big doodles



I might be considering opening a few commission slots on there, for a quick cash boost and well, something different from what I do on dA….

So focusing on one character pieces (for speed, plus i suck at drawing couples so not this time :0 ), shaded or not, mostly including putting the character in random fancy outfit since that’s my drill. So stuff like I previously did w fanart

or just the silly cheeb comics I do, though doubt anyone would pay for these…

I’m also considering breaking my own rules only for these few comms and allowing fan characters (so like Dragon Age wardens, inquisitors and what not), since people on there really like that stuff. I never do these since it’s not my thing so i’m only like 80% sure about that (if you’d like it do let me know, that might be the only chance I’ll draw FCs :0 )

Well, I’m gonna think about that today and update it on the evening….

Noct and Prompto are ready to die greet Gladio for his birthday by making it Kenny the Crow themed. Ignis will probably be spared.

the tablet should be taken away from me when I’m running in barely no sleep. is2fg. 

Marichat May Day 24: ‘I owe you one’

Alya convinced Marinette to try to see other people and so she set her up for blind dates. But luck is not on Marinette’s side and so far all of them have been a disaster. Fortunately for her, she can always count on her kitty to sneak out and go back to the comfort of her home and have a peaceful evening.

anonymous asked:

i was wondering if you could draw anyone from big hero 6 bc i would love to see them in your art style ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

I actually got this question before! I dunno why you guys wanna see me draw them but I thought alright, I’ll draw my favourite character then :)


Phillips and pops sketches. :)