big girl post

She’s the betta half of the two

  • Non-kpop fan: I don't understand why you're so obsessed with Korean music???? You probably don't even know what they're saying so what's the point in listening to it???
  • Non-kpop fan: *proceeds to listen to Despacito on repeat without understanding a word of Spanish*

for your consideration: yoga instructor Doc who, when it’s the season for it, has his yoga classes out on the beach in a nice private area where no one will bother them unless someone is a merman who’s going to sneak a peek

also, can i just say, to the fic writers who can consistently write Donut and all his amazing blatant double entendres, holy shit, glass toast and hat tip to you because making everything he says a double entendre is a fucking ARTFORM that I just do NOT have the easy talent for holy shit like it’s embarrassing how long it took for me to come up with that

why is it that every new facecanon and first time drawing of one of the characters that happens is through this au tho like why me why

its even funnier because like it’s supposed to be a beginning class for yoga but like that pose is actually apparently mid to higher level but look i needed something that would show off kai’s insane flexibility

can we please take a moment and appreciate how good 2015 was for kpop?? i mean, f(x) had the greatest comeback ever, twice, clc, gfriend and svt debuted with certified bops, bts started the HYYH era that was everything, exo released one of their greatest title tracks call me baby, red velvet’s ice cream cake era is still that bitch™, shinee’s married to the music mv aka my religion was out, party and lion heart by snsd was everyone’s jam, and 4minute’s crazy?? yes. 

girls’ day’s ring my bell made me question my life, sistar’s shake it saved the music industry, big bang’s bang bang bang became the national anthem, super junior’s devil is forever unforgettable, iu’s twenty three deserved a grammy, and who could forget 2ne1′s surprise perf during MAMA? no huge groups really disbanded too

2015 was a superior year, no one can tell me otherwise