I’m in love with this body positive campaign run by target. I want to thank Target for showing that big girls can rock swimwear. By producing a beautifully slimming collection of swimwear Target has decided not to just sell it to a specific market e.g sizes 8-14 but instead to release a very positive campaign about how they love everybody. I don’t think Target realise the affect they are having on the world. I for instance live in Ireland and it’s managed to capture my attention. By including curvy girls in their swimwear ad it allows it to become the norm and means girls can be more confident whilst in their swimwear. I for one hope this is the start of many ad campaigns celebrating all shapes and sizes.


Curvy girls fight back!!! Victoria secret launched a risky ad campaign when they released “The Perfect Body” campaign featuring women with tight abs, protruding ribs and a massive thigh gap. However curvy lingerie brand Curvy Kate Lingerie has fought back by releasing their own Perfect Body campaign featuring real women of all shapes and sizes! I love it! I think it is FAB! Don’t let anyone tell you what the perfect body is! Your body is perfect for you!

Top: Rainbow Store
Price: 3$ (Yaaasss, clearance! Go ‘head and keep my wallet full! XD)
Size: Up
to 3X

Bottom: Rainbow Store
Price: 7$
Size: Up to 3X 

An outfit for 10$ ?! Here, I’ll pay in cash! #Ballinonabudget


Top: Bealls Outlet Women’s Apparel
Price: 12.99$
Size: Up to 3X

Skort: Bealls Outlet Women’s Apparel
Price: 5.10$
Size: Up to 24

Bottom: Forever 21 Plus Size
Price: 7.99$
Size: Up to 3X