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a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

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Meihem prompt: When they first realized they were attracted to one another.

It’s instant for him, of course. Like a snap of a finger, the blink of an eye, or the boom after he presses that little red button. But things usually happen instantly for him. He knows he needs to live in the moment because in the very next one he could have a bullet between his eyes or yet another missing limb. Or he could just wind up as a smoking pile of ash.

She doesn’t look like everyone else around them, at least not to him. She wears a big fluffy coat and furry boots and has the cutest pair of glasses perched on her nose. People have been shooting at them and they fight one very skilled and scary sniper, but she still wears those glasses that could be shot off her face or easily taken away or smashed to bits. blinding her. When he first meets her, Jamison instantly notices all of those things, including her folded arms and the pout on her face and the distrust he can practically smell on her. She doesn’t seem to be happy they’re here, him and Roadie, but it doesn’t stop him from taking an instant liking to her because she’s unlike anyone he’s ever seen before. He doesn’t know the cold, doesn’t know her element of choice she uses as a weapon. She’s a mystery, like faraway space or the deep depths of the ocean, or even the snow she can create that he’s never actually felt before.

He’s drawn to her. Instantly.

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pure things I saw in Starbucks today:

  • two babies wearing matching flannels and headbands w/ bows
  • this guy came in with this girl and while she was getting her drink he tried on her fingerless gloves and then she came back and they both started laughing
  • this middle aged couple skyping with someone on a tablet and both smiling rly big 
  • a woman came in with a really tiny lil dog tucked into a big fluffy coat 

marcus loudly complaining every winter he’s in scotland because “it’s too fucking cold” but not complaining that oliver is piled in a big fluffy coat because he looks fucking adorable





As winter settled in, the town was draped in a white quilt of snow, sparkling snowflakes fluttering down and engulfing everything it touched with cold. The girl held on to Kai Parker’s hand as she dragged him through the snow, boots sinking into the ground as a the heretic grumbled from behind her. He was wrapped in a big fluffy coat, similar to hers, and they both wore chunky boots with thick woolen socks. 

“I don’t understand the point,” Kai said for the millionth time.

“It’s beautiful,” the girl insisted, stopping in the middle of the snowy forest and turning to face Kai, “and isolated enough that nobody could catch us.”

“From doing what?” Kai gulped nervously.

“Magic,” the girl laughed in response, seeing that look melt off Kai’s face.

“Oh,” he chuckled, his head dipping down, snowflakes catching in his brown locks. He raised his head again, full lips split into that grin she loved.

The girl instantly smiled back, happy to see him happy.

“Show me,” she begged, bouncing on her tip toes with excitement.

Kai beamed with confidence, finally sure of something he couldn’t mess up. He took the girls hands in his and closed his eyes, an incantation tumbling off his lips as a shimmering orange globe engulfed their bodies. The orb that surrounded them seemed to make the snow bounce off of it, like they were wrapped in a warm little enclosure in the middle of the forest. Then, just for fun, Kai raised a clump of snow from the ground, making it float up to the girl’s head and fall in a halo shape around her hair, kind of like a crown of snowflakes, which suited her wonderfully.

“A crown for my princess,” Kai smiled with pride, letting her hands fall as they sat in their protective hideaway.

She laughed with glee, picking up on his ‘my.’

“I love it!” she said, wrapping Kai in one of her bear hugs. He sunk into her body, safe in her arms as he pulled himself tightly around her, her face buried in the crook of his neck. 

“I’m happy,” Kai said out of nowhere.

“And why’s that, Malachai?” the girl said as she pulled back.


Her cheeks flushed red, heart going into overdrive as it always did when Kai spilled out sweet statements like that.

“I just, I’ve never really been happy before. I didn’t even know that was a feeling that could be felt so-so strongly,” he babbled. “And I’m really just, grateful to have you as my…friend.” he finished quietly, his lips bending downwards.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, picking up on the way his blue eyes now failed to meet her own.

“So I’m selfish,” Kai whispered to the ground.

She sat frozen, unblinking as Kai talked more to himself than her.

“I’m selfish because, even after everything you’ve given me it’s not enough.”

“Malachai-” she began softly.

“Wait,” Kai said, closing his eyes, blinking them back open to look at her. “I just need you to know it, even if it makes me an awful person for feeling the way I do. Because by some miracle, this kind, brave, and beautiful girl was let into my life, and as much as I tell myself not to feel, I can’t, not with you,” he said, his eyes glistening. “I tell myself there’s nothing more there, that I have it all, but I don’t, and I can’t stop hating myself for it. And it’s selfish because all this while I was trying to push you away, saying it was for you, but it was also for me, because I couldn’t let myself…” he trailed off.

“Let yourself what?” she murmured, raising a hand to Kai’s cheek, her eyes searching his, fingers spread over his skin.

“I couldn’t let myself love,” he finished.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, and he let it slide right off his face, his eyes steely as he stared at her, waiting for her to say anything, to do anything. So she did. She took in a shaky breath, and then she kissed him. And in that kiss, she didn’t have to say anything for Kai to understand how she felt just through the way her lips moved against his own. It was cautious, soft, and short. Her hands cupped his face as she held him there, the taste of Kai Parker being one that was unforgettable. And he was scared he didn’t know how to respond, making him freeze up for a moment, but soon he relaxed comfortably against her body as his lips hungrily fought back against her own, hating when she pulled away after only a second. She still held him like that, hand on either side of his face as she stared into those blue eyes, heart racing.

“I love you,” she said, “I need you to know that.”

“I do,” he responded, but said it with utter disbelief.

“Malachai, you’re so scared to let yourself feel, but you don’t have to put up those walls anymore, not with me,” she promised. “You’re not selfish,” she continued, “you’re human.”

His lips twitched as he looked her over in awe, “I love you.”

She placed her lips to his forehead, pulling back with a smile.

“And how does it feel?”

“Different,” he admitted. “There’s happy, and then there’s my heart is going to implode out of my chest happy.”

The girl burst out into a fit of giggles, to which Kai followed. When she was done, she lifted Kai up to stand beside her, turning her head to the side and instantly freezing over. Her throat closed up as she tapped frantically on Kai’s arm, not sure how to speak as she signalled to the ground. There, not far from them, was a set of footprints stomping through the snow, but no visible body to match it.

“Oh my god,” Kai breathed, “you need to run.”

“What? No!” she protested.

Kai clenched his jaw, hands grabbing at her shoulders as the girl turned invisible, her throat closing up as she was suddenly unable to speak.

“I’m doing it to keep you safe,” he whispered as the figure in the snow suddenly became visible.

“Father,” Kai growled, glaring daggers at Joshua Parker.

“Who are you here with?” Joshua responded flatly.

“Nobody,” Kai lied.

Joshua Parker grabbed at his sons wrists, pushing him back into the snow so that he went tumbling onto the ground, back flat as his father towered over him.

“I saw her, the girl,” he said quietly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking ab-”

Joshua brought his hand up and slapped Kai right across the face, unable to hear the cries of the girl who collapsed by his side but was unable to touch him.

“You can tell me where the girl who’s life you plan on ruining is, or I can find her myself,” he said, Kai shaking beneath him as he held his palm to his sore cheek.

“And then what?!” Kai spat, “you’ll take her out of my life so I can spend the rest of my life continuing to be outcast by my own family?!”

His father drew a slit in the air, a red gash drawing itself upon Kai’s neck, weakening him so he was unable to hold the spell around her. The invisibility charm that cloaked her vanished, and she was suddenly there, beside Kai, who’s fresh blood spilled off his neck and down into the snow, staining it ruby red. nothing on her side but the element of surprise, the girl aimed a fist at Joshua Parker and hit him square in the jaw. He collapsed onto the snow, and in the moment before he recovered, Kai’s arm seized the girl, and they were both gone.

just out of curiosity, what is YOUR list of planes that you want to see??

mine is

  • regatha, but only if i’m the overlord of world building
  • egypt plane. haha
  • atlantis plane. haHA!!! this is all working out so well for me
  • mad max plane. look, we’ve got the vehicles, all we need is the desert
  • celtic/pagan themed plane
  • ravnica. i love ravnica?
  • ok ngl i want a viking/frozen plane; not like the movie frozen, a plane that is like, literally covered in snow, bonus points if poor chandra has to go there, and the whole gatewatch gets new cozy outfits!!! look guys just think about jace and chandra in big fluffy coats. liliana would look like a fashion designer. not sure about nissa? gideon would probably have a sleeveless sweater, defeating the purpose. ajani offers snuggles. the potential for new outfits is very important
This Charming Man

AN: This imagine is for all you Jack lovers, especially @deathbylowden / @sugarandedge, sorry it’s so late chick! Those requests in my inbox are nearly done too! Enjoy 

Title inspiration: ‘This Charming Man’ by ‘The Smiths’ 

Jack was nothing if not persistent when it came to you. When he first laid eyes on you, he was completely and utterly captivated. Whether it was the swoosh of your hair, or the confident stride in your step or even your presence was enough to make him hypnotised. However, this had only made Jack more determined to make you notice him.You noticed him. How couldn’t you? Every chance he had, he made sure you knew, he was there. 

You had been assisting the filming and production of Dunkirk, when you had met him and the rest of the boys, and never would you forget someone like Jack.

The First Instance:

It was a Wednesday morning when you arrived on set, ready to start the day, you headed to breakfast table making yourself a cup of tea and grabbing a croissant. With the early rays of the sun gleaming off of the metal on the table, you saw an approaching shadow.

“Say lass, coulda make me a cuppa?” Jack lent down, grinning like a five year old boy.

“Sure.” It was too early to have a conversation with Jack, he was always beaming with joy and so energetic.

You make yourself and Jack the tea, passing the cup over to him, he smiles, pointing at the bench, suggesting you sit and eat there. Finishing your cup, you gather your things to leave and head to the first sight Chris needed you at. Jack swallows the last of his tea down in a haste, jumping up and falling into step with your pace. Furrowing your brows, you shoot him a questioning look.

“Wha? Am ’ not allowed te walk wid ya?” You shake your head, when he smirks down at you, you groan.

“God Jack, I thought we spoke about this! You lasted a total of, what, eight hours?” He chuckles.

“Love, I told you, I’m not giving up on this or you. Besides, you love me really.” You laugh, making him dramatically hold his hand to his chest.

The Second Instance:

It was a few weeks later, and Jack was still somewhat consistent when it came to charming you, or at least trying. You did find him attractive and he did make your heart melt when you heard his laugh, you knew you were falling for him but you weren’t the type to be won over so easily. He had many females and males swooning over him, but you were determined to not be one of them.

It was a Friday night, all the cast and crew were all out enjoying some well deserved drinks. You were sat at the bar, a bottle of beer and your phone in hand. You glance to your left, seeing Jack approaching. He flags down the bar tender, asking for a beer whilst winking at you, you roll your eyes, teasingly, turning your head back to your phone.

Once the beer was in his right hand, he swings his left over your shoulder whispering in your ear, “Say love, fancy a game of pool?” Shrugging your shoulders you agree, what could possibly go wrong.

It was half way through the game when you potted another ball, making Jack groan again. 

“I didn’ think ye were this good, lass”

“Well, you don’t know a lot about me, Jack.” Motioning to his cue to tell him it was his turn, he leans down to pot the ball.

“How ‘bout you show me how ye get them in all the time?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you, when you shove his shoulder.

“Oh please, you play just fine.” Smiling he pots it before taking a swig of his fourth beer, fairly flushed from the amount of alcohol consumed.

“Fancy heading back to the hotel, lass?”

“What? Is it because you’re a sore loser? Or you want me in your bed?” You put the cue down and gather your jacket and phone.

“Nah love, the game was jus’ borin’, and I wouldn’ mind tha’ but I’d rather take ye for dinner first.” He winks at you for the tenth time that evening, or morning.

The Third Instance:

You were working on the Moonstone today, helping Chris on the shoot, and of course Jack was aboard the vessel too. The wind had picked up and everyone had brought their big, fluffy coats, except you. Being in a rush had made it almost impossible to not forget something and that something happened to be your coat, which you needed right now.

Shivering you nod your head at Chris, signalling that you understood his instructions and headed over to tell the cast the same. Jack notices your teeth chattering when you finish telling them about today’s itinerary.

“Lass, ye look freezin, wan’ m coat?” He shrugs it off his shoulder, about to wrap it around your shoulders when you take a step back.

“Stop! Lowden, can you please just stop trying to flirt and charm your damn way into my pants!” Maybe it was the cold, or lack of coffee you had this morning but Jack just chuckled and ignored the looks the rest of the cast and crew wer giving.

“Love, m not tryin to ge’ in yer pants, yer bloody gorgeous, but like I said las’ time I suggest a date is better option? As for the coat, I wasn’ flirtin’, yer cold.” Putting the thick material around you, you involuntarily snuggle into the collar, it smelt just like him.

“Sorry, long day. I guess I was just so used to your flirty advances and your charming personality I couldn’t help it, and thanks.” You gesture to the coat.

“Yer welcome, lass. Now, about that date?”

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Companions seducing the SS while/in their vault suit

Little NSFW, come, let us sin.

Cait: Often looks Sole up and down with a suggestive smile and raised eyebrow. “Y’know ye’ don’t leave a lot to the imagination there, not that I’m complaining ;)” She knows it gets Sole hot under the collar when she’s playful with them. Sits Sole down on whatever is comfortable, placing herself on their lap “How would ya’ feel ‘bout gettin’ outta this suit, just for me like…” going on to embrace their lips with her own

Codsworth: “Why sir/mum, you look as dashing/radiant as ever, may I say your suit truly brings out your handsomeness/beauty.” For a Mr. Handy Codsworth isn’t too bad at the whole flirting/seduction thing. As a Mr. Handy the possibilities are almost endless for what he could do to get Sole going

Curie: wraps one arm around Sole’s waist while she nuzzles between their arm and chest  so that her head sticks out from between the two. With her first hand now softly moving down on to sole’s butt, her other teasinlgy glides over their abdomen and naval, “Your physique is perfect,it… it makes my head spin! I… I want to examine you further, in private yes?” Curie may be new to her body, but she knows how to make Sole’s ache in lust for her, un-able to resist her beautifully sexy accent.

Danse: In his gruff sexy voice all Danse has to say is “Well… with that vault suit on you have my total attention” paired with a suggestive wink and Danse’s killer smile, to make Sole weak at the knees, as his hot ass pulls them closer to him.

Deacon: “Hell I may have rep as a liar but damn… trust me when I say that you look pretty damn good in that old vault suit” All it took was for Deacon to say what he truly thought about Sole, here and they fell for him instantly.

Hancock: Often let Sole lead, if not out of confidence for them, it was to get a look at that hot ass all day, “Hey don’t mind me… just admiring the view babe, looking at you in a skin tight vault suit is better than any chem trip ;)” Who could resist the cool ghoul with the booty. Sole can’t wait to get Hancock home and tear everything off his hot ghoul bod. 

MacCready: Says it reminds him of someone he met out in Capital Wasteland, but Sole is definitely his favourite person in the blue jump suit, “Damn the sight of you in that vault suit is better than any amount of caps… you know err… if you wanna go someplace private I can show you a couple other things I’m a pro at, and I ain’t talking about sniping” Sole giggles and leads MacCready into Home Plate throwing him onto the bed. 

Nick: All Nick has to do is look out from under his fedora with those golden eyes and a suggestive smirk, simply uttering “Well… hey there good looking, Vault Tec sure knew what they were doing when they designed those ;)” and Sole is gone, they yearn for Nick to take them right there, right on his desk.

Piper: When she sees Sole sitting there, in that bright blue and yellow jump suit,on her couch she can’t but laugh a little as she turns to Blue and says “So I guess it’s true, Blue name Blue by nature?” Sole of course can’t help but let out an affectionate smile and slight giggle, she flops down right next to Sole, her fingers run the length of their thigh, she sheepishly said, “Blue… you know I’ve got a rep as a trouble maker to keep, how about you help me o-” before Piper could finish she got her answer in the form of Sole’s tongue dancing with hers inside each others mouths.

Preston: It’s late when Sole comes back and Preston is getting ready for bed, when he sees Sole’s vault suit “ I won’t lie general, that suit is making me think I’m going to have some pretty good dreams tonight ;)” Sole can’t help but smile at Preston’s cute remarks, but think’s why should he stop at dreams, Sole instead decides to give Preston the real thing, vault suit and all.

X6-88: When X sees Sole in the vault suit, he can only say what he thinks, “Sir/ma’am in that suit your physique is more perfect than a new gen-3, I can’t help but wonder what your stamina is like ;)” ending on that Sole decides the best way would be to show X all that they can do in a wild night where machines meet the flesh.


Maxson: It was a warm night when Sole and Maxson took a walk together at the bow of the Prydwen, however Maxson could see Sole got a little chilly in that thin vault suit as the night crept on, Maxson would seduce Sole without knowing, when he wrapped his big fluffy coat around their tender shoulders, they turned, grabbed him by his BOS uniform and dragged him all the way to his own quarters, Maxson did such a good job at seducing Sole accidentally that the next morning the night guard who was on duty that night opted for a permanent position down on the ground at Boston airport.

Sorry it’s been a bit slow today guys so here’s a bit of a sinful one for you all, things should pick up tomorrow. As always I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Maxson is the best at seduction with that big fluffy coat.

Mr.Grinch // Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Being snowed in turned to work out in your favor.

Author’s Note: This is a scenario for my favorite Jinyoung stan, whom loves him more than anything and whom i love tons and tons ^.^ enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

The seasons had been irregular all year long; but when they hit, boy did they hit. Especially this winter, you had noticed. You had seemed to go from wearing thin long-sleeved sweaters and scarves, to big fluffy coats and thermal pants in what seemed to be a day or two. But what you didn’t account for, was the snow.

‘It barely snows anymore,’ you thought to yourself, your mind filling with memories of the noticeably dead and brownish grass over the winter months in the last few years, when all you had wished for was a blanket of snow to cover them.

You had decided to visit your best friends during the day, simply because you needed the friendly atmosphere they always supplied; you had just finished the last of your tests, and boy did you need a break. The finals you had taken seemed to drain you, but it all seemed worth it when you would get the results.

But, due to the excessive amounts of studying you had been doing, you had been neglecting any tender love and care that your friends offered to you; particularly Jinyoung.

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I like to think Mira gets to go back to Ironrath and is happy and doesn’t wear her hair like a Southron lady and wears a big fluffy fur coat and everything is great. I also like to think I will one day be able to draw Mira.

What it would be like to date Min Yoongi/ Suga;

**so this beautiful little shit, yoongi is one of my bias ruiners so i really enjoyed writing this! I hope you like it anon and it is what yoou expected, any one feel free to request stuff**

• Naps
• Naps on each other

“Jagiyah, I’ve always wanted to nap in another country!”
“It’s never too late for a nap and you know it so shush and join me!”

• Voice is rough and gravelly, he uses this to his advantage when you are being stubborn.
• Coats. Big coats, fluffy Coats, leather jackets etc.
• Hats. Sun hats, beanies, snapback etc.
• Sarcastic comebacks but in a loving way

“If I throw a stick, will you leave? ;)”
“Nice perfume, must you marinate in it? ;)”

• Lazy kisses along your collarbones up to your face.
• Constantly being complimented in the weirdest ways

“I like your face today Y/N”

• When relaxing together, he outlines your figure gently with the tip of index finger with his eyes closed and sighs lightly.
• He often carries you too bed but likes to whine about how heavy you are even though you weigh less then him.
• When the members wake him up they always whisper at him;

This is it, this is how it ends.”

• Instead of cute little notes, he leaves lyrics. A single lined lyric.
• When he’s producing music quietly, you sing along to your own. Your singing sounding like screeching.

Aish Jagi, I love you but I don’t love your singing ;)”

• You sometimes drag him by his ankle to go to bed because he’s too comfy where he is but you know for a fact that if he stayed there he would come to cuddle you anyway.
• Frequent back hugs.
• He always laughs loudly when he sees you using chopsticks wrong.
• Slowly teaches you to use chopstick because he loves the attention he gets from you.
• He loves it when you run your hands up his bare back, stomach, chest, neck and arms in an affectionate way.
• He works incredibly late but he video calls you so you can fall asleep to his voice and he can see your face before you sleep.
• If you ever come home to a silent flat, you will know when that he is home by the loud disapproving sighs that leave his beautiful, talented lips.
• Slight heel kink *coughdaddyafcough*
• Buys you lingerie (like taehyung and jimin) in secret and puts them in your drawer to make you think that you bought it for him so that you would wear it that night.
• When he comes home late from the studio, he attempts to shuffle quietly around the bedroom thinking that you’re asleep. He stubs his foot and falls on you but you can’t help but laughing really loudly. Like youngjae in got7 when he laughs at something.
• Constantly saying that he has swag.

I have chain, you like this chain? 3 dollars”

• Bandanas
• Hair up and hair down, he’s breath taking
• You rarely tell him ^ because the smug look makes you flush bright red and he won’t stop teasing you.
• He takes candid shots of you and puts them up on his wall at the studio
• The boys call him whipped


• Loves touching your thighs
• Movie marathons
• Rare sensitivity

“Jagi, I miss you”
“Baby, hold me”
“I love you Y/N”
“You’re my world”

• Screen shots your encouraging snapchats and uses them as a lock screen for when hes out of the city for a week and you’re at home.
• Kissing your thighs
• He loves you butt and boobs but mainly butt
• He loves to touch it or always manages to touch it even in the most innocent of situations like at a bangtan meeting
• Practically destroys jungkook for accidentally touching your butt.
• Skin ship around the member to show that he is yours and you are his.
• Plays with your hair (E.g. practicing braiding or pigtails)

“I have got to learn for the future”
“I want to be prepared”

• Blushing bright red when you say ‘I love you’ and stumbles over his words.

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💜💜💜💜💜 (Autistic Noodle headcanons if that's okay with you!)

1. Her big fluffy blue coat is her favorite because she can rub her hands on it and it’s very soft
2. She has hyperempathy
3. Bouncing up and down is a stim for her
4. She likes small stim toys she can carry with her anywhere.
5. Cats are one of her special interests