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Know Your Cosplay: Armor

GIANT-ASS ARMOR is one of the Big Four of cosplay craftsmanship (the other three being “you sewed that?”, “how the fuck did you find a screen-accurate leather jacket at Goodwill”, and “wait, that’s not a real tattoo?”). But it’s hard to appreciate the costumes if you don’t know what they’re from! Never fear, because DCT is here to help.

  • If the armor is futuristic and gray, it’s from a Space FPS. Whatever, don’t pretend you know the difference between Halo and Mass Effect and…now we have Destiny too? Fuck. Plus it could be that dude from Starcraft.
  • If the armor is gold and red, you damn well already know it’s Iron Man. Unless it has armor-boobs, then it might be Rescue. Why does armor need boobs? It’s a mystery, at least to designers who have apparently never heard of a sports bra.
  • If it’s got a lot of spikes, it’s probably Fantasy RPG. Skyrim, Dragon Age, hell, even Lord of the Rings are in the running here (yes, we’re aware LotR is not a video game).
  • If there are giant shoulders, like, absurdly huge shoulders, it’s World of Warcraft. Why are their shoulders so big? Is it all the fel corruption? How does anyone survive childbirth on Azeroth?

And there you have it! Even the biggest n00bs will have a shot at guessing the right fandom now!

Submitted by colt-kun

I couldn’t pick just one, but narrowed it down to these three

External image

The second person pictured is my fiance, whom I met via cosplay at a con. My motto is “it’s not about the costume, it’s about how much you play in it”…and I think that’s served us well over the years. :)

 > These pics made me so happy because not only is it an adorable romantic story and your Tron!Sora is amazing but I really, really ship Wiccling so this post is just great all around ahhhhh! Thanks for submitting you both look awesome and congrats on finding love through cosplay! -NN

Cosplay plans!

Okay so I never really laid anything out in stone about this but I figured I would make a list so I could force myself to hold to it
This is the general order but not really definite I guess???

Elsa (ice dress w/ friend as adventure outfit Anna)- in progress
Elsa (coronation gown w/ friend as coronation Anna)- in planning
Queen Elinor (original outfit w/ different friend as Merida)- in planning
Rapunzel (w/ friends as Jack Frost, Merida, and maybe hiccup)- in planning

Big 3/ Brave Tangled Dragons

trappedintranquility as Rapunzel


 as Hiccup