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1. How tall are you? 5′0″ 

2. What colour and style is your hair? Ugh ask me this after my tax return comes in. T_T Right now, it’s about the longest it’s ever been, which is just above my natural waist at it’s longest point and just below my shoulder bones at the shortest. My ends are all crispy and splitting and gross, and the nice dark brown I had at my wedding has faded out. 

^ What it looked like five months ago. Once it warms up out here, I’m chopping it all off, probably getting an undercut with the rest styled like Lapis or Jyn Erso and dyed RED again.

3. What colour are your eyes? Brown.

4. Do you wear glasses? Yes. I am legally blind without them. I cannot function at ALL without them. Like, I can’t even see the big E on the chart. I know it’s a E, but fuck if I can actually see it.

5. Do you wear braces? I did. Six years of torture and then my wisdom teeth came in and fucked everything right back up again. THANKS.

6. What is your fashion sense? Willy nilly. Some days I am all-black post-apocalyptic combat boots smash your face in Edge Lord. Others I’m all cozy sweaters, cute skirts, leggings and flats or cute boots cute little library cafe hipster birb. More often than not, I am old jeans, my husband’s sweater, covered in animal hair, haven’t showered in an embarrassingly long time Depression Queen.

7. Do you have any siblings? My brother who is significantly younger than me. I am 27 and he’s 15.   

8. What kinda student were/are you? I was the student all my teachers insisted was soooooooooo smart and would get stellar grades if I just applied myself, but I wasted my potential because I just couldn’t be pissed to care enough which was likely a result of my mental illnesses being FAR more advanced than anyone really expected, and also my art teachers ruined any drive I might have had to actually improve my drawing by being more focused on forcing me into a box subject-wise than actually teaching any sort of technique or theory. Who, me? Bitter about school? PSSSSHHHHHH NAW.  

9. What is your favourite subject? Drama, English, Writing, Lunch.

10. Favourite TV shows? Stranger Things, OITNB, Steven Universe, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, The Office, Brooklyn 99, Kimmy Schmidt (problematic as hell, what the fuck Tina, but I still enjoy the premise and humor enough to follow it, I know I know I’m awful), Community, Gravity Falls, uh, probably like a million more I’m forgetting, like AVATAR…Also cooking shows like Master Chef and Chopped.

11. Favourite books? Mistborn Trilogy and sequel series (Brandon Sanderson) (Yeeeeeesssssss @idrelle-miocovani!!!!), anything Neil Gaiman has ever touched, likewise Terry Pratchett, likewise Diana Wynne Jones (RIP the last two), Harry Potter, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Gillian Flynn, Jennifer McMahon, Lauren Willig’s the Pink Carnation series (if you like highly witty, super funny Regency romances, LOOK HER UP, she is AMAZING), again probably a million more I’m forgetting, like A Series of Unfortunate Events OOH THAT’S A TV SHOW NOW TOO

12. Favourite pastime? Vidya games, reading, writing, knitting, annoying my guinea peegs, wallowing in the depths of depression, collecting tea, tea cups, and those teeny tiny bottles of alcohol.

13. Any regrets? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA next question please

14. What is your dream job? Writing. I’d love to write companion novels for Bioware games, or other fantasy/sci-fi projects. I’d also settle for just working in a bookstore with people I like. Or anything I could do from home, because my anxiety makes it really hard to even leave the house most days, much less DRIVE somewhere, G*d forbid.

15. Do you want to get married? Well, I should hope not, considering I already am! Or would it be I should hope SO because I’m already married….? But I don’t really want to get married again because that involves divorce…although I wouldn’t mind having ANOTHER wedding with my hubby cause ours was so fucking fun…

Weddings good.

16. Do you want kids? How many? I hate children. But I like the idea of a little me running around, terrorizing the patriarchy, dismantling society, etc. And I also like the idea of getting to fucking destroy any poor fucker stupid enough to mess with my kid, and punching anyone stupid enough to touch my stomach while I’m pregnant SERIOUSLY WHO JUST WALKS UP TO A STRANGER AND TOUCHES THEIR PREGNANT BELLY?!?!?! It happened CONSTANTLY to my mom and she was like “why the FUCK do you think it’s appropriate to come up and molest my unborn child?” and it was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.

So like. One would be fine I guess.

I’m going to be the WORST mother.

17. How many countries have you visited? US (home country), Japan, Canada, Mexico, I almost said Hawaii but that’s a part of the United States even though it feels like a whole different country, but that’s a very different, more complex conversation 

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I constantly have nightmares about my pets getting hurt, or my teeth falling out.

19. Do you have any enemies? yes. There are like…three or four people in this world who I would absolutely murder if I ever saw them again.

20. Do you have a datemate? My hubby I guess???? Or @theeviloutthere we have sister!dates once in a while

I taaggggg

@theeviloutthere, and like, anyone else who wants to do this.