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The lyrical theme of “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around…” sounds so deep until you remember that Evan physically fell out of a tree in the middle of the forest when nobody was around

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pls do more merman au i love it !!!

I actually have 3 merman!aus for this couple that has taken over my whole life… but I assume you’re asking for this one- I’m really glad that people like it and I hope this dumb comic doesn’t disappoint haha

the boy who stole sweaters

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i just like how post-bb19, josh has shown how kind, smart, and articulate he is. he’s using his social media presence to raise support for hurricane charities (in BOTH english and spanish because yes, he’s bilingual which makes him smarter than any of these holier than thou houseguests aka elena) and he hasn’t even been shady liking shit about other houseguests. too bad i can’t say the same about these other houseguests!

After Tadashi survived the fire, Hiro made him an awesome supersuit and Tadashi and Honey Lemon got married. On the night of a big dinner date with the young couple, Yokai decides that’s the perfect night to destroy Krei Tech. Tadashi gets ready to jump to the rescue when…

But Honey has reeeeeally been looking forward to this date and decided ahead of time to “take care” of Tadashi’s suit. 

Ah, marital bliss with superheroes. Hope San Fransokyo and Hiro can survive until the end of Tadashi and Honey’s dinner.

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Could you write a drabble with Jack being an aggressive cuddler? Like he'll be dead ass asleep and start yanking Rhys around like a rag doll and it eventually becomes the only way Rhys can tell that Jack is actually sleeping well.

One aggressive cuddler Jack coming up!

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The first time it happened, Rhys was pretty sure he was going to die.

Okay, well, maybe he was exaggerating, but when you’re violently being jerked around on your bed in the middle of the night, logic tends to escape you. 

He remembered letting out an indignant squeak as he was suddenly grabbed around the waist and jerked violently from his side of the bed and rolled atop of Jack–the culprit behind his rude awakening. Rhys had puffed out in shaky anger, looking down at Jack and expecting to see those eyes flashing with mirth and those lips curled into a smirk, but instead he saw Jack’s peacefully sleeping face. Rhys had leaned in, touching noses to Jack as he’d studied his expression, but nope–Jack had been sleeping as soundly as Rhys had ever seen him. 

Since then, it’s happened a couple of times. Rhys will be sleeping, or staying up late to check a couple of things on the ECHOnet, only to be interrupted as Jack suddenly throws out his arms and latches himself around Rhys, tugging him in for some aggressive cuddles and usually ending anything Rhys is trying to do, be it work or getting in a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep.

Initially annoying, Rhys soon comes to appreciate the nature of these manic cuddle sessions. He notices that on these nights Jack is less likely to thrash away in a desperate attempt to chase away the throes of nightmares. When his arms are bound tightly around Rhys’, cheek pressed up against the young man’s chest, he tends to sleep throughout the entire night without being disturbed by the visions that haunt his tired brain. As soon as the initial shock of these cuddling episodes wears off, Rhys melts into a smile, carding his fingers through Jack’s messy hair until, he too, falls asleep. 

At the end of it all, Rhys is very willing to be at the mercy of Jack’s cuddling if it means his lover is sleeping soundly for once.  


               Just an unnecessary edit of my chicken legged middle child wearing nothing but his chonis and holding a football because ’tis the season. Enjoy! 💀


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