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Hi E! I love your work! I was hoping you can help shed some light on how to make male sims. Mine all turn out looking girlish. I'm not sure where my faults are. I try giving them droopier eyes and wider jaws and things like that. Is it perhaps bc I should be using different sliders or? I'd really appreciate if you could give a brief rundown of how you make your male sims. Thanks in advance

Thank you for loving my work <3 I spent some time writing this post hoping I could help with your problem. This post is also for those who asked me to share my male sims before (I don’t have my sims up for download but I hope these “tips” can help you create your own ideal sim :D ). But I don’t know how to make really handsome manly male sims actually. I just create them with my personal preferences.Still I hope this helps. If you are interested, please continue reading :)

Warning: Long post ahead! Sorry to those who are on mobile :(

  • I usually start out with a randomized male sim. I prefer using sim of the same sex as a base. The result usually turns out better.
  • I then choose the skin I like. (Skin suggestions: Eskin 1, 2, S-club 1momosimsmochi029)
  • Next, I choose a hair that doesn’t cover up the bone structure. And I don’t give them long lashes. I then immediately adjust the head size and width because the EA kind of head size is way too big for me which I don’t really like :p (You can use CAS Body sliders by jonha to adjust)
  • Then I will choose the eyebrows. To make my sim look more boyish, I try to find some brows that are thick and angular. (Some brows I use: 1, 2) If I find a brow shape that I want but it looks too thin, I will use slider to adjust brows thickness. (Bella3lek4′s Facial Sliders)
  • After choosing hair and brows, I will go to make up and apply nose mask. (All my sims can’t live without nose masks XD) (Some nose mask here: 1, 2, 3) I always add nose mask before messing with the sliders because if you do the other way round, the nose will turn out weird and unnatural. 
  • After applying nose mask, I may start tweaking the facial features or sometimes I will layer some make up first. (It depends!)
  • The most important thing to me when making male sims is the face shape. I spent most time adjusting their cheeks, jaws and chin.
  • For cheekbones, I try to make them look more defined by adjusting the size, depth and distance. (Slider I use: oneeuromutt)
  • For jaws, I like using jaw enhancer by silumeo together with jaw line width slider from bella3lek4 to get rid of the EA double chin and create a triangular jaw.
  • For chins, I personally think wider chin can make a male sim looks more masculine so I like using bella3lek4′s slider to adjust chin width.
  • One more part of the face shape I really care about would be the cheek jowls
  • So after tweaking the cheeks, jaw and chin, we’re done with the face shape! That’s how Ray’s face shape turns out after all the tweaking :D
  • So now we’ll go to the eyes. I usually don’t go for dolly big eyes when I’m making male sims. Instead I give them narrower, longer, droopier eyes. There’re 3 main things I do to make these eyes: stretching eyes, rotating eyes and adjusting eye corner height.
  • Stretching eyes: before doing anything to the Eye stretch slider, the eyes look round in shape and that’s not what I’m going for. (Slider:  bella3lek4)
  • Rotating eyes
  • Adjusting eye corner height:
  • For the lips, I generally like to make wider and thicker ones, especially for the lower lips. This make them look sexier? XD
  • And I like layering tons of makeup on their faces…. You may think their makeup is too heavy, it just looks like that in CAS. It will look much lighter back in game. Layering makeup makes my photo editing process so much easier. I don’t need to do a lot of dodging and burning in ps.

Some makeup I frequently use:

  • eyebag: 1, 2
  • eyeshadow: 1
  • face shading/ shadow: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • highlight: 1
  • lipstick: 1
  • contact lens: 1, 2

That’s how Dante and Ray looks like in game and after editing :D

So that’s how I make my male sims. That’s only how I like my sims look like but I hope I’ve given you some new ideas. And sorry for my bad english. 


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