big dance number

Musings about the new stuff from the DCallaccess musical set visit (spoilers?)

All these interviews are taking place in Barry and Iris’ home.

Look at Barry walking behind Iris. I wonder if she has seen him yet or if the next shot will be:

Maybe he just sees her walking and automatically follows her, because…Iris.

I know that Iris won’t be singing, but it looks like Joe and Martin will be singing to her. So it’s nice that she’s still part of a musical number in some ways. But what song are they singing? I think this is a song that hasn’t been announced.

I think this is the big dance number with Carlos, Darren and John to ‘Put a little love in your heart’. I think it happens right at the beginning of the ‘dream’ (that’s what the EW article implied)

I can’t find the picture right now. But I think I saw one of Kara standing alone on the podium wearing this dress. I’m guessing that is when she sings ‘Moon River’. And it’ll probably be earlier in the episode.

I’m guessing ‘Superfriends’ will feature some sort of montage and start in the dressing room (above pic) and transition into them being on stage performing the number.

That leaves Running home to You, which will probably be sung at the end of the episode?

Okay but a genghis khan musical movie tho think of the possibilities:

  • Dancing henchmen, now with actual personalities
  • Hero having a introduction song thats basically a polished up version of what his life is like: it’s very james bond like and all that stuff
  • Villain having a very typically villainous introduction song and hero interrupting him. 
  • It basically being a running gag that agent always interrupts villains songs
  • Angry duets 
  • Fighting but it basically being dancing
  • Villain debating how to kill hero w/ his henchmen and them being like “Listen dude. It’s blatantly obvious you have a crush on him now go and get ready cause he’ll be there in a minute” and dressing him up in some very nice suit, cologne, maybe polish up his nose lmao, all in a dance number while villain’s protesting
  • Hero shows up and tries very hard not to notice how good villain looks suddenly (not that he doesn’t look good normally)
  • (Ex-)wife and villain having a big dance number where wife says villain has grown soft, villain trying to prove he’s absolutely not gone soft because of some stupid secret agent and is still very menacing (lmao)
  • The henchmen having their whole own song without villain, hero or anyone else. Like in the cafetaria, talking about whatever, then hero storming into the cafetaria with villain following him, fighting each other while the henchmen watch, singing about their thoughts on the whole ‘our boss is in love with his arch nemesis’ thing
  • Cute dancing and singing children!!!! I love them. 
  • Hero seems to almost exclusively take on missions where villain plays some sort of part, according to his boss. They eventually believe him when he says he just hates the dude very much and wants to take him down but he just never seems to succeed, he doesn’t understand how he seems to escape every time either.
  • The agency actually capturing villain in some way, agent helping him escape by providing just the tools he needs
  • Having to pretend he’s upset over villain escaping like ‘Why don’t we have any competent agents around here? Who put the key on a hook right next to the cell door?? Hmm??’ fucking nerd
  • Henchmen with actual personalities I wanna know what the guy who goes ooh in the background is really like
  • The martini glass making an appearance
  • Hero making shitty nose puns and villain getting back at him by making fun of the martini glass
  • Flirting without even noticing it themselves with henchmen rolling their eyes in the background
  • You know that labcoated guy in the background who sits at the computer and also goed ‘ooh’? He needs a part lmao
  • 60s music!!! lots and lots of different 60s music
  • Villain and agent physically fighting over something (a remote, a key, etc.) and them almost kissing
  • Villain deciding this needs to end now because he’ll lose everything he has if it doesn’t
  • Him and a team of scientists constructing the laser, the scientists very carefully asking him whether this is a good idea. Someone says that he could always just shoot him if he wanted hero dead, to which he answers that hero deserves something special. 
  • Hero being heartbroken when he’s placed on the table, discovering that he really can’t get out of it this time, scared for his life.
  • A duet with villain desperately trying to ignore hero trying to interrupt him while he’s singing about him wanting hero to get it on with nobody else but him, and when he’s about to push the button, the buzzer powers down the machine
  • So not only ANGRY duets, also sad duets
  • Wife asking whether he’s killed the agent yet when the children have gone to bed, and giving him an ultimatum when she hears he hasn’t
  • Villain having a reprise of his introduction song: his song was about how evil he was and how he was gonna take over the world yada yada, the reprise is about him hating how he suddenly has goodness in him, and how he hopes he’ll be able to do it the next day so everything can go back to normal. Hero’s part is about how he hoped villain had some goodness in him but apparently he doesn’t, because he’s going to kill him, but he still hopes he won’t.
  • Next day villain’s semi-convinced himself that he’ll be able to do it. He wants to tell hero how he feels but that he knows a relationship between them wouldn’t work out, and he DOES tell him. Hero’s going to die anyway, right?
  • The same events happening as in the video, but with a bigger dance number because come on it’s a musical, the henchmen are gonna do something more than just bopping along in the background
  • Hero reassuring villain that it can work out, and they’ll figure it out together.
  • Wife having observed everything that happened and shooting hero after dramatically appearing from behind a pillar, then escaping
  • Hero lying in villains arms, singing a kind of bittersweet goodbye song and villain being like ‘Shut the fuck up I’m not going to let you die’
  • Hero survives, of course, and is moved to a bed in the hospital wing to rest (not before kissing villain passionately, of course)
  • Wife coming to visit him in the hospital wing to finish the job, him singing about what his life was really like and how he glamorized it to feel better about himself and the image he should uphold as an agent, and how he loves villain and wants him to be happy, doing this to distract wife (but all of it being tru lmao) .Wife singing about how she never had the chance to pursue world domination because villain would amass their empire and she had to take care of the kids, also singing about her tragic backstory and that she worked so much harder for villains love than hero and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Him using the oppurtunity to push a silent alarm button that summons henchmen to the hospital wing. Wife proceeding to fight off the henchmen and escaping through the window
  • A very Serious Conversation about how thinks will work out, about what wife said to hero, etc. 
  • Villain and hero dreaming about their future together, which turns into a nice dance ending number, complete with a scorned ex-wife as a nice cliffhanger at the end.
  • Which means happy duets
  • Henchmen and scientists with bigger parts holy shit give it to me

i gotta sleep but a few additional swing kids thoughts, because I know you’re all dying to hear:

-the over-precise diction rsl does because he’s really a stage actor has been present forever and it’s charming even though it sounds like no human being to ever live, let alone a german one

-love the completely random presence or absence of german accents, on that note 

-profoundly lesbotic hairstyles throughout

-it actually did do a pretty decent job of exploring a fascist regime from the inside, as experienced by people living in fear but not yet specifically targeted. feels relevant.

-I experience every movie like this these days but there was totally a gay metanarrative happening, complete with teary revelation scene and big symbolic dance number

-seriously either give women something substantive to do or don’t write them in, enough using them as set dressing 

-there is nothing worse than a man explaining music

-more on the gay thing: thomas succumbing to fascist propaganda makes no sense unless he feels the promises of redemption and cleansing have something to offer him specifically. like there’s something wrong with him in need of fixing. being redeemed by his friend’s love kinda confirms that.

-the pacing was weird and some things were given far too much real estate and others not nearly enough. I feel like i’ve already forgotten huge chunks of this movie.

-crying scene was the best part 

Top 10 Albums:

  1. Walk the Moon “Talking Is Hard” - I have been waiting forever for more music from this lil’ Ohio band, and this album is so fantastic it blows my mind. There are 80’s pop influences, power ballads and big hair dance numbers that make it impossible to not feel groovy when this record’s playing. Walk the Moon is also one of my absolute favorite bands to see live because they have so much energy and sound better than their records, so if you get the chance to see ‘em live (they come to Seattle in March!), do it.
  2. Dan Croll “Sweet Disarray” - My goodness do I love this album and its reverberating harmonies. Dan does a fantastic job of meshing British folk and unusual tribal beats layered over lyrics that make you want to see someone with a minimalist tattoo of it on their wrist followed by an infinity sign. He is a brilliant sweetheart in a button up and hipster glasses, but his music perpetuates a deeper understanding of music and the human condition with every listen.
  3. Joywave “How Do You Feel?” EP - A fine/funky/fresh/fabulous EP, I stumbled upon ‘Tongues’ about a week after it was released and could not get the song out of my head. Super catchy tunes but with a gritty, strange side makes Joywave’s tunes a compelling listen and fun to dance to. I’d keep my eye out for these kiddos, since they’ve went from we-released-a-mixtape to the radio with Big Data on ‘Dangerous’ in the last year. Plus they’re from my hometown, and Rochester gotta represent.
  4. Broods “Evergreen” - This New Zealand duo has haunting, breathy vocals, but when coupled with hard-hitting drums and soothing piano tracks it helps edge out their new album. A lot of people might know Broods because they opened for Sam Smith’s last tour, but in my opinion they stole the show. The harmonies and high notes Georgia nails on ‘Four Walls’ during a live performance will give you chills, so be sure to bring a blanket.
  5. Vance Joy “Dream Your Life Away” - I bought a ticket to see James perform as an opener for Young the Giant last April, yet everyone around me was whispering “who is this guy?” as he strummed his ukulele and did a little dance onstage to ‘Riptide’. Now people are starting to appreciate his simple, warbly tunes that make you think of coffee shops and campfires, and he is joining Miss T-Swift on her 1989 tour so hopefully show-goers won’t keep asking who he is for much longer.
  6. Banks “Goddess” - I wish I could say this album is self-titled, but everyone knows it practically is. Banks is a Natalie Portman look-a-like who can spin a record with a soulful, grunge-y essence that makes you want to go out wearing dark lipstick and crush hearts. Each song commands your attention in a brooding, dark manner, but the ever-popular Snakehips remix of ‘Warm Water’ shows Banks’ vocals work just as well to amp people up as they do to mellow them out.
  7. Magic Man “Before the Waves” - I’ve been listening to Magic Man and their ridiculously up-and-at-em pop synth vibes for a few years now, and their debut album is nothing to scoff at. It is delicate harmonies and snappy serenading and, above all, makes you want to dance your pants off. The band is lovely and charismatic as all hell in person, so it’s pretty much a good night when you buy a ticket to see these kiddos or even just listen to them at home.
  8. Glass Animals “Zaba” - “Zaba” is a bit reminiscent of Disclosure’s rolling bass but slowed down and mellowed out a notch or five. Perfect for studying or lazy Sunday mornings, this album will help anyone who wants to seriously relax get into that gooey state of mind (pun intended - their most popular track is titled ‘Gooey’). The jewel-toned jungle album artwork sets the tone of the record, and it has also received a couple nominations for best album cover, which is pretty rad.
  9. Sam Lachow “Huckleberry” - If you want local rap without going the Macklemore route, this album covers nearly all bases. Each song features another Seattle artist (or three), from Nacho Picasso to Gifted Gab, Ariana Deboo and Raz Simone. It’s a fantastic conglomeration of individual voices on an album of beats you can shoulder drop and PNW fist pump to. Seattle hip hop shows are also some of the craziest, most involved concerts out there, so if you can scream all the words to the album you’ll fit right in.
  10. Odezsa “In Return” - Okay so this is some Seattle pride for all you electronic junkies out there, these boys always sell out two nights here and for good reason. Usually featuring female or higher-pitched vocals and surreal drum beats, this album is chalk-full of dreamy tracks that are perfect for smoking and star-gazing or for late night drives. They also recently posted on social media about writing music at Hayden James’ apartment, and that collab just makes me want to drool.

This was written up a while back for Rainy Dawg Radio’s Best of 2014 zine, which you can grab a copy of in studio or hit us up for one. I kind of forgot what music came out in 2014 as opposed to 2013 so these are the first tunes I remembered - sorry bbz if I forgot something!

xx DJ TaterTot

Here for the Rajan/Kala/Wolfie

Imagine Kala & Rajan teaching Wolfie bollywood dance numbers. Big tough Wolfgang loves it. 

Imagine Kala & Wolfie making Rajan sing karaoke with them despite his protests that he can’t sing even though he sings fine.

Imagine sweet Kala & Rajan being harassed by bigots and Wolfie takes over and goes into protective rage mode all “Rajan hold my purse while I break some faces”. 

Imagine Kala dragging Rajan & Wolfie to temple because these assholes need Ganesha.  

Imagine Wolfie watching his smart babes doing science because omg they’re so smart and attractive.



The only one I had a proper idea for!

As many of you know (or will know now!), I’m heavily involved with a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast. I started with them in 2013 and was cast as Rocky my first time out. I broke my ankle during that performance. I recovered and auditioned again and got to play Magenta. Then, I auditioned AGAIN and played Brad Majors. This time around, I auditioned and I’m playing Janet next month.

Since it’s such a large part of my life (and has helped me a lot) - as is Supernatural and J2 - I really wanted to combine my loves. I got the boas to have the poses for the opening Floorshow dance (it’s the big dance number at the end). Before I left, I forgot to get reference photos because it’s a bit involved to discuss. So the night before, I drew them the above guideline for the poses.

Every single person I showed the guidelines to laughed or smiled. Every single one. I explained what Rocky meant to me and what they meant to me and showed them the image. While I was discussing, Jensen picked the boa and Jared, with a look of intense concentration (which is really breathtaking in person, pictures don’t do it justice), started trying to figure out how to pose from the guidelines.

I had the three boas on my arm and asked them to pick a boa - I didn’t care which color they had, really. I internally squealed when Jared picked the pink one, though. And then this is what happened. (Thought it was this one, but just remembered it was the Jared-Colin photo-op that was the last of the day and when I left, Jared squeezed my arm.)

I asked Jared to sign this one. When it came across the table, he smiled (with those dimples) and looked up at me with that megawatt smile. He chuckled even and when he was signing it, he said, “This is rockin’.” (Be still my heart.)

Also for those that don’t know, I was in the Janet Pose, Jensen was in the Brad Pose, and Jared was in the Rocky. And if you’ve seen the movie, you may understand why that order was so important to me. ;)


Great performance from the 2011 Tony Awards.

Daniel Radcliffe and the cast of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at the 2011 Tony Awards. What a year!

After seeing him in Equus watching him do this live on stage was truly wonderful.

nadiacreek - Singers for 6.08:

1. At Last - Artie and Mercedes as the couples walk down the aisle

2. I’m So Excited - The Four Moms with The Trouble Tones (Mercedes, Sugar, Brittany and Santana - as seen in the still) at wedding reception

3. Hey Ya - Big group number while dancing at wedding reception

4. Our Day Will Come - Kurt, Blaine, Brittany and Santana at wedding reception. Apparently they start off singing but then becomes a couples’ dance.

okay i wasn’t going to talk about it but i can’t stop thinking about it and i haven’t heard anyone talk about it at length. 

but wait for it is a really interesting performance from an artistic standpoint because throughout most of it burr and the ensemble are seated and barely move. and i just. didn’t expect that. i had heard wait for it a bunch of times before seeing it performed obviously and when i did i always imagined it as this big elaborate dance number. i think it’s because its so rhythmically upbeat, and so i was kind of confused while it was being performed so everyone’s face was completely blank and they were sitting down calmly. 

and then i figured it out. i was literally waiting for burr (and so the ensemble as an offshoot) to get off of his ass and DO SOMETHING because of how the music feels. the dissonance between the music and the choreography kind of shows burr’s whole philosophy of keeping his head down and not showing his hand when the revolution is driving so many people around him in a really subtle way. 

in addition, the next “burr song” (where it’s almost exclusively him singing and reflects on his own thoughts) is the room where it happens, which Is a number with MUCH more movement, showing this is when burr finally decides to get up and do something.

  i just think it’s really interesting from an artistic standpoint and you can’t get it just from listening to the album (and it’ll probably never be on any sort of live broadcast unless a recording of the musical comes out because objectively speaking it’s kind of boring to watch people sitting still for 3 plus minutes)