big data for marketing


George Orwell is laughing in his fucking grave.

This is a member of Donald Trump’s fucking marketing campaign explaining casually how they [ab]used big data to influence alllll: TED CRUZ’S, THE ‘LEAVE’ BREXIT CAMPAING AND DONALD TRUMP BEING ELECTED AND IT BARELY HAS 100.000 views. We are literally being Big Brothered

What If Your Autonomous Car Keeps Routing You Past Krispy Kreme?

The future of marketing that can take you places. Literally.

On a future road trip, your robot car decides to take a new route, driving you past a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop. A pop-up window opens on your car’s display and asks if you’d like to stop at the store. “Don’t mind if I do,” you think to yourself. You press “yes” on the touchscreen, and the autonomous car pulls up to the shop.

Wait, how did the car know that you might want an original glazed doughnut? Because it has data on your driving habits, and you’re a serial offender when it comes to impulsive snacking. Your car is also linked to your online accounts at home, and you had recently “liked” Krispy Kreme’s Facebook page and visited its website. 

Is this future scenario convenient—or creepy? It’s one thing if a car’s driver-drowsiness detection system** (which exists today) sees that you’re nodding off and suggests coffee. But to make your automated car divert from its usual course because some advertiser paid it to do so, well, that sounds like a mini-carjacking.