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The Origins Of Disney Names

Many Disney characters are based on fairy tales and folk stories, but many others are original to their movies and come from rather clever places.

Here are a few examples:

  • Judy Hopps from Zootopia: “Hopps” refers to the way rabbits hop, as she is a rabbit.
  • Baymax from Big Hero 6: Baymax is named after Betamax, a video system that competed with VHS, much as Baymax in the film competes with a robot made from a VCR.
  • Elsa and Anna from Frozen: Named for Elsa and Anna Hermansendorf, two sisters who survived two weeks in the Norwegian Winter after they were lost on a camping trip. Anna Hermansendorf also had a white streak in her hair.
  • Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph: Named for Ralph Nader, who wrecked the 2000 and 2004 elections by running as a Green Party candidate, siphoning votes from Al Gore and John Kerry and ensuring the presidency of George W. Bush.
  • Lilo and Stitch: Named for Lilo Pelekai and Sid “Stitch” Snickers, respectively. Lilo Pelekai was a Hawaiian dancer in the 1950s. Sid “Stitch” Snickers was a serial killer in the 1980s known for eating the faces of his victims and stitching their flayed skin into a body suit that he wore while committing his crimes, including the butchering of several families and burning of numerous orphanages. It is thought Disney naming executives may have confused him with Sidney “Stitches” Salvador who was also a Hawaiian dancer.
  • Kuzco from The Emperor’s new Groove: Named after Qosqo, the historic capital of the Inca Empire.
The Signs as Disney Dudes (princes, parents and such)

Aries: Kristoff

Taurus: Gaston

Gemini: Flynn Ryder

Cancer: Hiro Hamada

Leo: Hans

Virgo: Dr. Facilier

Libra: Prince Naveen

Scorpio: Kuzco

Sagittarius: Rafiki

Capricorn: Li Shang

Aquarius: Peter Pan

Pisces: Mr. Smee

well I really HATE when people say “if this disney movie with poc characters don’t get successful, disney WON’T make more movies with poc characters”

because the 2000’s

was a flop to disney

but they still made movies

with poc characters

and still

are doing

in the revival era

Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU's

(None of the photos, art or aesthetic posts in this are mine, just used as visuals to go along with it)

We all know canon Kylo and how he looks, but what about those other AU’s? I present, the ultimate list of Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU’s!!

First we’ve got Smuggler Ben Solo, aka what Kylo would have been in the SW universe had he not chosen the dark side and was not force sensitive who takes majorly after his father:

Then! We have another favorite, Jedi Ben Solo! Another SW universe AU had Kylo not chosen the dark side. Tends to take after Leia, but still has his fathers attitude for sure:

Much like Jedi Ben Solo there is also Senator Ben Solo/Amidala. Given his lineage to one of the most famous and successful rebellion leaders and public figures, the young senator not only has big shoes to fill but does so boldly. Still carrying that Solo charm, Ben negotiates his way through the galaxy, fighting for the policies and actions he sees as doing right by the galaxy:

Then there’s a big favorite, Emperor Kylo. Basically still in the SW universe, but this time Kylo is free from Snoke’s control and able to be the grey jedi we all know he wishes he was:

Then we have a whole LOT of modern AU’s.

First, my personal favorite, what we can consider triplet/punk/generic modern/rock band Kylo. Like canon Kylo he’s got a bit of an anger problem but is highly intelligent and skilled in his craft (whatever it may be), he also has a dicey relationship with his parents. Though his demeanor is off-putting and intimidating, he’s secretly very emotional and thoughtful. In the triplet AU he’s most likely either the oldest or middle brother and is also the most intimidating of the three.

Then we’ve got College AU Kylo, who knows what he’s studying but a lot like modern Kylo above he’s fairly mysterious, kind of brooding and quiet, but reader certainly notices him whenever he’s in their nearby proximity. Given how intense his presence is. Most likely has a tendency to stare.

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Tactics 15… I want my life to be this awesome.

Commission for @jeusus ! <333

It was a real pleasure to work on this one! I’m a big fan of Jeusus’ Emperor and Knight verse myself and when she commissioned me to draw them I nearly freaked out! 
I’m so happy that I could contribute to this amazing kylux AU and it was also very pleasant to work with such a kind and chill person. Thank you! <3

Thrawn's future?

Originally, I was expecting Thrawn to die in a future season of the SWR.

However, after “Warhead”, I think he’ll live.

But probably not as a Grand Admiral anymore.

I mean, look: We know Hera and Chopper survived. And so did The Ghost. Which means that Thrawn’s desire to see the Phoenix Squadron “utterly defeated” never came to fruition.

In addition, he had been consuming Imperial Resources like a gambler doubling down on every losses.

With the majority of Imperial Supply being diverted to build Death Star Mk. I and Death Star Mk. II, every loss of a Capital Ship == a significant punch to Imperial Navy strength.

So, Thrawn will ultimately be outstrategized, with a loss so big that even the Emperor cannot defend his position.

Thrawn will likely be stripped of his Grand Admiral position, and given a desk job at Coruscant. And for someone with a strategizing mind like Thrawn, that’s a position he would surely hate.

He would probably tender his resignation, then after the Empire fell, joined either one of the rising mercenary factions… or somehow managed to get in contact with the First Order and became one of their off-planet strategists.

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Sure. And Disney is doing a terrible job am I right? It’s not like they gave us characters with hispanic heritage/hispanic like


An Emperor

A princess of an actually ok Disney’s movie

A super-heroine chemist

One of the most lovable dorks in all history

This insanily sweet ass-kicking guy

The really hella smart co-protagonist of one of the sweetest shows I’ve ever seen

I almost forget this ass-kicking girl!

And while not a character representation, a movie that is almost entirely set in a south-american country

That, as a venezuelan, I can testify is really damn exciting. 

My post was about Disney. And my post was about how Honey Lemon got the “she’s not that good of representation” only because she didn’t mentioned it, because for some reason, there is “a way” to look latina, an aparently Honey Lemon isn’t fitting.

As a latina, fuck everyone who believes that. My childhood’s best friend looks like her, only not as tall. I do understand though. Colorism? That’s clear. The excuse of “well, a latino can look white!” so to not include poc latinos is vastly used, while that’s something the USA needs. Because poc characters of all places rock.

But look at Audrey. Look at her. Why Honey Lemon gets the “Disney fucks up their first latina girl by making her white!” when she exist? When she’s such a cool ass-kicking woc engineer? Intentional blindeness? Not to mention all the cast of Emperor’s New Groove (and the silly sequel) but we sure love to forget all we’ve seen when we’re about to complain.

I speak as an outsider. I have never been in the usa. I live in a country where most of us are latinos after all. I can only imagine how is to live with the sistematic opression and all the bullshit american latinos have to suffer. I can sound rude for that, of course. But my mind can’t wrap up in anyone saying Disney is awfull with latino representation because all this characters are so different and amazing! So ass-kicking! I love them all! Yes, there is not nearly enough of them, it would never be. But damn.

(The only thing I will complain is that, Disney, fuck, at least four characters’ last name is Ramirez, there are other last names you know? shit, do some google or something).