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Can I ask for some advice? I'm making plushies for friends and I want to try making their hair from fabric for once (I usually do yarn) and I'm not sure where to start- especially since one of the characters has a big head of curly hair. any suggestions on how I could go about with it?

Hello there, and of course~! Though I’m not sure I can fully help with this one, it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out too aha. For minky hair, I tend to just break it all down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Paper towel is good for this part, since it’s more flexible than regular paper, so I use it to cut out shapes, pin them on the head and then add/trim as needed, then test the pieces out with fabric.

As for curly hair, I’m a bit stumped myself aha. I want to make season 2 Eleven and Ripley from Alien, and my first thought was curly faux fur (for my humans I’m planning to stick with minky for cartoonish/anime characters, and faux fur for ‘real’ people/live action characters) but as it turns out there isn’t that much fur out there that’s actually curly. I bought some curly shag but will probably have to style it either with water or heat since it isn’t as curly as I was hoping. (if anyone knows where to get actual curly fur that won’t be super expensive to get to Australia please let me know~♥)

Trying to make curly hair out of minky would probably be painful, depending on how you go about it. You could always do a more stylised “poofy” hair like Pinkie Pie, but if you want individual curls you’re going to be at it for quite some time aha.

Sorry if I’m not much help for this aha, but I hope this is at least somewhat useful for you~

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you ever remember how starfire was originally heavily coded as black (being a slave, big curly hair/nose/lips, constantly fighting against injustices) but as time has gone on dc was white washed her and made her a dumb white girl bc i think about it at least twice a day :/