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Bullet Point Review: TW 6x08 “Blitzkrieg”

The Good:

*The opening scene with the Sheriff in Stiles room was so well done.  The scene with Claudia was so well done.   It was just – Linden deserves respect for his performance.

*Tyler Posey’s acting in the brief scene when his mother was taken, especially the micro-expressions. People like Dylan O’Brien, but he’s a big gesture poser.  Tyler was actually just as good as Dylan in this scene without going over the top.

*Peter’s non-redemption arc. He’s still Peter – they’re just concentrating on his good qualities.

*Chris and Melissa – Teen Wolf has always put a premium on showing not telling.  They are in a relationship without saying it.   Also, bad-ass Argent is always welcome “Did you hear that?”

* Liam, Hayden and Mason. I’m doing an actual individual post on this, but I need to stop hearing people complain about characters getting an actual story.

*Mr. Douglas:  There’s something refreshing about a bad guy who just wants his own personal army of the dead to take over the world.   Simple.  Clean.  Frightening.

The Neutral:

*The time skip.  At first I thought that the ghost riders took 30,000 people between episodes?  And then I thought – Good!  That would have been really boring.   It still could have been done a bit better.

*They did establish that the Ghost Riders don’t have the power to instantly eliminate everything – and it makes sense that they wouldn’t waste it on the people they are planning to take or kill.  

*It makes sense about Parrish’s involvement as a pawn of Der Soldat, but I feel it gives ammo to people who unfairly hate on him.

The Bad:

*Dylan is dunzo.   They basically announced they are doing a retrospective episode on him next week.  You don’t do retrospective episodes on people who are sticking around.

*More writer fan-wank.   Scott’s plan to bite stiles so he can get through the rift is stupid, and they know it is stupid (they had Peter call it out), but it’s just a silly way of telling us that Stiles is important while indulging a silly fan trope.

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*Tyler Posey’s acting in the brief scene when his mother was taken, especially the micro-expressions. People like Dylan O’Brien, but he’s a big gesture poser. Tyler was actually just as good as Dylan in this scene without going over the top. // Stop trying to make Tyler Posey happen! IT WILL LITERALLY NEVER HAPPEN! Also, stop trying to downplay bae's gift™?? He is honestly so talented. Have these hoes seen him in anything else besides TW? He does micro-expressions PHENOMENALLY.

I don’t know they even had to make that comparison. Posey did good, but why the need to compare him to others?


This was what I was working on all semester! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope that maybe it can help some other artists.

I’m by no means an expert, just a student wanting to share my work with others. :)

i’m sorry but i’ve spent the whole day thinking about how scanlan and pike are probably at just about perfect height for some accidental/purposeful groin elbowing on their taller party members

and i’ve just been laughing about the idea of pike telling a story, maybe about her and grog’s adventures growing up, and she gets really animated telling it and she’s making these big gestures and she just. accidentally catches percy right in the junk with her elbow.

and the whole group is watching her talk so they all see it happen and the other three guys all make like these noises of sympathy and then they just lose it. scanlan is on the ground in seconds, grog is crying, vax is laughing so hard he’s making this terrible wheezing noise every time he tries breathe. vex and keyleth are trying really hard not to laugh, but it’s not going very well.

pike, of course, feels terrible, and percy is doubled over and red in the face and yet still trying both to maintain his dignity and make pike feel better because no one wants to make pike feel bad, even about this, but he’s just had a very strong, heavily armored, enthusiastic gnome elbow hit him right in the delicate bits and privately he’s thinking well this is the end of percival frederickstein von musel klossowski de rolo the third, killed by an accidental gnome elbow to the crotch. this is the end, not with a bang but with an extraordinarily high pitched whimper.

for like a week afterwards, scanlan keeps flinching towards percy with his elbow and then laughing his ass off at percy’s ridiculous dodges to try and protect himself until vex kicks him in the junk to defend percy’s honor

okay hear me out: klance proposal hc’s (like, after a few years of dating back on earth)

  • Because these two are these two, they don’t communicate at all and so both are planning on proposing to the other and are completely oblivious it’s a  m e  s   s 
  • Lance’s approach is a Big Romantic Gesture:
    • he’s gotten everyone in on this, and there are entire musical numbers complete with dancing bc damn if his boyfriend doesn’t deserve the most spectacular proposal ever.
    • also he may have bought $2000 worth of fireworks from a guy pidge knew
  • Keith’s approach is…not big. He buys a simple wedding ring, but he spends hours agonizing over which one with Shiro, endlessly going over the choices and like yes, Shiro loves his brother but also can they just be done yet
    • “I think I like the “Seaside Cottage” color for his diamond. I’m gonna go with that one.”
    • “Fantastic. Are we-”
    • “BUT also, Lance may be sick of blue…and this “Midnight Coffee” diamond would really compliment his eyes.”
    • Shiro is just thudding his head on the counter over and over again, groaning.
  • Besides that, Keith doesn’t know how to make anything extravagant, that’s not him. His plan is just to propose after a dinner he cooks for Lance at home, and that’s enough because he’s there and he loves Lance and that’s it, isn’t it?
  • But when Keith starts to propose Lance bursts out crying and he’s so happy, and then he starts shouting “nO! NO KEITH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND NO” 
    • Keith has a heart attack bc he thinks Lance is, like,,, saying no, but Lance finally calms down enough to explain that he was gonna propose to, and he has a huge plan and-
    • “Alright,” Keith says, smiling so big he can’t contain it. “You can propose toO. Just…say yes first.”
    • Lance kisses him, long and deep and hard. “Yes. Oh my god Keith yes but please just pretend to be surprised, okay?”
    • Keith agrees, but when the time comes, his tears are real, real, real.

Night Vale MoodboardCarlos the Scientist

“Nothing and nowhere is safe. But there are things greater than us. Greater than all of this (so, you can’t see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe), and there are people who must learn about it all. How it all works, and why. This is what we call science!”
Carlos the Scientist
Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 51 - Rumbling


Despite disliking Danielle since day one and seeming to have it out for her, the fact that Shelby was able to put her ego/pride aside and wish positively for Danielle’s future in Big Brother was not only surprising to me but a big gesture from her. I never thought I would see her nor any other player in the house say something like that, not even Dani’s own “friends”. Now, I don’t know how Shelby is acting with the rest since Danielle has left (whether she’s slandering her or not) but this thing right here, just this little moment, made me gain a small amount of respect towards her.

Not everyone could wish their enemy good fortune. That’s good sportsmanship.

Jupiter in
  • 1st House: big presence
  • 2nd house: loud voice
  • 3rd house: big gestures
  • 4th house: large breasts
  • 5th house: gluttony
  • 6th house: workaholic
  • 7th house: lots of relationships
  • 8th house: big inheritance
  • 9th house: extensive wisdom
  • 10th house: big fame
  • 11th house: big popularity
  • 12th house: many spiritual gifts

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: yuri on ice ep 3 fucked me up??? Yurio and his grandpa??? Yuuri relating himself to katsudon and viktor saying he loves katsudon??? That fucking hug??? Viktor telling yuuri he’s the tastiest katsudon?? Viktor putting his hand on yuuri’s arm to calm his nerves when he won??? Yuuri panicking when he though he was going to lose?? Yurio walking out?? That fluffy hug?? The fluff?? The hug?? That fUCKING HUG???

the signs as boyfriends
  • Aries: is the boyfriend that will show big gestures of love like buying expensive gifts or going out on dates though he will rarely show his emotions. Aries is the boyfriend that likes to show his love through actions. This is the boyfriend that will act like the biggest baby when sick. Aries boyfriends will like to go out and do all sorts of activities so he might get agitated and annoyed when his significant other is too much of a homebody or lazy. Aries boyfriends will have a passionate and steamy sexuality but he will be quick about it. Aries boyfriends are sometimes impatient and hot headed.
  • Taurus: is the boyfriend that is a true romantic and pretty old-fashioned. He will like to spend money on his lover and makes them feel as if money isn't an issue. The Taurus boyfriend could be slow to express his emotions but when he finally does, you will realize how strongly and deeply he truly cares for you. Taurus boyfriends are very loyal and committed. They can be extremely stubborn which could lead to arguments and fights, especially for those who aren't so passive. Taurus boyfriends will stick with you to the end, unless you've done something to completely lose their respect then they will leave and never talk to you again.
  • Gemini: is the boyfriend that will talk to you on the phone all night. He is more talkative than the other guys and he is so witty and funny. Gemini boyfriends will show they love you through making you laugh and sharing their knowledge. They want to mentally connect with their lovers, so somebody who isn't intellectual won't click very well for the Gemini. Gemini is the boyfriend that probably texts a bunch of girls but in reality they are just friends. Gemini boyfriends like to be social with their lovers and go out to parties and have fun. Gemini boyfriends don't want a boring lover. Gemini is the boyfriend who is very open minded and won't be very critical of his lovers.
  • Cancer: is the boyfriend that is sensitive inside. He is romantic and will enjoy expressing his love through poetry or some sort of art. Cancer is the boyfriend that loves to buy gifts for his lovers and wants to make them feel at home with him. Cancer is the boyfriend that will probably cook for his lover and can get lost in the idea of getting married and having kids. Cancer boyfriend is the one that proposes to you after a year of dating and wants to build a nest. Cancer boyfriends can be very moody and withdraw into their shell, though. They can be passive aggressive and secretly punish their lovers in small ways.
  • Leo: is the boyfriend who wants to show off his lover and will want someone who people will admire. They want a trophy lover. Leo is the boyfriend that likes to buy expensive gifts for his lovers and expresses his love in a dramatic way. Leo boyfriends like to go on adventures with their lovers. He can be pouty and sullen when mad, though. Leo boyfriends need to have their ego stroked and they need to hear how attractive they are from their partner. Leo boyfriends do like to get their way and can be a little bossy at times, but they really have a big, warm heart.
  • Virgo: is the boyfriend that notices everything you say and will remember it. He will remember your birthday and will buy you simple and modest gifts. Virgo is the boyfriend that shows his love in practical ways like cleaning for you, serving you, or buying things for you. Virgo is the boyfriend that may be a little bit nerdy. Virgo boyfriend is a devoted boyfriend and will be faithful. Virgo boyfriends will be a dutiful boyfriend. Virgos can be a little judgmental or critical of their lovers. Virgo is the boyfriend that will work hard to make sure that him and his significant other have a home and the things they need.
  • Libra: is the boyfriend that will charm you with sweet yet sexy words. Libra boyfriends are very attractive and have killer smiles. Libra boyfriends like to go out and be social with their lover. They don't really like to go places alone so a Libra boyfriend will usually always be seen with their significant other by their side. Libra boyfriend will be a romantic under all of his intellectual and airy charm. He will want to do special things with his lover and wants to bask in the love that is between them. Libra boyfriend can be a little controlling at times and maybe even a little too flirty with other girls.
  • Scorpio: is the boyfriend that will attract you with his fierce and mysterious vibes. He will have a strong and deep sexuality but he can be very emotional. Scorpio is the boyfriend that will connect with his lovers on a deep level. Scorpio boyfriends can be jealous of their lovers and suspicious of them. Scorpio is the boyfriend that will be the brooding boy that is good at drawing and writes poems. Scorpio is the boyfriend that will express his love through words and sex. He needs to feel the passion between him and his lover or he will fall out of love and leave.
  • Sagittarius: is the boyfriend that wants to go on all kinds of adventures with his lover. He isn't a jealous or possessive lover. He is a very carefree boyfriend and doesn't care too much about who you hang out with. Sagittarius boyfriend will show his love through taking you out on the town, spending money on you, and discussing with you his views on other cultures, religions, and ideas. Sagittarius is the boyfriend that needs a lover that can keep the relationship exciting and passionate or else they will lose interest. Sagittarius boyfriends can sometimes get distracted and not pay much attention. They can have a hard time admitting when they are wrong.
  • Capricorn: is the practical boyfriend with a nice car, a job, and his own apartment without roommates. He is that loyal boyfriend that is very committed. Capricorn is the boyfriend that can be a little old-fashioned and he may feel as if he needs to pay for everything or take care of all the problems because Capricorn boyfriends like to be the one in control. They can have problems expressing their love through words but they do so physically and by spending money. Capricorn is the boyfriend that likes to provide but he will also want a lover that is as independent as he is.
  • Aquarius: is the boyfriend who is the strange one. He will be very funny and make you laugh all the time. He may have difficulty expressing his love with words but he will love to share his thoughts with you and talk about all kinds of unusual subjects. Aquarius is the boyfriend that will want to talk on the phone a lot. Aquarius is the boyfriend that needs space and time with friends, very much. Aquarius boyfriends really love their friends and need that time with them. Aquarius is the boyfriend that needs a lover who isn't clingy or restricting. Aquarius boyfriends can be cold at times and stubborn. Aquarius boyfriends will show their love by sharing his knowledge with you and spending his time with you.
  • Pisces: is the boyfriend who falls in love deeply and plans out your future together. He wants to get married, have kids, and live in a nice house with plenty of trees. Pisces boyfriend will be clingy and can get jealous easily. Pisces is the type of boyfriend who will write you love poems and make you dinner with candles. Pisces boyfriends want to create a world for him and his lover that nobody else knows. Pisces is the boyfriend that can be moody and a little defensive at times. Pisces boyfriends will show their love through words and sex. A Pisces boyfriend will be faithful as long as their lover is showing them enough love to make them feel whole. Pisces boyfriends will say that you're his soul-mate if he truly feels it.
  • *can also apply to moon sign
EXO Embarrassing you when they pick you up from school


*It’s a rare thing for Minseok to want to embarrass you but when he does, you can’t even get mad at him. It’s nothing big, just cute gestures that gets people looking at the both of you.*

“(Y/n), come on! Act cute with me. You don’t want to? Is it because you know that I’m obviously the cuter one?”

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*Embarrassing as a dad and he definitely knows it. He’d make hand hearts (sometimes adding kissing noises) and hold it up towards you until you reach him.*

“My love, my hearteu, my pretty darling…”

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*Doesn’t even know he’s embarrassing you. All he’s focused on is you approaching him. He’d make his hands into hearts and look through them like they’re binoculars.*

“She’s my pretty baby~ Model material.”

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*Forever being loud. The moment he sees you leaving the building, a big ass gin would appear on his face and whatever he is thinking at that moment, comes out of his mouth.*

“There is my beautiful girlfriend! Hey! She’s my number 1!”

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*He’s always doing this. Whenever he gets out of practice early, he’d go pick you up and it’s been his mission from the start to embarrass you.*

“Aye aye, where is my girlfriend? Is she looking for me? Well…I’m right here! BOOM, babe, how do I look? Oh? What’s with that face?”

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*Also like Jongdae. This becomes his routine to embarrass you. He knows you lowkey love it. He’d always act surprised as if it’s the first time he’s seen you.*

“Oh my goodness, you’re so pretty. How are you so pretty all the time, (Y/n)? Your boyfriend is such a lucky man, oh wait..that’s me!”

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*If he ever does embarrass you, it’s by accident. There are days when he’s feeling very good and excited, those are the days. He’d throw his hand up high and wave enthusiastically.*

“I’m over here! Yoohoo! Behind you! Hi, (Y/n)!”

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*He accidentally arrives like, an hour earlier than the time you get out so he went to go buy some snacks from across the street. When he came back, you were just leaving the building so, hes waving like a little kid, in one hand a bag full of food and the other holding some couple hats that he bought.*

“Look! Look what I bought! I forgot that you come out at this time and not an hour earlier…my bad…here, wear this cute hat.”

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*No hesitation or regret. Knowing you can’t possibly get mad at him so when he sees you, he’d make a big reaction like cover his mouth and act surprised.*

“Oh! Look at her, she’s the cutie with the booty! Boys, back away, (Y/n) is my girlfriend. Don’t even think about her booty.”

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I hope this was enjoyable since I’m not going to be posting scenarios. T^T. I’m open to reaction scenarios though.


Mike looks out of the sliding glass doors to the Sanders’ patio. Ginny’s hands are moving in big, sweeping gestures, before she brings them together as if she’s holding a football, then she grows animated once more.

Evelyn is nodding at a rapid pace and grinning almost maniacally. 

Mike grabs the open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter and moves to make his way out there until Blip steps in front of him, shaking his head.

“You don’t want to to do that, man,” Blip says solemnly. 

Mike furrows his brow and shrugs. “Why not?”

“They’re comparing,” Blip replies.


“Yeah, man. Comparing. Sexual experiences. I imagine we’re the two primary points of discussion, so unless you want all the salient details of mine and Evy’s sex life, it’s best to stay indoors.”

Mike winces, because while he doesn’t want the details of two of his closest friends’ sex life, he is incredibly curious to know what Ginny has to say about him.

“Do they do this often?” Mike asks.

“Almost every time they’re together. You have met my wife, right? She could get blood out of turnip, having the usually reluctant Ginny talk about her sex life is too easy.”

The sliding glass door opens and Ginny and Evelyn’s laughter comes to an end when they see the two men standing together.

Evelyn lifts an eyebrow, but walks over to Blip and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. She plucks the bottle of wine from Mike’s loose grip and winks. 

“Looking good, Captain Cuddles,” Evelyn throws over her shoulder as she makes her way back to the patio. Ginny’s face heats up, and she ducks her head, making a quick exit behind Ev.

“Damn it, Gin!”

(p.s. I blame @lawofavgs for this. not for any specific reason. simply because I can.)

Robert NOT being big on romantic gestures

Aaron: “He’s just not big on romantic gestures”

1. pulls contract on Wiley’s farm so he and Aaron could call the barn theirs.
2. books a grander hotel and yells at staff because room might not be perfect for his “date”
3. changes into a jacket and tie at Vic merely calling a beer w/Aaron a “date”.
4. decorating “their” barn and practicing speech in order to make the perfect proposal.
5. willing to give his last breath to the man he loves to save him or die trying.
6. dives BACK into the water to the sunk car in order to retrieve engagement ring so he can properly propose again.
7. created an elaborate birthday surprise to make his fiances birthday amazing and special.

can you imagine if Robert ever DOES do romantic? heehee…..

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: sasuke and naruto are so fucking in love that the animators decided to let sasuke bear witness to all of the dumb shit naruto did in pursuit of sasuke- because simply TELLING someone that they’re in love is literally not a big enough gesture to the two most melo-fuckin-dramatic ninja since uchiha madara and there are actually people in the world who are struggling with this concept. i'm not fine and i might never be fine again
First things that come to mind to describe the 16 types

ENTJ: Intense glances, the sound of horse hooves on pavement, steel plates

ENTP: Lighters, rooftop conversations, fast-spoken questions

INTJ: Long icicles, the ocean just before a storm, flint

INTP: Glass vials, slow-moving clouds, dated textbooks

ESTJ: Chess boards, wolves’ howls, neat bottles of window cleaner

ESTP: Aviators, the feeling of getting on a rollercoaster, black leather

ISTJ: Smooth gray stones, model airplane sets, echoes

ISTP: Grease streaks on hands, electricity, the sound of quiet sports cars

ENFJ: Tangled ear buds, talking with big hand gestures, scrawled love notes

ENFP: The cream on top of your latte, unstoppable laughter, sprinkles

INFJ: Leather-bound novels, ripples in puddles, favorite jackets

INFP: Soulful books, cinnamon tea, sitting behind glass windows during a rainstorm

ESFJ: Dangle earrings, birthday candles, packs of scented markers

ESFP: Bubble blowers, kazoos, scoops of blue ice cream

ISFJ: Engraved fountain pens, shade cast by old trees, the scent of clean laundry

ISFP: DIY nose piercings, orange sunsets, driving late at night

you know that the little thing kara does when she takes alex’ beer away? she knows that alex wants to come out to eliza so she’s tryin’ to help her stay sober because surely she knows drunk alex will make a mess of it.

but alex is like: i can’t do this sober, ive got too many feels. why you takin’ my beer from me? give back.

two sneaky steps later: oooh, here’s where she hit the whiskey.

it’s this eye for details i love about this show. little smart things like that, things that make sense. not the big gestures like not showing supergirl talk to lena luthor after she once again saves the day and instead showing kara have that tropie should-we-talk-about-it convo with mon-el.

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prompt: mike's trying to find his footing after retirement. feeling older and with bad knees, and a twentysomething phenom for a girlfriend. he's feeling more than a little inadequate. ginny can see it, so she goes for a big gesture to make him feel better. and mike knows that big gestures and attention aren't really her thing, so her doing it for him is a massive deal.

a/n: this is the second time i’ve used this scenario for these idiots and you know what? don’t even care. fight me.

She knew retirement wasn’t ever going to be easy on Mike. Unlike him, she had no delusions about what it was going to take — going from playing professional baseball to just doing nothing, right at the drop of a hat? It was from one extreme to another. She expected it, on some level, that retirement was going to take it out of him in a way that baseball never could.

She just didn’t expect this.

This all encompassing hurt and inadequacy because — he’s Mike Lawson. Yet, when she packs her bags for spring training, Ginny catches the look in his eyes — hurt, contemplation and also frustration.

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