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Headcanons for what the paladins would do if they found out their s/o was petrified of spiders? (I just saw a BIG DADDY in my room) (Not like a daddy long legs like a spindly little fuck with striped legs. Idk what striped legs means but that bitch was huge and scary and I'm scared there's another that'll show it's ugly face soon)

Oh wow anon, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that! I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, so I’m not sure my house would be intact if I’d seen one of those things in my room D:


  • He’s not really scared of them (but he’s not really fond of them either), so he’s usually pretty cool-headed
  • That said, he’d understand how much they affect you and try to be supportive
  • A+ spider-killer right here, he’s always happy to come to your rescue and never complains about it
  • Might tease you a tiny bit, but would never make you feel bad for having the fear you do


  • After living in the desert, he got used to all sorts of bugs real fast so he’s fine with them
  • Is a little worried at how scared you are of them, but tries to be understanding and never pushes you on the fear
  • Normally he’ll try to put it outside if he can, but if not then he’s good at killing them quickly
  • Will 100% scream if one jumps on him though and then swear you to silence


  • He’s totally fine with spiders…as long as they are far, far away from him
  • Seriously, he’s right there with you and thinks they are disgusting, so you’ve found a kindred spirit
  • Of course, this means dealing with them usually turn into mini battles, but he’ll try to defend you as best as he can
  • Please don’t laugh at him if he screams louder than you, he’s trying his best to be brave


  • They’re completely fine with spiders for some reason?? Probably played with them and other bugs when they were little
  • (Also probably used to chase Matt with them since he’s also terrified of them)
  • Would probably tease you some, but if they saw just how scared you were they’d tone it down (also wouldn’t chase you with them)
  • Doesn’t like to kill the creature, if they can help it; will probably pick it up to put it out and complain when you make them wash their hands multiple times before you’ll go near them again


  • He’s not really scared of them, just a little creeped out? Nothing should have that many eyes and legs
  • Don’t worry though, he’ll always be there for you and will take care of any spiders that come around
  • Won’t want to kill them, they may be creepy but it’s not really their fault, so he’s one of the ‘tries to scoop them up and put them outside’ kind of people
  • Might lose some of his nerve if there are multiple spiders, or if the dreaded ‘think you’re hitting one but oh no here’s hundreds of them now’ situation happens



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Choi in his blue uniform left the police station around 6:00 p.m. to be transferred to a different police corps. He quickly got into a vehicle without saying a word to reporters.

His military service period is to be put on hold until a court reaches a verdict. If he receives a jail term of 18 months or more, he will be dishonorably discharged from service. In case of a lighter ruling, the police will decide whether to allow him to keep his post or transfer him to a different position.
Source bigbang updates

Mine side of things I’ll still support top no matter what but I’m worried that he might be in prison for 18 months but if he just have to pay 50mil won witch in USD is like 44 K it might be better for him to pay since he’s rich tbh any other punishment then jail would be better vips we need to support him and give him strength By the way he looks good in his uniform

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(Big Arachnophobia involving daddy long legs) kind of late but I had a bad experience with daddy long legs because I woke up (I was like 7) with like three in my hair?? At freaked me out a lot. But now they don't really bother me, just creep me out if they get close because of their proportions?? Like bugs with really long legs (CAMELBACK CRICKETS, harvestmen, and mayflies) really really terrify me just by how hey look even if they can't do anything. I love bugs but like, I can't stand these

yea it seems like bugs with long legs seem to bother people the most? i wonder what it is about that

"There is a spider and you want him to kill it for you" - Justin Bieber Preference

Requested? No

sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I don’t have Internet but hopefully I will tomorrow (: enjoy! x

“ju-STIN!” I screamed with the phone up to my ear “you okay? did something happen?” “there is a GIANT spider in our room and- hOLY shit it’s moving” “I’ll be home soon” he assured me “soon like how soon? like heartbreaker soon? because I don’t think I can wait that long” he laughed “soon like 10 minutes” “well can you please hurry because I’m freaking out!” standing on the bed watching the very big daddy long leg climb the wall “are you asking me to speed?” he teased half way laughing “yes please” “yes officer I’m sorry it’s just my girlfriend asked me to speed because apparently there is a huge spider she needs me to kill” he talked to himself “yes she’s hot” I laughed “how hot? like i can’t even show you a picture because she’s all mine” he continued to fake dialogue “just get home!” “your wish is my command” I could hear the cars engine roaring through the phone “in one piece please” “you have a lot of requests miss” “I’ll make it up to you promisee” I sang “be there soon, I love you” “I love you more” “we’ll see”

im really lanky and tall and everyone makes fun of my long ass limbs, heres some things i’ve been called by people: tarantula, daddy long legs, big ol limbs, girl on stilts, longcat, giraffe, tall gay, stretch, large shake, Eiffel tower, empire state nerd, human centipede, big bird, tree, big foot, the bean stalk, two people in one big coat and NBA superstar. also when i was wearing heels one time a lady thought i was a drag queen.

in case any of y’all still wanna complain abt bein short