it more, all I’ve ever hear Jackson talk about when it comes to black culture is RAP! I’ve never heard him talk him talk about anything regarding black culture besides rap. Jackson doesn’t care about black people, he said that to shut us up.
Secondly, Jackson literally said that he wanted the hair style to show us his appreciation. And since a lot of you don’t know the difference between appropriation and appreciation, here’s a lesson, free of charge.
Appreciation of someone else’s culture is actually taking time out of your day to knowledge yourself on the culture and it’s history. Genuinely showing interest to the point that you don’t want to be offensive because you appreciate the culture so much, that you don’t want to disrespect the history nor the people. Appropriation is taking out the little things you personally like and using it as a costume, something you’ll throw on for fun and when you’re done with it, toss it away. That’s what Jackson is doing. Wearing the culture as a costume, and when he’s done playing dress up for the day, go back to being the idol from Hong Kong. Jackson know that’s offensive, he’s been called out at least twice in his career. Jackson know what’s he’s doing. He simply, doesn’t care. That’s why a lot of black fans canceled him (including myself) because why would I want to stan and give my money to someone who doesn’t give a fuck about me. Kpop consistently let us know bluntly they don’t want black people involved at all. All Kpop care about is East Asians and white people and they let us know that harshly everyday. Jackson has no problem clocking a Korean man speaking broken Chinese and being offensive to him. But as soon as the tables are turned, we’re haters. Lmao fuck him tbh and got7 as a whole.
Second lesson is that dreads aren’t apart of anyone else’s culture besides black culture don’t @ me on it.
Dreads are a hairstyle that was created by black people with our hair texture. NO ONE ELSES HAIR CAN DO THAT! Not those “Vikings” or any other bullshit “culture” you enjoy to bull out. Vikings literally had matted fucking hair because they were FILTHY!! It’s literally impossible for anyone without black coily hair to pull that shit off. That white people bullshit is literally just them refusing to wash their hair. If you have to do so much different treatment to your hair to the point it doesn’t even fucking move, shouldn’t that be enough evidence that it’s not meant for you??
To cut this shit short because it’s too long, Kpop doesn’t care about black people and they continue to show how much they don’t care. Jackson is trash and so is a lot of y'all fav boy groups. Dreads are exclusively apart of black culture. Sharing cultures is a cheap excuse to defend your favs. Lastly you can’t appropriate
“white culture” you can only assimilate because it’s the dominated culture amongst us in this Eurocentric world we live in.

im tired anyway here’s some more time travel fic

Everything goes the way it does in the books, except that occasionally someone looks up and Neil isn’t there and the air smells a bit like burning, but then they blink and he’s right back in front of them. The Ravens switch divisions. Neil and the monsters go to Eden’s Twilight. Neil pays someone to knock him out. He hitchhikes back to Palmetto. He tells Andrew his half-truths and whole lies. They go on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. He fights Riko. Andrew offers Neil his protection.

It goes the same. Sometimes Neil travels in time and space, sometimes only in time. Usually to somewhere around Andrew, except he hates Andrew, so for the most part, Neil stays away, even when Andrew is an angry-looking kid, even when Andrew is a calm-looking adult.

Until one day, when he gets whisked into a bedroom in the middle of the night and the figure on the bed stirs.

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