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David Tennant and Catherine Tate: The Full Interview

Things Ben is actively at this moment enjoying and would love to Discuss

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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Doctor Who (Big Finish Productions audio dramas)
  • Speechless
  • Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice
  • Elementary
  • The Secret World
  • An absolutely ludicrous number of board games
  • 7th Sea
  • Riverdale
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Superstore
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Absolutely any puzzle ever

Finished just in time for St. Patrick’s Day - Molly “Dark Eyes” O’Sullivan. She may not be familiar to a lot of Whovians because she’s the 8th Doctor’s companion in the Big Finish audio dramas - which are really good. Like really, really good. If you haven’t tried these audio dramas out and you need something to fill your Doctor Who void for 2016, you absolutely should devour the Big Finish Audio Dramas.

The Dark Eyes series, which has four volumes, features Molly O’Sullivan - the Doctor’s Irish companion. She’s awesome. She’s not afraid to stand up to the Doctor. She even punches him several times. Knocking him out once. I wish we could have seen her on T.V. She’s the last companion the 8th Doctor mentions prior to his regeneration in the ‘Night of the Doctor’ webisode before the 50th Anniversary episode.


Catherine Tate speaks to Lorraine Kelly on whether she could return to Doctor Who, her new Big Finish Audio Dramas, and the potential for a Female Doctor.





Titan Comics is excited to announce that Doctor Who TV spinoff Torchwood is back, in an all-new ongoing comic series starring the daring Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper.

Written by Captain Jack himself – John Barrowman – and Carole E. Barrowman, and with issues illustrated by Antonio Fuso (Drive, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) and Pasquale Qualano (Batman ’66, She Hulk, Harley Quinn), this spectacular original ongoing series is not to be missed.

In continuity with the new hit Torchwood audio dramas from Big Finish, as part of the official continuation of the Torchwood saga, the comic arrives in stores on July 6 – the week of Titan’s third annual Doctor Who Comics Day event – Saturday, July 9 2016.

The BAFTA-winning cult science-fiction drama by Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies, which aired for four successful seasons from 2006 to 2011, follows the exploits of Captain Jack, Gwen (Eve Myles - Broadchurch), and their team as they investigate the unusual, the strange, and the extraterrestrial.

The hotly anticipated Torchwood comic sees Captain Jack return to Cardiff to engage the help of the last person who expected to see him again, Gwen Cooper! A dark technology from a forgotten species has been claimed by a conspiratorial power… and in this collision between an ancient civilization and an all-new evil, the Earth itself may be forfeit! Only Jack, Gwen, and their allies from what remains of Torchwood hold the key to stopping a cataclysmic wave of destruction… On the road, on the run, and under fire – can Jack and Gwen put aside their differences and rebuild the heart of Torchwood… before its flame is stamped out forever?!

The debut issue comes with variant covers to collect from Doctor Who superstar artists including Tommy Lee Edwards (Tenth Doctor, Turf), Elena Casagrande (Tenth Doctor, The X-Files), Blair Shedd (Ninth Doctor), and Rod Reis (Doctor Who, C.O.W.L.)!

New series!!!

As exclusively announced as part of this weekend’s Big Finish Day convention, we’re very pleased to confirm plans for a new release in Big Finish’s popular Doctor Who spin-off drama - Gallifrey: Enemy Lines - reuniting Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson as Romana and Leela!

The producer of Gallifrey: Enemy Lines, Scott Handcock, tells us: ‘After concluding the storylines of the first six series, it looked like Gallifrey had concluded, so we’re very lucky to have been allowed to advance the story in next month’s Gallifrey: Intervention Earth, and now take that one stage further! The enthusiasm for the new release has been enormously positive, so we hope to maintain that with the series we have coming.’

The series will comprise six, half-hour episodes across three CDs, and will reunite fan favourites Lalla Ward as the second incarnation of Romana and Louise Jameson as Leela. Sean Carlsen’s popular CIA Coordinator Narvin will also feature, alongside Sophie Aldred as Time Lord in training, Ace.

‘I’m delighted that you are doing a return to Gallifrey,’ Lalla told us upon hearing the news, ‘and that Louise and I will have a chance to work together again on what was such a happy experience first time around, with a company as lovely as Big Finish.’

‘Having kissed goodbye to Gallifrey and thinking it was all over (with a small lump in the throat), I feel a bit like I’ve been given a trip in the TARDIS and am welcoming working with the team again with open arms,’ agreed Louise. ‘As ever, deeply grateful to Big Finish.’

‘It’s very exciting to be working with Lalla and Louise on a brand-new set of stories,’ Scott continues, ‘and like Intervention Earth, the episodes will form a self-contained, standalone thriller, pushing all our characters into new and unexpected directions along the way…’

Gallifrey: Enemy Lines will be released in February and is available to pre-order at pre-release prices now on CD for £14.99 and Download for £12.99…

Listened to one of BBC's audio adventures of the Second Doctor...

I was so excited to hear Frazer Hines be Two, along with being Jamie after so many years. And the second I heard Frazer as Two…I broke down. I couldn’t stop crying, it was very late and I had to cover my mouth so I didn’t wake my husband with the sobs trying to escape.
It was like…Patrick never left us…or he’d come back from the other side. Back to us…back in the Tardis. I felt silly for crying so much, took me about 15 minutes in to stop.
But anyways, whoever hasn’t listened to Frazer perform as the Second Doctor, I HIGHLY recommend it.
He is INCREDIBLE, you can’t tell it’s Frazer unless he says a certain word and it’s very rare. It’s truly a gift to all Classic Whovians and I hope I can some day thank Mr. Hines for doing these audios for us. ♡♡♡

Minuet in Hell... So far

As a southerner, I can’t help but GIGGLE at the voice actors being very… “into the roles” of playing deep south politicians and the like. But then they say something that is a CLEAR slip of their queen’s english tongue. Not dissing it, just find it funny.

I haven’t figured out if they’re trying to generic southern accent or from a certain state. It sounds like they’re trying to mix Texas/Alabama/ and a little bit of Arkansas. But you can tell in some places they are trying for the “Mississippi Delta’ twang.

Can’t wait to listen to more today. Now… I got to sleep  

Big Finish have announced that Kate Stewart and her UNIT team will star in a new series of audio dramas.

A deal between Big Finish Productions​ and BBC Worldwide​ gives the rights for a revived series character to be used by Big Finish for the very first time.

Kate is the daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and Head of Scientific Research at the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, which investigates and confronts alien attacks on the planet Earth. The role is portrayed by Jemma Redgrave (Dracula, Frankie, Cold Blood) who has appeared opposite Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi on television, and returns for the audio series.

Series Producer, David Richardson said: “We’re thrilled that Jemma is on board for our brand new UNIT adventures, and we feel privileged to work within the universe of New Series Doctor Who for the first time. ‘UNIT: Extinction’ will showcase all the excitement, drama and wit that viewers of Doctor Who love.”

Executive Producer, Jason Haigh-Ellery said: “Having worked with the greatly missed Nicholas Courtney and his magnificent portrayal of the Brigadier since the early days of Big Finish, it is wonderful to see the return of UNIT under the Brig’s daughter. We are all very excited about bringing UNIT back to Big Finish with the next generation and look forward immensely to working with Jemma again, who appears in this month’s Doctor Who main range release ‘Doctor Who: Mistfall’.”

Executive Producer, Nick Briggs said: “I’m really excited to hear Jemma and her team battling to save the Earth. They’ve been such an important part of the many exciting things to come out of the Doctor Who TV series in recent years.”

This first boxset release comprises four hours of adventure, in which Kate and her team confront an alien invasion by the Nestene Consciousness and its army of plastic Autons.

‘UNIT: Extinction’ will be released in November 2015, and is available for specially-priced pre-order, with all pre-orders getting a copy of Nicholas Courtney’s memoirs ‘A Soldier in Time’ as a free download as Supplementary content in Big Finish accounts.

Watch this space for many more details being released in the coming months!

anonymous asked:

I've been hearing about the audio dramas for ages! For someone who wants to try it out. Do you know where we can find them?

If you want to test the waters first to see whether you’d actually be interested in listening to Big Finish’s audios, try this post! Free and legal links to a number of stories in several of their DW ranges (both partial and complete).

Enjoy :)