big empty

Thoughts at 10pm...

I’m so tired… i haven’t slept in days you know.

I made my bed, put a fresh sheet on.

It looks so strange :( no purrpads and favorite blanket, no waterbowl and toys, no brush and catwipes and cat shampoo bath stuff, … no Mystic.

It was his bed more than mine. It was filled with stuffed animals for him to snuggle with, it had everything he could want and ever need… as he got sick last week, there were pee pads added, and more stuff.. plus the ever present IV pole at the head of the bed for fluids.

Now… now it’s just a sheet and two pillows… so big, so empty…

and it breaks my heart fresh again.

I miss him so much. :(

he’s not that man...

Because I need Emma to believe, in her heart, that Killian would never leave her…and I need her to fight to get him back.

There’s not enough vodka in the world to warm the ice running through her veins, but she’d gone along, let herself try to seek some comfort from her mother and Regina. It hadn’t worked. She knew it wouldn’t, but the walls of her big empty house were closing in on her with every breath she took and she’d just needed to get out. The bar had felt infinitely worse, full of concerned looks and shady bartenders, making her feel itchy in her own skin. 

She should have just come here sooner. With each step she’s taken closer to the water she’s felt her own intuition grow stronger, more sure that something just isn’t right. Snow had told her that the Jolly Roger was still here, but seeing it now, empty and quiet, the holes her vulnerability had ripped into her heart suddenly feel smaller. Not mended, but less penetrable. 

He wouldn’t leave. Not her. Not his ship. Not Storybrooke without saying a word. He loves her. He loves her so much that he was willing to rip out his own memories before hurting her, a misguided act to be sure, but brought out by the depth of a love defined as true. Not just by the Gods or whatever it is that deems love as true, but by the totality of everything that they have been through. They’ve fought for every moment they’ve had together and she knows he wouldn’t just walk away from this latest battle.

Something is wrong. So wrong that she wants to scream at herself for wasting an entire day thinking she’d been abandoned, letting herself fall back into a past life where the man she loves would hurt her with such a cowardly act. Killian is not that man. Not now, not ever. He makes mistakes, sure, but he would never abandon her. Immediately, she feels guilt surround her like a storm cloud, at her own thoughts, her own unwillingness to fight. 

Digging her fingers into her coat pocket she pulls out Liam’s ring by the chain it’s thread through, the red stone catching the light overhead as she rolls it between her gloved fingertips. That feeling she’d had at home when she found it, when she’d first realized Killian had left it behind, it hits her with a renewed force. He gave her that ring in hopes of saving her soul, believing it could somehow keep her safe from the darkness. He’d asked her to come back to him.

She’s going to use it now to bring him back home.

Regina picks up her call on the second ring, but Emma doesn’t event waste a second on niceties.

“Regina, we need to do a locator spell. Now. Meet me at the docks.” 

waluigidancingqueen  asked:

How would one go around riding that burrows - like a sandworm?

This is gonna be disappointing, but the answer is…. nnno….

Digging animals, worm-like or otherwise, are an inherently rider-unfriendly experience. Swimming and flying animals are already pretty difficult with the aerodynamics and oxygen problems, but “swimming” through a solid would be even worse. you would just get…. scraped off. Even following behind in a little vehicle wouldn’t usually work, since animals like worms and moles and etc don’t always leave a big empty “burrow” behind them, especially in loose earth. You can soooorta see it in this mole vid but i can’t find that many vids showing animals digging, since it DOES require x-rays. In dense, clay-heavy soil you might have shot at following behind the critter in the tunnel, but it would be terribly unsafe and unreliable.

I think the closest thing to a digging mount I can practically recommend is training a digging animal to excavate a tunnel for you, then moving through the packed tunnel walls afterwards. It honestly wouldn’t be much slower.

There is an expression in the Wasteland: “Old World Blues.” It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, much less the future, for what it is. They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them. Science is a long, steady progression into the future. What may seem a sudden event often isn’t felt for years, even centuries, to come.

Getting solid life lessons from the Think Tank…


“Muggy did his best to collect coffee cups, although in his quest, he accidentally trapped himself in Higgs’ Village. It might have been the end for poor Muggy. Except… he found it peaceful there, tidying up the kitchens of the Think Tank Professors back when they have been flesh and bone.” - Old World Blues Ending

Request for bluedeja. It didn’t turn out to be everything I expected but I hope you will still like it to some extent… :)