big dog status

Outlaw Queen Week: Day Four - Nanny AU
  ↳ writing and artwork artwork by me

“What do you mean, you won’t be able to make it? What am I supposed to do with Roland all day while I’m in the shop?”

Roland can hear his papa sighing into the phone. He smiles as he munches on his hot dog and thinks how lucky it was that he thought to ask for one from the street vendor before Ruby called. Now papa sounds upset and he always says no to Roland when he is upset.

As they approach Central Park, Robin is still on his cell, so Roland gives a tug on his dad’s arm, pulling him in the direction he wants to go. They come here every weekend and Roland’s favorite thing to do is find the big dog statue and climb on top, pretending to be one of the sled drivers in that movie, yelling “mush!” until Robin tells him to come down. He knows the way there now by heart and surely papa will tell him what a big boy he is to have led them here all by himself - if only he would get off the phone.

As they round the corner, Roland can see Balto up ahead and looks up to his dad, smiling expectantly.

“Well do you know anyone who will have the afternoon free? I’m desperate here, Ruby.” Robin asks into the receiver, sounding defeated.

Roland can tell by now that Ruby is definitely not coming by tomorrow to play video games and make grilled cheese while his papa goes to work, and he puffs his cheeks out and begins to frown. It is just then, when he is beginning to lose hope of making his dad smile, that he spies her, sitting on the same bench she always is, and Roland has a brilliant idea.

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