big dipster

I love my boyfriend so much I just gotta ramble for a hot sec here. He’s somebody who basically had the option to be an entitled rich kid who didn’t care about anything but instead he actively tries to learn about other people and cultures and constantly watch himself so he doesn’t do anything bigoted or just dickish which feels like I’m patting him on the back for the minimum but y'all he really tries and he constantly asks questions even though he knows so much more about the world than I do bc he’s gotten to travel and speaks a bunch of languages and knows about the stars but he still listens to my dumb ass and I love him

20 Qs

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1. name: Maggie or Luke, whichever

2. Nickname: Mags, Magret, Magneto, Magento, Lil Dipster, Big Head Bertha, Prospector Pete, probably some others I’m forgetting

3. Zodiac: Scorpio

4. Height: 5′2

5. Ethnicity: White

6. Orentation: Bi

7. Favorite fruit: grapes maybe? or mango. or strawberries. or any melon. dang i love fruit.

8. Favorite season: spring!!!

9. Favorite book: The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester its SO FUCKING GOOD READ IT BLEASE

10. Favorite scent: this about to be corny as hell but the smell of my bf’s shirts is A+ especially when im anxious, other than that im a big fan of lemon smells and fire

11. Favorite color: pink!!!

12. Favorite animal: BATS my fave in particular is the bumblebee bat also known as kitti’s hognosed bat aka the smallest mammal in the world :)

13. favorite beverage: ginger ale! or water i guess i’m pretty plain

14. hours to sleep: roughly 9 if i can help it

15. Favorite fictional character: Mordin Solus from Mass Effect, Liam from Mass Effect: Andromeda, Vivienne from Inquisition, Isabela from DA2, Naomi Nagata from The Expanse, and probably a lot more I really like a lot of characters

16. blanket number: 2 at night, 3 in the morning after my boyfriend leaves for work and I’m colder as a result

17. Follower number: 800something

18. Blog created: 2010-11 I think?

19. Fun factoid: while i don’t technically go to college, i often sit in on classes at a video game design school and am stealing enough knowledge to learn some decent amount of info about how to go about designing video games!

20. Favorite flower: I don’t actually have any I’ve been trying to pick one but I can’t :(


Surprisingly few people know where the famous “mind blown” GIF comes from. 

I give you: Tim and Eric: “Sister Star”. It’s weird, but if you know Tim and Eric, then that doesn’t surprise you.

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