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One of the most important things an equestrian needs is to be brave. Most of us think we are. We know with a single bad distance, with a single fall, a single crash, in one second … everything we’ve worked for, from riding to living could be taken away from us. We’ve all experienced shit go down. This sport attracts many but only few were born to ride. With every bad distance, every fall, every crash, this sport tests us. Tests our bravery. Trying to find the real equestrians. The ones who get up, learn from our mistakes, and keep trying no matter how terrifying it seems. The ones who were born to ride.

-Hannah Bruni

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.”

Gossip Girl | Harmon Classic Summer Fun Show | 2014

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What do you THINK is going to be the big reveal moment equitable to "I am your father" in episode 8? A reveal that Rey and Kylo are cousins? Siblings seems too far fetched.

No, I don’t think that Kylo and Rey being related will be the Big Reveal. And hear me out everyone, because things are about to get complicated. Things are about to get nuanced (and nuance is where I thrive).

So first things first: the cousins/siblings thing might happen, outside of the context of The Big Reveal. I think its very unlikely that they’re siblings/cousins, because (besides the fact that this is a lazy move) Leia/Han/Kylo/Luke don’t have the appropriate reaction to Rey as if she were a missing daughter/niece/sibling (but it’s still a possibility, so I can’t discount it).

In storytelling (whether it’s a script or a novel) you need to drop clues everywhere, in order to keep the audience engaged. The audience likes being able to pick up clues, because it makes them feel smart. It hits a pleasure spot in the brain and reassures us on where the narrative is going, because if you can spot the clues – if you can see the patterns – you can reasonably gauge where things are going (see: Reylo fandom, obsessing over The Bridal Scene). In the YA genre of writing, you’re actually required to reference everything in the form of callbacks/clues, so the younger audience can comprehend what’s going on. See: if someone drops a banana peel in Chapter 1, and you talk about that banana peel, that banana peel needs to return in Chapter 12. Either as a keystone to the final mystery, or as a weapon to help bring down the antagonist.

With adult fiction, you don’t need to drop the clues so blatantly – and you’re allowed to drop false clues as well – but you still need to reference them. See: Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s heritage, and the lore behind The Others/White Walkers (so when they DO return, we – the readers – know how they can be destroyed).

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So shit needs to be referenced. Shit needs to be inferred. Star Wars TFA rests somewhere between YA fiction and adult literature in terms of accessibility, but it veers closer to YA, so kids can enjoy it. This means the clues in TFA have to be pretty blatant (see: The Bridal Scene, everything to do with the missing map for Luke). And because these clues need to be blatant, we also need to get clear indications within TFA that point towards Rey being Kylo’s cousin/sister. And there just isn’t any. There isn’t.

When people say Rey and Kylo are related, what are they referencing? Seriously, what are they referencing? Are they referencing the MOVIE’S context, or OURS: the movie goer’s context, outside of Star Wars (who remembers that Leia/Luke’s relationship was changed at the last minute)?

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If you look at TFA by itself, in context, there are no clues pointing towards the fact that Rey is Kylo’s sister (or even his cousin). If Rey was related to the Skywalkers in any way, shape or form, this would have been referenced, because that’s what you DO as a writer. It doesn’t even have to be a BLATANT reference.

Here, look. Here are just a few ways that you could have inferred that Rey/Kylo are related:

  • Leia looking lovingly/sadly at a picture of two children: a little boy around ten years old, and a baby/toddler, before she puts the picture away, squares her shoulders and gets on with her business. Neither of the children has to be named. You don’t even have to talk about them. All you have to do is show them – show that Leia has an emotional attachment to them – and BOOM. Instant family connection.
  • Or you could have Leia, Han or Kylo holding onto a memento of some sort, something specifically codified to a little girl.
  • Or when Leia and Han meet again – and they’re discussing Kylo – even if they don’t recognize Rey as their daughter/niece, you can have them making an inference to having LOST her (see: Han saying something along the lines of “I saw him. He was here.” Leia, pausing for dramatic effect, adds “do you ever wonder about her?”)

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See? This stuff doesn’t have to be hard, but it has to be there. It HAS to. I literally thought all of this up in less than a minute, but we don’t get any of that in TFA. NONE. And if you lose a daughter/niece (from a brother whom you are very, very close with, might I add), it’s going to have an emotional impact on you. It WILL, folks, and we don’t see any of that emotional impact with either Leia, Luke, or Han (Kylo’s just a mess, so he’s different).

I mean, even though Han was neglectful and Leia was distracted (see: how Kylo was snatched by Snoke), they don’t strike me as hateful parents. At all. They made mistakes, but they clearly loved their son. They loved him deeply, despite what he’s done, and losing Kylo wrecked them in ways they never fully recovered from. If they had lost a daughter/niece (again, from a man they both care deeply about), they would have been emotionally wrecked by that, too. Especially since Rey was much younger than Kylo when she was abandoned/taken away. She was essentially a baby, guys, and Leia has a bleeding heart. Look at Rey. Look at her. Look how tiny she is:

Can you imagine Leia leaving a child like this on a dangerous, backwater planet by herself? Can you imagine her not hunting Rey down, if this separation was an unwilling one? Can you imagine her not being emotionally wrecked by this, regardless of whether Rey is her daughter or niece? Regardless of whether she finds Rey or not?

It’s completely out of character for Leia, and even if she did abandon Rey, she would be keeping mementos of Rey around, because Leia is like that. Leia is tough as nails and takes no shit, but she’s also kind and understanding and she has a soft spot for the vulnerable (see: children, people who can’t defend themselves against The Empire/The Order). She’s always been like that, and I love her for it.

And while you can make an argument that Han is dumb enough to forget his own daughter (a weak argument), you can’t make the same argument with Luke. Luke is very pro saving others. Very pro going after others, and doing the right thing:

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Luke is very pro family (even if he fights with his family every now and then), and in many ways he’s more emotionally vulnerable than Leia. Things like Rey being abandoned would hit him hard (see: how he became a hermit when the Academy failed). When Rey finds Luke and gives him the lightsaber, I don’t see the reaction of a father coming face-to-face with is daughter (remember, in-canon, Force-sensitive individuals can recognize their own children because their energies are similar):

I see a man who is shocked/disappointed to have been found when he’s been trying so hard to hide. I see Rey, just determined/upset/lil’ bit desperate (for reasons that haven’t been 100% explained). Luke’s tired here, folks. He’s tired and emotionally compromised (and yes, he might have met Rey before, when she was very, very little), but not in the way that makes him her father. You also have to remember that in the movie, Rey makes it clear that she’s never met Luke before (or at least she’s been mind-wiped to believe she’s never met him before). She thought he was a myth:

Rey (talking to Finn): “Luke Skywalker? I though he was a myth.”

So there’s literally no in-canon, in-movie context pointing to the fact that Kylo and Rey are related in any shape or form. None, at all. And while I do think Leia recognizes Rey, and Rey recognizes Leia, I don’t believe its because they’re related. And when people talk about Kylo and Rey being related, they aren’t talking about in-movie context. They’re drawing their conclusions solely from the debacle that went down behind-the-scenes with the Original Trilogy. This deduction – that Kylo and Rey are related – is the residual echo-chamber of our world, and our context. Not of Star Wars. It’s the mindless regurgitation of the masses trying to pick up patterns in order to feel smart: in order to reassure themselves on the predictability of the universe. Unfortunately, this is literally the easiest thing to guess at. An idiot could make this deduction, because it takes absolutely nothing (in terms of brain-power) to process. In-movie context and our context are not the same thing. People are confusing the two.

Tl;dr – the chances of Kylo and Rey being related are incredibly slim due to there being no actual evidence to support it. So there’s that out of the way. And while this can still happen – they could still be related – it would literally be the dumbest thing ever. Not only because you would shoehorning the entire thing in, but because over half the internet has already decided they’re related.

If half the internet has already decided that this is A Thing, and you actually do The Thing (without setting up actual evidence for it), then you are an incredibly dumb writer. You are the exact opposite of competent. Because if this is your Big Reveal, how can that reveal be shocking if everyone has already guessed it? Seriously, HOW? If I were writing these scripts, I would do the exact opposite of what the internet expected me to do, in order to maintain that level of surprise needed for The Big Reveal. I would misdirect and leave clues everywhere, and I would count on the fact that everyone is expecting Kylo and Rey to be related in order to give them the shock of their lives. I would pull off the most epic bait n’ switch in the history of bait n’ switches by using the audience’s own echo-chamber as a fuel.

So this long, rambling screed is basically an explanation on why I don’t think Rey and Kylo are related (or at least why them being related won’t be the Big Reveal). And all of this is predicated on the idea that the screenwriters are competent, of course. If they aren’t, then we’re all doomed.

Basically, I think the Big Reveal will be the truth about Luke’s Jedi Academy, and Rey’s true identity (see: she’s not a Skywalker, like everyone believes. LE GASP!) I mean, Rey even says it (when talking to BB-8):

“Classified. Really? Me too. Big secret.”

That right there, folks? That’s a clue, delivered with the force of a sledgehammer. You’re welcome.