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One of the most important things an equestrian needs is to be brave. Most of us think we are. We know with a single bad distance, with a single fall, a single crash, in one second … everything we’ve worked for, from riding to living could be taken away from us. We’ve all experienced shit go down. This sport attracts many but only few were born to ride. With every bad distance, every fall, every crash, this sport tests us. Tests our bravery. Trying to find the real equestrians. The ones who get up, learn from our mistakes, and keep trying no matter how terrifying it seems. The ones who were born to ride.

-Hannah Bruni

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“I knew you were Beetle” -Taylor Swift 

Beetle, 15.2hh OTTB from AUS assists Taylor Swift with her song “I knew you were trouble”. 

Bless this horse :’)