big false lashes

Makeup looks/trends based on your sign

Aries - Warm-toned eyeshadow

Taurus - Neutral eyes and big false lashes

Gemini - Drag

Cancer - Glitter tears

Leo - Strobing

Virgo - “No makeup” makeup

Libra - Nude lips

Scorpio - Smokey eyes

Sagittarius - Bold red lips

Capricorn - Sharp contouring

Aquarius - Editorial

Pisces - Grunge


nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.


“I think it’s the trend though, honestly and trends come and go. Now the trend is a small waist, big bum, big lips, false lashes – but give it a few months and we’ll be back to no make up and bushy eyebrows. Everything changes. But because social media is so strong nowadays it’s getting to people more; people can’t put a picture of Instagram without Facetuning the death out of it to the point that if you saw them on the street you wouldn’t recognise them. Embrace your individuality! Everyone now is imitating everyone else before they’ve even figured themselves out.”

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