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Kay so, in Canada if ur over 18 and flying you need to present a photo ID and

My younger brother, who’s only 16, got asked if he was 18 every time. And, every single time, I had to force my passport on some poor unsuspecting Flight Attendant

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ooooh i would love to peak at the scripts! sadly my computer screen is not very big, so i cant fit both the game screen & scripts on my screen to play them side by side :( i could kind of do it by making the game window smaller at 75% size, but then the resolution is low -cries- It's okay, I can just wait for the patch whenever it comes out! i'll try my best to stay patient hehe :3 maybe i missed seeing it, but did you guys say who your favorite characters & routes were? I know you love sakaki!

I’m not sure any computer screen is wide enough to show the scripts on the website next to the game window at full size, but if you copy/paste the text into notepad, that works great. In fact, that’s exactly what I do for all my LP videos.

It’s not exactly gorgeous but it works! 

I don’t want to be a downer, but a full patch won’t be available any time soon, if at all. It’s a HUGE amount of work and the scripts serve the same purpose with a lot less effort. But we’ll see. Maybe I can recover my will to live after distancing myself from the demo patch work a bit, haha. XD

My favorite characters are Sakaki, Nao, Sonoda, Tomo, and Yuki! Of course Sakaki’s route is my favorite, with Sonoda’s right behind. Actually, Sonoda’s route is the one that made me cry like a million times. Just reading over the route script is enough to get me going! Tomo’s route is awesome too. It helps that those three routes contain the full story of the game, which makes them extra special as a set.

My wife’s favorite characters are Kuya and Arata. And Sonoda’s route made her cry too. Because she is insane, she’s really of looking forward to working on a full patch (since she wasn’t the person who had to actually input the text), but there’s still a lot of translation left, since only the good endings are being represented now. But definitely someday.