big d at the kids table

okay so i’m doing this

similar songs by queer artists to replace pageant now that pwr bttm is cancelled:

(by similar i mean similar in tone, similar musically, similar lyrically, thematically similar, even similar in the way they make me feel)

silly - i love you (but i hate your friends), neon trees (bless this song. it’s not actually that similar to silly but it is the song that stopped me absently mindedly humming pwr pttm songs and then feeling crappy)

answer my text - stupid, brendan maclean (fun and heartbroken. tbh this list is brendan maclean heavy. i love brendan and this might be my favourite song ever. it’s definitely better than answer my text AND it gave me the idea to do this playlist)

lol - true trans soul rebel, against me! (big, anthemic, vulnerable)

won’t - sides, perfume genius (mournful and quirky but with more hope than won’t)

now now - nvr pass, she/her/hers (made. me. cry.)

sissy - sissy, aye nako (don’t let the name fool you, this song is pretty damn harsh but only in the kinda soothing way that burying yourself in dry sand is)

pageant - practically wasted, brendan maclean (brendan maclean’s music videos are always incredible but the one for practially wasted is  i n c r e d i b l e)

oh boy - songs i can’t listen to, neon trees (honestly such a jam)

new trick - grinding my teeth, TANKINI (slightly more rough around the edges but full of passion and pomp)

wash - blush, mr twin sister (is this one on here just because it’s great? short answer? yes)

kids table - my generation, spoonboy (resentful and catchy and i love it in songs wherethesingerspeaksingsreallyfastandtheydothisalot)

big beautiful day - winner, brendan maclean (just so extra and dramatic and the chords in the chorus… damn)

styrofoam - queen, perfume genius (this is quite a loose association, they just make me feel the same way)

(also go watch the incredibly nsfw video for house of air by brendan maclean but tw for coprophilia and just… so much sex)

anyway so this is pageant now. bye.

Cotton Candy

Summary: Jason and his s/o at a carnival!

Requested by: @natasha-baggins

A/N: Thanks for requesting! I hope you enjoy~



    Jason had never really been a fan of crowds, even when he was a kid. At galas he would always be found off in the corners, slipping outside, or even hiding under the tables for a moment of peace. Big groups of people were not fun for him. The noise, the bustle…it was just too much.

    So why was he having so much fun tonight?

    He’d told (Y/N) that they could do anything she wanted tonight. It was their one-year anniversary, and he’d been willing to do absolutely anything to make her happy. When she’d suggested the circus, though, he’d been a little skeptical. She’d acknowleged his hesitation, and seemed about to suggest something else, but then he’d insisted. He would push through it for a little while, to make her happy.

    Watching her so happy, playing silly carnival games, riding simple rides, watching funny little shows, had made him happy as well. Much happier than he had imagined when she’d first suggested it.

    Finally, hours after they’d arrived at the colorful little traveling carnival in the middle of Gotham, they sat on the ferris wheel together, huddled close against the evening chill.

    She had a bag of cotton candy, and was leaning against his arm while she ate. He kept one eye on the world outside their little ride car, but savored her warmth against his side.

    “Thank you for coming here with me, Jay.” She said after a few moments’ silence, when the car had risen enough to be above the general noise of the crowds. “I know crowds aren’t really your thing.”

    “Yeah, well, you’re my thing, babe.”

    She paused with a puff of pink candy halfway out of her mouth, and turned to look up at him, smiling, her (y/e/c) eyes reflecting the bright flashing lights of the carnival below them. “Aw,” she said around the fluff, “that’s so sweet, Jay.”

    He smiled, leaned down slowly, and kissed her. The pink fluff dissolved rapidly between their lips, melting into sticky sugar that seemed desperate to keep them both together. When he finally pulled away, licking the leftover suger from his lips, her cheeks were almost as pink as the candy. “No, that was sweet.”

    (Y/N) laughed, her blush deepening. She turned away for a moment, wiping her lips with one hand.

    “Did you have fun tonight?” He asked, moving to rest his arm around her and hold her against his side.

    “I always have fun with you, Jaybird. Thank you for this year, it’s been amazing.”

    He smiled, resting his head on hers, and took a handful of cotton candy from her bag. “Best year of my life, (Y/N). I love you.”

- - -

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Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl

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Summary: It is the first birthday that the reader is spending with Bucky as a couple, but it turns out he wont be there to celebrate it.

Word Count: 2370

A/N: I wrote this around my birthday, and I thought it was kind of cute.

*gif not mine*

It was one week before your birthday. You were so excited about it because it was your first birthday that you and Bucky Barnes were a couple. A few days before your birthday, Bucky woke you up with blueberry pancakes and coffee in bed.

“Pretty girl,” Bucky whispered, “Pretty girl, wake up.”

You rolled over to face him. When you opened your eyes you saw him caring a tray and he had a sweet smile on his face. You rubbed your eyes to make sure you were actually seeing him, “Buck, what the hell?” you mumbled as you sat up.

“I made you your favorite breakfast. Sit up.”

You sat up and he sat the tray on your lap, “Bucky, you didn’t have to do this. But these do look delicious!”

Bucky sat next to you in bed as you stated to eat, “How are they?”

You smiled and nodded your head, “They are so good! Why have you not made these before for me? Are you holding out on me Barnes?”

He laughed, “No, I asked that breakfast place that we go to all the time for their recipe.”

You put the fork down and put your hands on each side of his face, “You are amazing, do you know that?” you pulled him in and kissed him. You went on eating and something made you stop. You looked over to him, “What’s wrong?”

His face saddened a little, “No, nothing is wrong,” he trailed off.

You moved the tray from your lap and turned to him, “Bullshit. Bucky something is up. You hate to cook breakfast food. And you went out of your way to get a pancake recipe from a restaurant that we go to? What have you done?”

He looked down and grabbed your hand, “I’m leaving for a mission tomorrow morning, and they don’t think we will be back till after the 3rd. I tried to get them to put someone else on the mission, but they need me. Y/N, I am so sorry, I’m going to miss your birthday.”

You nodded your head trying to keep your face strong and your eyes clear of tears, “Buck, it’s okay. I know you would be here if you could. You have work and that is important.”

Bucky’s metal hand cupped your cheek, “You are important. You are the most important thing to me, pretty girl. Please don’t be mad at me.”

You leaned into the cool touch of Bucky’s hand, “I’m not mad, I promise. You are going to save the world. How many girls can say that their boyfriend saves the world for a living?”

“I promise you, I will make it up to you a thousand times over! Whatever you want, I’ll get it for you. Whatever you want to do, we will do it!”

You let out a laugh, then got serious and cupped the back of his neck, “All I want for my birthday is you to come home safe, okay?”

He pressed his forehead against your, “Deal. But I am still going to get you gifts.”

You snorted and kissed him quickly. You pulled away and brought the tray back up to your lap, “So tell me about the mission?”

You and Bucky spent the whole day watching movies and cuddling like you normally did before one of you went on a mission.

The next morning, Bucky had to be down at the pad at five. When he was about to leave he sat down on the edge of the bed, “Pretty girl,” he ran his flesh hand through your hair, “I have to go.”

You groaned as you sat up. You were always sad when he left, but this time there was more sadness. You wrapped your arms around his neck and you mumbled, “Don’t go.”

He wrapped an arm around you, “I wish I could stay pretty girl. I got to get down to the pad.”

You let out a sigh, “I’ll walk you down.” You walked down with your arm wrapped tightly around his waist and his around your shoulders.

When you got down to the pad Bucky turned to you, “I promise I will call you as much as I can.”

You nodded and felt tears building, “You better come through with that promise you made for my birthday gift.”

He pulled you into his arms, “I will come home safely. I promise.”

You pulled away, “You better go before I throw a tantrum to Tony and Steve about you being gone for my birthday,” you pushed him slightly and gave him a weak smile.            

“Come here,” he cupped your face and kissed you passionately. When he finally pulled away he rested his forehead against yours, “I will be back in a couple days, and we will celebrate your birthday.” He pulled away and trotted towards the jet, “I promise, pretty girl!”

You waved as the jet took off.

Wanda walked up next to you, “Don’t worry, your birthday will still be kick ass, promise!”

You raised your eyebrows, “Will it now? What do you have in mind?”

“Come on! I was sworn to secrecy! All I can say is, this birthday will be hard to top,” she wrapped her arm around yours and led you back towards the tower.

The days past slowly, and the nights pasted even slower. You would finally fall asleep, but roll over to hit a cold empty bed.

You constantly were checking your phone to see if you missed a phone call, Face Time, or even an email from Bucky, but it was radio silent from him. Every time you looked at your phone your heart sank a little. He said that he would call, even when he couldn’t call, he would at least email you to let you know that he was okay. If it weren’t for the emails from Steve, you would think the worst. Thank God for Steve.

It was the night before your birthday and you stared at the ceiling like you had for the last 23 years. You would always wait up and watch the clock turn to 12:00 on the 2nd. You looked over to the clock, 11:59.

You waited for it to change. When it clicked over to 12, you let out a sigh, “Happy Birthday to you.” You rolled over and started to drift off to sleep.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Wanda, Sam and Vision yelled the next morning.            

You jumped up and grabbed your chest, feeling like your heart was going to explode. When you came to and saw your friend wearing party hats and had balloons in hand. You smiled and rubbed your face, “Thanks you guys.”

“Get ready and meet us in the kitchen,” Wanda pulled you up from bed and pushed you to the bathroom, “Your birthday festivities will begin!”

You let out a chuckle and started the shower.

Twenty minutes later Wanda stormed back into your room, “Y/N! What the hell are you doing? Just because it is your birthday doesn’t mean you can be late.” She stopped when she saw you sitting in your closet crying. She ran up and wrapped her arm around you, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

You looked up at her and sniffled, “Bucky hasn’t called. He said he would call. It’s bad enough that he isn’t here, but he hasn’t even called me to wish me a happy birthday. It’s like he doesn’t even care about me.”

Wanda brushed the hair out of your face, “Y/N, he does to care about you. He cares so much he made me promise to keep all the birthday plans he already had made for you! And believe me, he went to the extreme to make sure that your day was perfect! Now, chin up as Bucky would say, and get your butt down to the kitchen!”

You wiped the tears off your cheeks and laughed, “Okay, I will be down in a minute.”

When you finished getting ready you walked over to your bed and checked your phone. Still nothing. Instead of taking the phone down with you, you left it on your bed.

You walked down to the kitchen and when you turned the corner you stopped dead in your tracts. Hundreds of sunflowers filled the counter tops, purple balloons and streamers were hanging from the walls and a big banner with the words “Happy Birthday Y/N!” written on it.

You put your hand over your heart and let out a sigh, “Bucky Barnes, what have you done?”

Sam was sitting at the table and pulled out your chair, “Come sit! We made breakfast, exactly like Barnes said to.”

You guys ate together and talked about old times and past birthdays. After you ate you guys went to the living room and watched three of your favorite movies of all times, Mary Poppins, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and The Great Gatsby. You sang along to all of the songs in Mary Poppins and Sam rolled his eyes whenever you recited any of the lines from the movies.

When the movies was over, Wanda ushered you back to your room to get ready for the last part of your big birthday surprise. When you walked into your room there was a white box with a purple bow sitting there. You looked at Wanda who gave you a smile and walked away.            

You walked over and opened it. Inside was a card with Bucky’s handwriting on it.

        Y/N- I am so sorry I wont be there to celebrate your birthday with you and see how beautiful you look in this tonight. I love you more than anything       Pretty Girl. Bucky.

You pulled back the tissue paper to see the dress that you had been staring at in the same store for the last two months. It was a navy blue high low dress with silver sparkles all over it. You held his card close to you and sighed, “Damn it Bucky. You sure do know how to make a girl fall head over heels for you.”

You got ready and put the dress and heels on when Wanda knocked on the door, “Holy shit! You look amazing!”

You smiled, “Thank you. You look great too!”

“Come here,” she walked over with a blindfold.

“What are we doing?” you asked.

“Just following Bucky’s orders,” she smiled as she tied it over your eyes.

She held you tight as she led you down hallways and to an elevator.

You could hear music as you walked closer to God knows what. You stopped, “Wanda, what is going on?”

“You will see,” she said coyly. A couple moments later she said, “Okay, take off your blind fold!”

You took the blindfold off and saw a big orchestra sitting on a stage with a dance floor, tables with sunflowers and purple flowers as centerpieces. All of your friends were standing smiling and they yelled, “Happy birthday!”

You looked at Wanda in shock, “Are you kidding me?”

She shrugged, “I told you that this would be the best birthday you would ever have. He did this all for you.”

You made your rounds and hugged everyone. When you finally sat down in the seat that had a sigh that said “Birthday Girl” on it. When you sat down Wanda walked up to the mike in front of the orchestra.

She let out a chuckle, “Well, as you all know, we are here to celebrate Y/N’s birthday! And as all of also know, Bucky had this whole thing planned out, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to be here, so I am stepping in! But, Y/N, you do have a message, so if you will look at the screen please, and enjoy Birthday Girl.”

You let out a chuckle and looked at the screen.

Bucky’s face popped up with a big smile on it, “Hey there Pretty Girl. I hope that Wanda is pulling everything off as perfectly as I planned it. I am so sorry that I am not there to celebrate your birthday with you, but I will be home as soon as I can. I hope you get everything you want and more for your birthday. I love you pretty girl, more than anything. Happy Birthday Y/N.”

You wiped the tears away from your eyes, and smiled. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to you, and he wasn’t even there for you to thank him.

You talked to everyone. You ate, drank and laughed. It was the perfect birthday, with only one thing missing, Bucky.

As the night started to end, you got up and thank every one for coming and their warm wishes. You thanked Wanda for pulling everything off, and you thanked Bucky, even though he wasn’t there.

You walked back to your room and sighed when you saw the phone calls and text messages from everyone but Bucky. You put the phone back down and went to the bathroom to get ready to bed.

You curled into bed and looked at the clock, 9:29 pm. You closed your eyes and fell fast asleep.

“Wake up Pretty girl,” you heard whisper in your ear.

You turned around quickly and saw Bucky lying next to you. You wrapped your arms around him, “You’re home.”

He kissed you deeply, “I’m home,” he whispered against your lips. He pulled away and brushed some of your hair out of your face, “Did you have a good day?”

“I had a great day,” you tightened your grip around his neck, “Thank you for everything. Bucky, you didn’t have to do all that stuff.”

He pulled you closer, “I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to do even more, but I don’t think Wanda could have pulled off what else I wanted to do.”

You smiled, “Well, thank you for everything. And my gift.”

“Happy Birthday pretty girl,” he brushed his lips against yours.

“It isn’t my birthday anymore.”

He looked at the clock and you smiled. It was 11:59.

He looked at you and smiled, “It is still your birthday for another minute,” he leaned down and kissed you. It was the perfect end to a great birthday.

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16 yo H and missus talking about having kids together

It would be the night before his audition, tucked up under the duvet, head on his chest with an arm curled around her, holding her close to his body as the only light filling the room was the lamp on his bedside table. It would be a little bit past midnight, and they’d both be really tired and on the verge of sleeping, talking about anything and everything that came to mind. His fingers running through her hair and her fingers drawing patterns on his chest.

“Yeh know something?” He’d start, breaking the silence of the bedroom, shuffling around on the mattress, “if I get big n’famous on this show, with my singin’ and all, m’gon’a treat you and our kids to the best life ever.”

“Our kids?”

“Yeah,” he’d smile, looking at her as she lifted her head from his chest and gave him a sheepish grin, “we’re gon’a have the best life. You, me and our kids. We could live in London or have a house in America.”

“You want kids with me?” She’d ask, rolling onto her front, his arm still curled around her, brushing his fingers over her shoulder as she pressed kisses to his wrist, “you really want me in that future? If you get big and famous and have your pick of all the pretty girls?”

“I love you, you numpty. Been with you for a couple of years almost. Known you most o’ my life,” he’d whisper, “I wouldn’t trade you off for anyone, babe.”

“You’re going to kick ass tomorrow at your audition. I’m so proud of you,” she’d seal it off with a kiss, nudging her nose against his, “even if Simon Cowell says you sound like a dying cat.”

“Hey,” he’d whine out, drawling out the syllable, with a cheeky smirk appearing on his lips, poking her foot with his toe. xx

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that headcanon about sirius and remus leaving their memories to harry though!!! :(((((( what memories do u think they'd include??????

you mean this post i reblogged?? bc same i want to cry????

• I think what’s most important for them to include is James and Lily’s relationship in their 5th-7th years. Like, Harry only saw Hogwarts-era James and Lily in the perspective of Snape. Besides, I doubt that Remus and Sirius’ vague explanations( “She started going out with him in seventh year” “Once James had deflated his head a bit,” “And stopped hexing people for the fun of it”) were enough to show Harry that Lily Evans did not just ‘tolerate’ or ‘settle for’ James. It wasn’t enough to show that getting the girl isn’t the only reason James grew up. It wasn’t enough to show that he didn’t “earn” or “win” Lily like some prize. They both grew up, grew close, liked each other, and decided to be together.
• I want Harry to see James after the prank realizing how much things have spiraled out of control. I want Harry to see the boys gradually leaving Snape and other victims alone. I want Harry to see James put more effort in school and being a decent person and helping people out and sticking up for his friends without hurting anyone (i mean - except for when someone is throwing slurs at them or when someone makes a dig at Sirius’ family). But also stuff that James has always been doing like skipping class to tend to Moony post-moon, tutoring Peter in subjects he does not get, learning to braid hair specifically because he found out it helps Sirius’ relax, leaving McGonagall Thank You treats on her table without a note or anything everytime she turns a blind eye whenever the boys sneak out to visit Remus in the wing, etc etc
•  I want Harry to see the first partner work for Potions in 6th year (after Lily completely cut off Snape from her life) and James partnering with Sirius because he’s thinking “Ok so what if she isn’t talking to Snape anymore she’ll partner up with Marlene or Alice or Dorcas” and then him tripping over his own feet when Lily waves for him to come over and partner up.
• Since that is Sirius’ memory contribution there’s also a lot of 16-year-old Sirius going all “HOW DARE HE. IS THIS HOW IT IS NOW. MOONY BE MY PARTNER WE’LL SHOW HIM” “…Peter’s my partner” “god so BOTH of you are breaking up with me that’s just GREAT”
• Harry seeing James and Lily spend more time together. At first it’s just glimpses of their study sessions, Lily sitting with the Marauders or James sitting with Lily’s friends. Then glimpses of Lily walking James to practice, James trying Muggle candy and Lily laughing as she messes with his candy a little, Lily playfully elbowing James whenever they’re with other people when they pass by each other in the hallway. It turns to glimpses of their midnight talks , James kissing Lily’s forehead whenever they had to go to different classes, Lily holding James’ hand as he just stares at his breakfast nervous for Quidditch finals (cue Sirius across them being the mother hen to James for once “James Potter, you eat your breakfast NOW, we are not going to win on an empty stomach. Merlin you can’t expect everyone to feed their boyfriends everytime there’s a big match” “Sirius I do not feed him” “I was talking about ME, Lily gosh…im just kidding, Moony, g O D”). Basically Harry not knowing where the “just besties” ended and where the relationship started, because it just flowed and happened like the most natural thing in the world.
• OKAY, IMAGINE HARRY GETTING DISTRACTED  BY REMUS AND SIRIUS THOUGH BECAUSE THESE ARE REMUS AND SIRIUS’ MEMORIES, AND HE’S JUST WATCHING FROM WHERE THEY ARE. Imagine Harry sitting with them at the table and looking across like “…huh, mum and dad really did love each other. i guess that she really didn’t - OKAY WHY IS REMUS’ HAND SLIDING UP SIRIUS’ THIGH WAS THIS A THING THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR.” Or the Quidditch finals in Remus’ memories, seeing James and Lily hug - James picking her up and spinning her around and everything- when Gryffindor wins and Remus is smiling proudly at them but Harry is notable to appreciate the moment because right then he sees that Sirius has the microphone, raising the trophy, yelling “CONGRATULATIONS GRYFFINDOR FUCK THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! P.S. SHOUTOUT TO MY BOYFRIEND. MOONY, THIS TROPHY ISN’T THE ONLY PRETTY THING I’M GOING HOME WITH TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!″ (cue a Gryffindor-wide groan and McGonagall yelling at him) and Remus would usually roll his eyes and give him the finger, but he’s too proud of Sirius to joke, so he just smirks and winks and Harry wonders if it’s okay to throw himself off the stands because G OD THESE TWO.
• MEMORIES OF THEIR FRESH-GRADUATE YEAR. Just random memories of flat-hunting, and painting walls together, and nights when they’re out dancing (DISCO ERA, PEOPLE!!! Harry witnesses Sirius and Lily do their obviously-practiced-a-million-times routine in the middle of the dance floor. They’re amazing but James and Remus are still trying to pretend they don’t know these nerds who are taking up all the space)
• OKAY BUT ALSO HARRY’S BIRTH??? JAMES BAWLING, LILY SILENTLY CRYING, REMUS IN AWE BECAUSE THAT THING IS SO LITTLE HOW IS IT SO LITTLE, SIRIUS HOLDING HARRY IN HIS ARMS ALSO BAWLING AND ‘i swear i think he has my nose’. Remus arguing that ‘ok but he has MY eyes’ ‘UM JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE GREEN EYES TOO-’ and James is just holding a very tired Lily in the hospital bed as they look fondly at their life and joy being held by Sirius, and feeling lucky to have this beautiful baby boy - but also feeling lucky because they know that the two idiots arguing about their child will be an amazing extra set of parents to harry
• Remus’ memories of Baby Harry. Remus feeding Harry too much chocolate ( “Remus that’s enough” “But Prongssssss you are depriving your child”). Remus popping by to visit to see James and Lily passed out in bed already and when he goes to Harry’s room, Harry is awake again, looking lost without his parents and on the verge on crying but he breaks into a fit of giggles when he sees his Uncle Moony, who rocks him back to sleep while singing a lullaby.  Remus giving up his oldest, most worn out, favorite cardigan because somehow Harry got hold of it and won’t let it go - he’s bitter until he visits the next day, and Harry is still curled up in his crib with it. Remus and Lily doing lively readings of Muggle bedtime stories - they do the voices and everything - as Harry listens intently, still clutching onto his Moony Cardigan - his newfound safety blanket. Remus falling asleep on the Potter’s couch, with Harry sitting on his chest and drawing on him.
• Sirius’ memories of Baby Harry. Giving him a bath and shaping his hair into a little soap-mohawk. “OH GOD MOONY WHERE’S HARRY WE LOST HARRY” “…he’s hiding under your leather jacket.” Putting Harry on his bike, and joking that he was gonna take one-year-old Harry for a spin and watching James freak out. Sirius groaning as he takes out his Mirror in the middle of work like “James, what do you want now - oh” and finding out Harry is playing with the Mirror; Sirius smiles like an idiot as Harry giggles at seeing his uncle and tries to give him a hug through the glass. Harry’s hair growing long and curly, so Sirius always has those tiny hair ties (he keeps them on his fingers like little rings) to tie Harry’s hair back. Sirius taking a picture of Remus asleep on the couch and Harry asleep on his chest and keeps it in his jacket’s pocket. Sirius as Padfoot, being used as Harry’s new pony as he runs around the backyard with Harry on his back.
• Real-Time Harry releasing himself from the memories in tears because wow even before Ron and Hermione and the Weasleys, he experienced being loved and pampered. He experienced bedtime stories and lullabies and little adventures to the park and people bickering over what his first word would be and he can’t remember it - but now he gets to cherish it. Besides, after seeing all that, the Patronus charm gets a lot easier to do.

Not Cool

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Pairing: past Donna x Gabriel, Reader
Word count: 410

Part 2 of 3 of Turns in Life

Sitting in the living room with the guy who knocked on your door looking for your mom was weird. Very, very weird. You had little interest in having a conversation with him, and he seemed to be too freaked to say much. Hell, all he had said was “uh, is Donna here, kid?”. After the “holy shit”, of course. Other than that, he would either glance at you, or stare at the tv.

Your feet were up on the coffee table, remote in hand. Anything to avoid an awkward silence. You didn’t care what you were watching. Anything was better than trying to make small talk. So, there you were, flipping through the random channels. You didn’t have any big cable package, so you’d repeated through the channels a couple times already.

Hearing the door open and shut, you shut the TV off and jumped up. “Mom!” You greeted her, earning an eyebrow raise. “Some guy is here looking for you.” You told her, sounding a bit confused.

She gave you a small smile and nodded. “I know. I called him.” Her voice was soft as she motioned for you to lead the way.

Once in the living room, he turned to her. “Mom? Is there something I should know?” His eyes went to you for a moment. Both of you knew the answer, but wouldn’t believe it until she said it.

“Gabe… This is your boy, Y/N.”

The man, Gabe, your father, had his mouth hanging open in shock. “Wh- whe- what?!” He stood up, his expression half angry, and half pained. “He’s what? 15? 16? And I’m just now being told?” his hands were on his hips as he looked like he would start pacing.

Donna nodded, a sad look on her face. “I’m sorry. I know you do such important things with the boys. But… He’s getting harder and harder to handle, ya know? Has been since he found out ya aren’t a real superhero.” She shrugged, sitting on the arm of the couch with a sigh.

“He’s right here!” You snapped, annoyed that they were talking about you like you weren’t in the same room as them.

Gabe shot you a look. “Not cool. Giving you mom a hard time. Because I don’t wear a cape? Come on, capes are so last decade.” He rolled his eyes, making you look at him like he was insane. “And totally impractical. One wrong move and you’re a goner.”

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