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officialajmendez: #CrazyIsMySuperpower Tour Week 3. You just never know what’s gonna happen at these book signings. Last night as I signed my brain baby birthed from my brain womb, I was delighted by the sight of my ACTUAL BABY BOY birthed from my wrestling womb! I was sure he was just going to break my sternum again while demanding the months in child support I owe, but he actually just came to surprise and support me! Like the goddamn marshmallow he is. Thanks @wwebige, I’m the proudest Momma. - AJ


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I’m pretty sure I missed some though!

Y2AJ vs. The New Day - Monday Night RAW (3/7/2016)

4.25/5 (**** ¼) - Y2AJ was not a long lived team, but they were together long enough to have this awesome match for the tag team titles on the March 7th edition of RAW in 2016. Turns out sticking two of the best wrestlers in the world together and putting them in with an awesome tag team like The New Day will get a great result, who would have guessed? Probably the best New Day match of 2016, it’s kind of a shame they didn’t put them belts on Y2AJ for a little bit, would have loved to have seen more of that team plus The New Day’s reign got stale for most of the year anyways. Anyways, it was a short and sweet match, mostly dominated by Y2AJ, but New Day were the better tag team in the end and their soon to be record setting reign continued.