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Guardian Society Formaerem infused biotechnology: air toxin filtration A.K.A Pollution Singers

Pollution Singers are the Guardian Society’s answer to many races demands for cleaner atmospheres. They average in height at around 1 Earth mile, but smaller morphs exists that are common along pathways that races with big carbon footprints use for vehicular transportation. They come in all kinds of color morphs and their mouths are bioluminescent.

They open their massive expandable, bioluminescent mouths and inhale air. The inhaled air is filtered for air pollutants and Hydrogen, while the clean air is expelled through pores in their trunk.

Hydrogen atoms are smashed together to form Deuterium and Tritium, which is used in their fusion reactor core. While Guardians use their electromagnetic fields to support their weight and aid their movements, Pollution Singers use their electromagnetic fields to squeeze the Deuterium and Tritium, and start the reaction that fuels their bodies.

Pollution and waste elements are stored and condensed in a “gut”. The compacted toxins are then separated into tiny pockets that encase them in a see-through crystal-like substance. Every once and awhile a Pollution Singer will regurgitate their gut contents, which are then used as jewelry by the local sentient fauna.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the Pollution Singers is their tendency to sing while intaking air. When they open their mouths they create a humming noise, and every time they open their mouths they hum in a different octave. Large groups of Pollution Singers will often participate in what can only be called a choir. The most amazing part is that they never sing the same tune, and when one song ends a different one is performed.

Pollution Singers have also been used to terraform toxic planets, often resulting in some colorful jewelry.


Everyone knows footprints are big clues, because the show you which direction that thing went. But what else can they tell you? Here are 5 things a footprint can tell you.

1. Dividing the length of the footprint by 0.15 gives you an approximate height

2. The speed in which they were walking can be determined by how deep the impression is in the ball of the footprint

3. Measure the length between each stride for future reference

4. Determine the shoe type and you may be able to get a gender and income status

5. Look for a deeper impression in one print. This indicates a limp

@ every uneducated western dieter tryna tell me that veganism is a luxury, expensive, or white privilege.

especially when POC are having their homes ripped from them for cattle grazing.

especially when people are literally being killed by ranchers for protesting the deforestation of our rainforests (look up sister dorothy stang)

especially when animal agriculture is the leading fucking cause to climate change (CONFIRMED BY THE UN)

500 billion animal deaths per year causes a big fucking carbon footprint

especially when our ocean is filled with dead zones + fully/over exploited and we’re looking at fishless oceans by 2030

so don’t try to give me that “not everyone can afford veganism!” and “what about starving kids!” bullshit when over half of the earths food is fed to cattle so privileged Americans can drive to McDonald’s and order an otherwise luxury item for $1-$5

there’s so much more going on and instead of making your uneducated “NOT EVERYONE CAN GO VEGAN SHUT UP” posts - try digging a little deeper and learning something instead.

i don’t care how many of you unfollow/try to argue this because the fact is that 50 years from now our entire fucking planet will be in total collapse and this goes far deeper than a fad diet
Trump’s Executive Order Pushes the U.S. Climate Pledge Further Out of Reach
President Trump has rolled back key Obama-era greenhouse gas regulations. Without these rules in place, the United States is set to fall far short of its 2015 Paris Agreement pledge.
By Nadja Popovich

So the imbecile who occupies the White House did today what he promised to do: commence the roll-back of President Obama’s rules, regulations and executive actions that were designed to reduce our carbon emissions and combat global warming. I summarized in a post yesterday the exact actions that were included in today’s executive order.

The big green organizations are all over this, and multiple lawsuits will emerge tying this executive order up in knots all over the country. In addition, “defiance” from the more progressive states and cities and several major corporations will proceed, with actions designed to reduce, in many small ways which hopefully add up to a big way, our carbon footprint. I’m fairly certain that the game plan is to create stagnation, which won’t help reduce our carbon footprint but will be intended to preclude an increase in our carbon footprint until this man leaves office, however that happens, and the republicans lose control over one or both houses of Congress in DC. (I’m confident that will happen in 2018, absent some tyrannical action by this administration.)

I also had to smile, through tears, at the stupidity of the collection of miners who surrounded cheetoh as he signed his executive order. Do they really think that mining jobs will be restored like magic? No fucking way. Because of raw capitalism, the mantra of the republican party, they will continue to lose their jobs, and now that they are eagerly gang-banging their love for trump, I frankly do not give a fuck if any of them ever become employed again, whether in the mines or elsewhere.

The link is to a good article, with a set of graphics, explaining how each action by President Obama was designed to reduce our carbon footprint, and thus, conversely, how each of these trump or Congressional actions, if implemented, will halt the carbon emission reductions. Some of these actions are included in today’s order. Others were commenced through other trump orders or through Congress (i.e., republicans) through the Congressional Review Act.

Cleaner power plants: Obama-era policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

More efficient cars

Fewer methane emissions

Eco-friendlier appliances

California: a climate battle brewing

California policies alone are set to bring national emissions 5 percent of the way to the Paris pledge. In 2015, the state committed to generating half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and doubling the energy efficiency of existing buildings. The state also collaborated with the Obama administration on fuel economy standards, and it plans to have 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on the road by 2025. But California may be on a collision course with the Trump administration over its vehicle standards.


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “Tears Over Beers”

Modern Baseball - “The Weekend


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “See Ya, Sucker”


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “Hours Outside in the Snow”


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “Coals


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “Lookout!

Sylvia Plath and her brother Warren in Winthrop, Massachusetts, August 1940 (7 years and 9 months old); three months before their father’s death

In her “Scrapbook–1947″, Sylvia Plath wrote on the “Winthrop page”:

“This is the best picture taken of Warren and me together. I am wearing my favorite swimsuit, and Warren holds the huge fish that Frankie caught. We are standing on Frankie’s sailboat that he made, and it is drawn up on the shores of the sea that I love so much. The big footprint in the sand is not mine but Frankie’s.”

Picture source:
Quote source: Eye Rhymes: Sylvia Plath’s Art of the Visual


Every Monday night a crew from Specialized hit the roads for the weekly Campout with Your Lampout. It’s the perfect proving ground for new products or twists and tweaks of existing. Real life RnD at it’s best. One idea is to try out something new every Monday. A new way to strap gear to your bike or a different setup for the rain fly. E of Team AWOL chose this setup last Monday.

One man footprint (140g) Big Agnes Q-Core SL sleeping pad (570g) ENO rainfly (590g) and Big Agnes Horsethief sleeping bag (700g) Really dig the superlight @bigagnes_ stuff. These 4 + a jacket and some small stuff fits in my saddlebag. 2000 g / 4,4 lbs in total. #campoutwithyourlampout #seekandenjoy


 I shot Modern Baseball’s full set a few weeks ago.  They played all of Sports! Check it out!   Modern Baseball - “@chlo3k”