big ears


Trico is finally finished! My boyfriend and I took him to the park to take some pictures, it was so much fun. He was very fun to pose and looked really cute in the woods and on the beach. A little girl thought he was real and came up to pet him and mentioned many times how much she loved him

I learned so much working on him, I hope you guys love him as much as I do

underappreciated boy things

be prepared okay i’m a sinner

  • big/sticky-out ears. why is it hot?????
  • big/veiny hands. just fuck me right up
  • ARM!!!VEINS!!!
  • adam’s apples jesus fucking christ
  • c.o.l.l.a.r.b.o.n.e.s.
  • Thighs™
  • detached earlobes tbh 
  • sharp as hell jawlines are gr8 but softer ones? FUCK.
  • the v-line. punch me in the face 
  • muscular backs, like when they’re moving oh wow holy shit
  • big and thick eyebrows. SO important
  • like when their nose crinkles u feel
  • a nice mouth??? can’t explain but everyone just knows when a boy has a nice mouth there’s no facts it’s just a feeling
  • dimples, dimples, DIMPLES, DIMPLES
  • bigger noses, like a “proud” nose, shit
  • neck veins fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

it can’t just be me right???


Living gold🥇

Reunion between Shiro and her brothre Pastill.

Shiro is half Gurubashi and Drakkari and her brother is half Gurubashi and Farraki.

He’s a druid with an affinity with the flying form: the bat, keeping the big ears as a distinctive sign of such affinity. He’s also blind in one eyes but thank to his echolocation it doesn’t bother him.
He loves his little sister due to her being the only girl of the siblings and, thank to her Drakkari heritage she’s very soft and fluffy !
He practiclly raised her and witness all her first time (except that one!)