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jack as an old man, sitting in a rocking chair in his den, embroidering a little hockey stick & puck on a hat he made for his grandson. bitty comes in to bring him lemonade and the he sits beside jack in a big comfy arm chair and watches reruns on the travel channel. he points out all the places theyve been to like rome and paris and london and jack just listens to the stories of his life with the man he loves and reminisces.

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33 for the prompt list thing:)

33) “I envy that. You and Y/N. I envy the love you have”

Shawn’s POV. (just for a note, I will translate the verb to myself and for you too who you want to know what “envy” means in Estonian; it means “kadestama”.)

As I was driving to the studio with my lovely girlfriend, Y/N, I never stopped thinking how lucky I was to have her and gosh, how gorgeous she looked. It may sound ridiculous but for me, I’m just probably so in love with her. 

“Baby,” Y/N placed her soft hand on my tight, “focus on the road.”

I nodded, a smile on my face. I felt my cheeks coming rosy and warming up like a hot boiling water. Her eyes sparkled like the shining stars in the dark night but they were the most beautiful stars in my eyes.

We arrived in front of the studios. Y/N taking her purse, me grabbing my guitar. Andrew waves to us, opening the door for us.

“You are pretty fast today,” Andrew laughs. 

“He was just trying to get on time this time,” Y/N joined in the “lets-mock-Shawn” club that Andrew always liked to make happen before every single studio session. “Has Geoff arrived?”

“Yeah, he is already upstairs,” Andrew takes one of the guitar, which was acoustic I assumed. “and so is Niall.”

Niall and I were writing some new songs and most of them had fallen into deep shit because we haven’t had any ideas what to write about. So, today I took Y/N with me and I thought maybe it was a good idea because she gives me mostly the strength, motivation and inspiration to write.

We made it to the studio, Niall was behind the huge music control center, hands in his jeans pockets.

“Niall!” I called out him. 

“Shawn!” He turned to face me. Y/N was holding my hand although I had to leave the grip of hers because I had to greet Niall. When I said hi to him, Geoff came to say hi to Y/N which was a lovely gesture from him. It makes me happy to see my friend and Y/N to get well on together.

“Niall, this is love of my life, Y/N,” I placed my hand around her waist, bringing her closer to me. 

They introduced themselves and Y/N said she’s a big fan of his music. As the time was ticking forward, about 2 minutes had passed since Y/N said hello to Niall, I was sitting behind the big table and a comfy chair. I made sure that Y/N was always by my side, not like being overcontrolable boyfriend, and I could look into her eyes, her beautiful features she had.

“Y/N?” I asked, humbled and blown away by her beauty.

“Yes, my dear,” she moved her head closer to me, her mouth very close to mine.

“Would you–,” I get interrupted by the kiss of Y/N’s, so sweet, the taste of strawberry and vanilla on my tongue.

“Guys, this is not a kissing studio,” Andrew shouting, but blushing like a little baby.

“Pardon,” Y/N broke the kiss, hiding her face into her hands. “I just wanted to do it.”

I took a proof look over the lyrics I had written. Niall turned to glance at me, putting his guitar down.

“Hey man, maybe want to read those lyrics before we start to put some melody with it?” the paper in my hands was taken from Niall’s strong grip. I took Y/N to sit between my knees.

Niall went through multiple times over the paper, crossing the words with his eyes, sometimes looking up to get the idea of the sentence.

“Shawn, I envy that. You and Y/N. I envy the love you have.”

Y/N put her gorgeous eyes on me, the sparkle never disappeared. She made me so happy.

“Oh, Niall. I hope you will find your true love. You deserve it,” her kind words always make my heart warm, she never brings the cold feeling into me when tries to stay nice and kindhearted. She has the most beautiful eyes, but she also has the most amazing soul and heart.

college!namjoon au

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a/n: this idea popped up in my head over my vacation and basically aspiring rapper!namjoon can set my ass on fire

  • Okay so namjoon majors in something dealing with lots of thought process like philosophy, psychology, or the like and minors in music
  •  Namjoon is usually known as that lanky studious kid on campus who is always awake and probably muttering under his breath the day before a big exam
  •  But like??? He’s so smart lol he aces every test so no one knows why he still gets nervous
  •  Namjoon likes to psychoanalyze his friends including his lazy roommate Yoongi
  • He says Yoongi may be suffering from some early signs of depression or something with how much Yoongi sleeps and stays to himself and barely ever shows emotion but Yoongi is like “dude I’ve had three exams in the last week and I’m currently halfway through writing up a presentation due at lunch, of course I’m depressed”
  •  Anywho Yoongi is also the campus DJ
  •  He has serious music skills so he’s perfect for it but it’s also perfect for namjoon because when Yoongi isn’t on air namjoon is using his equipment to record parts of a mixtape he’s working on
  •  "It’s nothing serious" namjoon says seriously, already on hour four of nonstop lyric writing
  •  Yoongi thinks namjoon is really good and has always offered to let namjoon play a finished song or two on the radio if namjoon ever wanted
  •  But namjoon is soooo bashful he’s like “no no no no no no no no” and safeguards the files with his life
  •  But anywho Yoongi decides to hire an assistant for the station bc it’s tough doin all the work on top of making playlists and q&a’s for the nosy people who wanna get a glimpse into the life of a secluded music major
  •  He hired you because you’re pretty hardworking and all you have to do is some errands and things for Yoongi
  •  In the spare time he has, he teaches you how to work the equipment too in case it was ever needed
  •  One night, Yoongi is feeling a lil under the weather so he takes off the night and leaves you to play the last bits of the playlist before the broadcast ends
  •  Namjoon doesn’t know this of course
  •  Yoongi forgets to mention that namjoon comes by on Thursdays to record, so namjoon is pleasantly surprised when he enters the studio, yelling something unintelligible only for you to swing around in Yoongi’s big, comfy chair, eyes wide like you’ve been caught doing something bad
  •  Namjoon’s nervous bc “oh my god… she’s beautiful”
  •  You’re nervous bc “oh my god… He’s beautiful”
  •  You both don’t say anything for a bit until namjoon holds up a plastic bag, and you can see the outline of a NyQuil bottle at the bottom
  •  "Yoongi is sick so I thought I’d… Where is he by the way??“ 
  •  ”… He went home early because he wasn’t feeling any better. I’m his new assistant"
  •  Now namjoon is mad
  •  Not at you but at Yoongi like?? He didn’t tell namjoon he had a hot assistant and let him make a fool of himself in a Star Wars tee shirt and jorts with his hair uncombed 
  •  You shyly stand, feeling like you’re intruding when the next song starts playing through the speakers
  •  It’s Half Moon by Dean, and it sounds far too romantic as you and Namjoon stare each other down
  • Suddenly namjoon is coughing into his hand and awkwardly looking away, he won’t even try to make eye contact, not that you’d be able to hold it 
  •  "I’ll just… Bring it to him on my way home. Nice to meet you-“ 
  •  You cut him off with your name so quick you want to bang your head against the table, but thankfully you refrain
  •  He blushes hard because fuck… Now he can put a name to a face and it only makes his budding crush stronger
  •  "I’m namjoon, Yoongi’s roommate. I can lock up for you if you want, I won’t rat you out”
  •  You nod quickly, wanting to get away as soon as possible because you feel soooo awkward and he’s soooo cute what the heck 
  •  You drop the keys in his hands and when your fingers brush his you swear your skin tingles
  •  He must notice too because he winces and then coughs again, “see you" 
  •  The thought of seeing each other again is exciting, but you simply murmur "you too” and dart out before you can embarrass yourself anymore
  •  Which doesn’t happen because you trip on the rug walking past him, your head destined for the doorframe and you swear this is the worst way to die, in front of a cute boy who’ll probably have to carry your lifeless body out of the studio and the blood stains will never leave the carpet-
  •  Then two very strong arms wrap around your body and yank you backwards, until your back is against their chest and your impending doom vanishes
  •  You feel a warm breath on the back of your neck and blink, refusing to look anywhere but forward, the song still playing softly in the background
  •  "You okay?“ His voice is deep and rumbles against you back and in your bones, making you shiver against him and God was it this hot in here a few minutes ago haha 
  •  "Yeah…” You breathe, his arms gently loosening around you before you’re released completely, and you’re sure if he didn’t keep a gentle hand on your elbow you’d melt to the ground
  •  "I should go" you tell him, cheeks hot
  •  "Be careful, I’m not always gonna be around to catch you when you fall" 
  •  Namjoon has no idea where the fuck that came from but it makes you smile shyly and he thinks it’s a win no matter what
  •  He can’t keep the shaky giggle from rising up out of his throat bc he’s found someone just as clumsy as him, and he’s secretly glad you embarrassed yourself first bc had it been himself, he would have died from humiliation
  •  You shuffle much slower out of the studio this time, playing with your fingers as you spare a glance back at Namjoon, only to see he’s not watching you anymore, but has braced himself up against the wall whispering just loud enough that you can hear “god, she’s gorgeous”
  •  So it goes on for weeks
  •  Yoongi notices namjoon stops by more often, brings Yoongi food or just to talk, but Yoongi isn’t sure why bc?? They see each other all the time at home?? Why would namjoon want to spend more time with him
  •  And then you walk in, namjoon leaning over the counter Yoongi works at, and set down a steaming cup of coffee for the DJ
  •  Your eyes flit over to Namjoon’s as soon as his eyes flit to yours
  •  The warmth in his roommate’s eyes can’t be imagined, nor can the sudden pinkness in his cheeks and oh shit
  •  Yoongi smirks to himself and quickly busied himself with the q&a, while Namjoon is still blushing and leaves not three minutes later
  •  Yoongi is good tho, he won’t tell you how namjoon feels and won’t tell namjoon how you feel, he rather enjoys the longing stares and awkward smiles
  • Yoongi is looking through the files on his computer when he comes across a recent one, made yesterday
  •  Curious, he checks to see if it’s his copy of the show from the night before, because it’s not titled or anything
  •  And then namjoon’s voice floods through the speakers and it clicks
  •  Namjoon’s done a rap about you, sounding completely in love and it’s the sweetest thing. It’s obviously not done because there are little whispered “shits” in between, long bouts of silence before namjoon starts up again, and little hums
  •  It’s a confession, he figures, and feels pretty bad for listening in bc hey that’s private stuff, he’d hate for namjoon to come across something like that of his
  •  And then Yoongi sees that the on air button is still red, it’s still on and has been the whole time he was playing Namjoon’s rap
  •  He knows for sure everyone who tuned in had heard it because it’s a few minutes later that Namjoon bursts through the front doors, looking desperately for Yoongi with eyes blazing in fury
  •  He’s also scared, looking for you, wondering if you had heard
  •  Of course you would have heard, everyone who tuned into Yoongi’s show hears
  •  He runs into the studio and thankfully hasn’t seen you yet
  •  "Yoongi!“ Namjoon yells, his anger getting the best of him
  •  The older DJ quickly locks the door to the recording room, looking through the little glass window on the door to see Namjoon banging on it, his cheeks flushed
  •  "It was an accident!” “Bullshit!” “I’m sorry, Namjoon!”
  •  Namjoon bangs on it a little longer before he feels a hand on his back, small, warm, right over his spine
  • His eyes shut softly, stilling against the door as Yoongi watches with wide eyes bc he really really doesn’t want to watch his best friend get heartbroken right in front of him, in case he had misread your feelings altogether
  • “Did I hear you say you liked the color of my eyes up close?” You spoke, and namjoon turned and expected you to look angry, disgusted even
  • But he turns to see the biggest grin on your face and all of those terrible feelings melt away
  • He nods slowly
  • “Me too” you whisper, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in, because God knows the boy was too mesmerized to do it himself
  • Yoongi turns with slightly red cheeks himself, chuckling as he plops down into his office chair. “One for love master Yoongi”
Housesitters Part 1 of 3 (2 coming soon!)

You huff and puff as your packed-way-too-full overnight bag weighs heavy slung over your shoulder. Trudging up to your best friend’s apartment, you remind yourself that soon you’ll be sitting in a big comfy chair with your feet up, wine in hand, and no one to bother you. A whole weekend off from the BAU; saying that’s rare is an understatement.

You kick your foot a few times on the door and can hear Penelope’s cute little high heeled feet shuffle to open it for you.

“Hi baby! Oof, this weighs a ton!” She exclaims, grabbing your bag from you. She leans in close and whispers, “To thank you for housesitting this weekend, I got you a present!”

“I hope it’s that amazing cheesecake from Mama’s bakery!” You follow her around the corner to the kitchen, “I don’t care how much lactaid I’ll have to- Oh! Dr. Reid!”

“Dr. Y/L/N!” He exclaims, eyebrows shooting up. “I mean, Y/N,” he corrects, trying to sound less formal. “I didn’t know you were going with Garcia and Sam to Atlantic City!”

“I’m not, actually,” you cock an eyebrow at Garcia and then look back at Reid, “She asked you to housesit, too?”

“Too?” He asks Garcia, baffled, “You asked us both?”

“Well… here’s the thing,” Garcia goes up an octave, the way she does when she’s trying to cover her ass. She quickly hands Reid a Pellegrino and you a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and the rest of the bottle. “Sergio only likes Reid, and Buster only likes Y/N! Both cats need care! What’s a girl to do?” She smiles sweetly.

You and Reid shake your heads in unison, knowing full well what Garcia is up to.

“The girl needs to get in her car and go to her boyfriend’s place because they’re missing out on perfectly good gambling time,” you spell it out for her.

“Really?” She squeaks, “Thank you!” She turns to Reid, “This okay with you?”

A blush spreads across Spencer’s cheeks and you bite your lip. He nods and says, “Of course. I wouldn’t miss Mama’s cheesecake, and quality time with Sergio…And Y/N.”

You nearly choke on your sip of wine and Penelope pats you roughly on the back before running over to Spencer. “Oh! Thank you boy genius!” She pulls him into a tight embrace and he glances over her shoulder at you, a sly smile that melts you from the inside out.

“K, gotta run,” She kisses you on the cheek and whispers, “You’re welcome!” Then hollers to you and Reid as she gathers her bags, “Everything for the kitties is on the green shelf, and I got you an amazing meal for two from Gorgino’s and yes, Mama’s cheesecake! Love you, bye!”

The door slams shut, leaving silence in its wake. Your heart thuds in your chest and you silently curse yourself for drinking that margarita the size of your head and telling Penelope about your crush on Spence last week.

“You hungry?” Spencer grins.

“Always,” you laugh. “You want a glass?” You offer the wine, having been on the team only two months, unlike your decade long friendship with Penelope, you haven’t known him quite long enough to be sure if he drinks or not.

He bites his lip like he’s deep in thought. “Oh… okay, why not?” You have no idea he’s only having some because he’s incredibly nervous he’ll screw up what he’s turned into his own plan.

You walk over and pour him a glass, “Cheers, Spencer.”

“Cheers, to spending the weekend with someone… I’ve really wanted to get to know better.”

Now you’re the one blushing, a deep crimson, as you clink your glass to his. You’ve had a thing for Spencer since you first stepped foot in the bullpen, but you never imagined he felt the same. He was always just a little too shy or serious for you to crack him, but now’s your chance.

“So what do you have prepared for me, Chef Reidiano?” You laugh as he opens the fridge. He balances all the takeout boxes in one hand and begins goofing around like an Italian chef with a terrible accent. You help him dish and heat up the takeout, bumping your hips into his on accidental purpose. You catch the smile it puts on his pink, puffy lips.

Your plates are piled high with Dungeness fettuccine and eggplant parmesan, clinking glasses again as you sit down together. Reid lights candles with a nearby lighter he finds, making your heart skip a beat or 3.

“I would say this is much better than our usual weekends together, wouldn’t you?” You grin.

“This Alfredo can’t hold a candle to the police station doughnuts and stale coffee we usually have together, Y/N, and you know it.”

You giggle, “Day old bear claws are my weakness, you know.”

“I do know,” his eyes sparkle. You forget to eat because you’re getting lost in them now. “Y/N, I have a feeling this weekend isn’t going to be better than what we usually have, I think it’s going to be the best I’ve ever had.”

Having an exit plan.

Hello, love bugs !!

Dan x reader

 Warnings – anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, Claustrophobia. 

Could you please do a Dan x reader that has Agoraphobia? Thanks:)

Vid-Con it can literally be the best or worst time in your life. Meeting your favourite You Tubers and meeting all sorts of new friends was a given. The biggest problem for you, however, was the crowds of people. Dan and Phil always made sure you felt as safe as possible. The security team was the best that you could ever ask for. The biggest problem for you was the sheer amount of people. Even though you could always take a break from the crowds you felt this weird sense of duty to meet and talk to anyone that wanted to talk to you. Having tons of people waiting just as long to talk to Dan and Phil just to talk to you made you feel terrible if you heard that someone was upset they didn’t get to meet you.

 Ever since your relationship become public your life changed more than you ever expected. Your Tumblr and snap chat were the only social medias you had public. You would spend hours at night just talking to people on Tumblr. People would send you asks about your relationship with Dan to questions about anything and everything. Meeting all of these people in person was weird. They knew so much about you while you were just getting to know them. 

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Some Meditation Tips & Tricks

When meditating, it can often be hard or downright impossible to quiet your mind. That’s ok. If you can’t shut off the noise because you have ADHD or anxiety or you’ve just had a really rough day, that’s ok. Instead, you can try to lower the roar to a buzz, to a directed stream, and here’s how:

  • Lay comfortably. Put on pajamas or something, or whatever you can sit comfortably in for a while, something that isn’t going to distract you with how it feels, because you’re going to focus on your body. Maybe cut the tags our if you have to. Lay down somewhere comfortable. A big comfy chair, your bed, the bathtub, I personally love the floor. 
  • Now start with your breath and even it out. Got it even? Good. Keep it slow and deep, but don’t worry about counting, that’s distracting. Just keep it relatively even and calming and focus your attention on your toes. Are you aware of them? Are they tense? Probably a little, everything in your body is low level tense when you’re awake. That’s ok. Consciously relax your toes. Got them relaxed? Good. Now get the rest of your feet. Now your ankles. Now your calves. 
  • Move up and up your body, relaxing all the parts. If something tenses up again go back and fix it and move up again. Don’t forget your butt, your back, your chest and hands and arms. Get your neck. Get your face. Never forget the face, you never realize how tense it is until you relax it. Heck, feel your scalp and ears and tongue. I want you loose, I want you entirely comfortable and relaxed.
  • Ok are you there? Are your bones melty and your muscles relaxed? Good. Now I want you to breathe. I like to close my eyes and imagine my rough body shape floating in darkness, an almost gray outline of black on black. And then I visualize myself breathing out the swirling blackness and breathing in gold sparkles. In and out, bit by bit until I’m full. Maybe you lose some sparkles on an exhale and get some of that black. That’s fine, no worries, just keep breathing. Sometimes I like to imagine I’m pushing energy out of myself and into things, while pulling in other energy. I do a lot of earth work, so sometimes lay in the garden and I push my orangey energy into the ground and plants, draw in their bluey green energy. Just breathing. Maybe my mind goes quiet, maybe it doesn’t. That’s ok, I’m relaxed and in control of myself and at a place I can work from.

I’ve been doing this since I was little, like four or five, and I’ve gotten (in about 20 yearsish) good enough to do this all at once with a few breaths. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a bunch of passes to relax, that happens. It can take time. But if you practice you’ll feel better in general (meditation is just factually good for you), and you’ll be able to master meditation. I hope this helps!

Just Stay (Yoongi)

Requested: yup!

anon asked:  Can I request Yoongi fluff pls? Like he’s busy working in the workroom so you prepare food and go to surprise him~ u watch him eat and sit there quietly as u don’t want to disturb him then wait till he finish to walk back home together ^^

word count: 1,763
Masterlist - Mobile Masterlist

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Jackson ‘One-shot’

Summary: Life with Jackson

AN: I wrote this at 1am, it is a pile of shit, you have been warned.

‘I can’t do this anymore’

‘I can’t do this anymore.’

You’re keeled over and coughing your lungs up as sweat runs down your back, looking up to see Jackson turning around to look at you, beaming and bouncing on the spot in his trainers and his sports gear as he waits for you to catch up to him on the hiking trail.

'Come on, Jagi, just a few more-’

'No, Jackson! I cant do this anymore!’ you shout again, hoping he could hear you properly this time.

You’re too busy staring at the floor trying to get your breath back to see the way his face drops completely and his chest deflates as the air rushes out of him. He quickly jogs back to you and helps you to stand up properly, encouraging you to lean on him for support and even going so far as to hug you to him, rubbing your back soothingly as he kisses your shoulder- the action making you slightly confused.

'Its okay, Jagi. Come on, let me carry you back.’

And then you climb onto his back and he carries you almost two miles back to the car, making you laugh the whole time…smiling because you were smiling.

'I can’t do this anymore!’

You shout the words angrily but then immediately regret them when you hear the familiar sound of Jackson’s heavy footsteps thundering down the stairs, his quick pants reaching your ears before he did, and he ends up bulldozing into you, pulling you fiercely against him and knocking the knitting you’d been doing out of your hands.

'Hormones again?’ he asks quietly in your ear, rubbing your back calmingly and making you hum as you bury your face in his shoulder.

'Yeah.’ you mumble, tying your arms around his neck and smiling when you feel him press a kiss to the skin below your ear, lingering as he slowly slips his hands down to your butt for a cheeky squeeze, which makes you chuckle, before he backs you into the lounge and sits you down in the big comfy chair, making sure you were propped up comfortably, with the remote and a book, before kneeling down at your feet and leaning forward to kiss your belly.

'Only a few more months, Jagi.’ he murmurs, looking up at you with warm, happy eyes and you see the little crows feet appear at the edges when you smile back at him, reaching your hand out to cup his face and seeing his shoulders untense as he leans into your hand.

'I can’t do this anymore.’

The words are an aggravated sigh when you say them, sitting back in your chair and rubbing your eyes tiredly as you stretch your neck, jumping slightly when you feel lips suddenly descend onto yours but quickly recognising them as Jackson’s and kissing him back gratefully.

'Whats up, buttercup?’ he asks, continuing to rub your shoulders as he leans over and rests his chin on your head, eyes scanning the computer in front of you where you’d been trying to work out your taxes.

'Its these taxes-’

'You know what? I dont think we’ve had a date night in a while!-’

'Jackson, we literally had date night, yesterday-’ you go to argue, but he’s already pulled you up from the chair and dropped a kiss on your lips, before quickly sliding to the coat peg in the hallway and throwing you your coat with a smile.

'And?’ he asks, your favourite toothy grin on his face as he slips his own coat on and opens the door, standing to the side to wait for you, his face slightly worried as he waits for you to stop staring at him disbelievingly- the expression turning to relief and happiness when you shake your head happily incredulously at him before skipping out of the door.

'I cant do this anymore!’

He’s there before you even have a chance to break down in sobs, his arm wrapped firmly around your shoulders and when you look up at him, you see him nodding reassuringly as he watches you with sparkling eyes that looked like he might cry at any moment.

'You’ve done this before, Jagi. I know you can do it again.’ he says, pressing a forceful kiss to your forehead and pressing another to your lips, before shuffling you into a more comfortable position and crouching down beside you, offering you his hand and the scared grimace on his face changes to one of quiet exhilaration when you grab it.

'Okay, push.’ the midwife commands, and even though you feel like your insides are trying to be ripped out of you, Jackson murmuring unhurried reassurances beside you manages to calm you enough that you hardly feel the pain because within minutes you’re looking up at him handing you your second child and when you take her from him and end up crying happily, you dont notice the look of unparalleled happiness that covers his face at the sight of the love of his life with his child.

'I can’t do this anymore.’

You watch him tiredly as he looks up at you from where he was sat beside your bed, his walking stick beside him and his eyes as bright as ever, shining out at you from his creased and tired old face.

'You know, you’ve said that to me so many times over the years…and every time I believed you-’ he mutters, his voice now gravelly and croaky as it rumbles from his ancient voice box, his hand holding yours tightly despite his frail frame.

'Every time, I’d always make sure i’d change your mind or make you feel better, because I was too scared to see you give up on yourself, to see you lose faith. And after i’d make you feel better, you’d have accomplished the thing you said you couldn’t do within a few hours.’ he chuckles, having to stop to cough harshly, before looking back up at you with a crooked grin, the expression still being 'Jackson’, despite the few missing teeth and the slightly droopy cheeks and eyebrows.

'But I dont want to believe you now.’ he murmurs, his hand shaking slightly as he holds tightly to your fingers, his thumb brushing over your knuckles lovingly as a tear escapes his eye and rolls down his greying cheeks before he can wipe it away with a trembling finger.

'You can do this, Jagi…you can…because I will help you-I will always be here to help you…’

'I can’t do this anymore.’

He whispers the words, as he reads them off of the grey slab, watching as a bird perches upon the soft mossy bed in front of it and pecks gently at the moist earth.

The sun was shining on the grave and the sky was blue above him, and it was all the evidence he needed to know that his words had been heard, the smile growing on his face as he looked to the matching grey slab beside his mother’s grave, laughing as he reads the little message at the bottom of his father’s gravestone that followed on from the slab beside it.

'If she’s out, so am I.’


anonymous asked:

Could I get a little scenario of Joshua or Woozi you can choose when you're eating a magnum ice cream but he gets kind of aroused by the suggestive way you're eating it ;j thanks anyways I absolutely love your blog!! <3

Decided to do Joshua because…there’s a lot of Woozi hehe! Hopefully this is okay, I had a hard time deciding how far to take this but ;) Thank you!

Joshua raised his eyes from the depths of his book for the third time, just to look at you, eating your ice cream and browsing the internet. A while ago, you had come back from the convenience store and because of your craving for chocolate and ice cream, you had bought yourself a magnum ice cream.

To Joshua, it didn’t really matter what ice cream you were eating though, because either way, he couldn’t tear his eyes off of your lips and your tongue, occasionally sliding across the cold ice cream. He didn’t want to look, therefore he only took small glances in your general direction but he faced the dilemma of not wanting to take his eyes off of you either.

His eyes lingered on your mouth as he noticed how lightly you sucked on the ice cream, partly melting it and then licking the melted chocolate and ice cream with your tongue. You were oblivious as you kept scrolling through some news website, whereas he was starting to get more and more hot and bothered.

He swallowed hard and yanked his eyes away from you in embarrassment at how much you were arousing him.

”Joshua” you called him, gulping down the melted ice cream, facing him. He didn’t say anything but just lifted his head up and smiled, which if you didn’t know him, would’ve been completely normal. But this time, his ears were burning red and his eyes clearly avoided looking anywhere but your eyes.

“Ah, actually nevermind, but why are you so quiet?” You decided to ask instead of asking why he was visibly blushing, although you had a good guess why he was being like this. You just needed some confirmation of that before making any novel moves.

“No reason sweetheart” he answered, smiling again, returning to his book.

”You sure? Your ears are red” you pointed out, laughing a little and taking another bite of the ice cream before it would completely melt. If you would’ve kept your eyes on him you would’ve seen him cover his lap with the book he was trying to read.

”Y/N, honey, please, just…eat your ice cream before…it melts completely” he tried to convince you.

”Oh, okay” you said, smirking at his dumbfounded and confused state. Your eyes landed on the book on his lap which rang a bell for you which then again, almost caused you to choke on your last bits of ice cream you had in your mouth.

The thought of him growing hard because you were just eating ice cream was funny at first but the more you thought about it, the dirtier the images in your mind got. To think that your Joshua, your sweet and somewhat innocent boyfriend, had dirty thoughts of you in his mind, didn’t help you either.

At first, you felt bad for distracting him by just eating ice cream without any other thoughts but when you swallowed the last drop of your ice cream and carefully licked the wooden stick clean, something just felt right.

”Do you need help with that?” you asked him, closing your laptop and putting it to the side so you could straighten yourself on the couch, making sure to lick your lips. Firstly, to make sure you didn’t have any ice cream around your mouth and secondly, to tease him a little more, now that you had started.

He gulped and looked down at the book that was covering his growing bulge. He didn’t want to seem like he was completely under your spell but he couldn’t help but letting out a small groan when he saw you lick your lips.

”If you wouldn’t mind” he said as quietly as he could, eyes still sweet but that was about the only thing about him that didn’t scream ’just come to me already’.

”Of course I wouldn’t” you said, smiling back at him and getting up from the sofa. Joshua eyed you up and down when you got up from the couch and took a few steps to meet him sitting on his big comfy chair.

”I think we need to buy ice cream more often” you commented, placing your hands on his knees and slowly getting down on your knees in front of him. ”I love you so much” Joshua whispered, hands wandering from the arms of the chair to his hair and from there to finally hold your hair.

You took the book away from his lap and smiled, ”I love you too.“

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A Day in The Glade || Monthly Visitor

Summary: Second insert for the “A Day in The Glade” series. The reader’s monthly visitor comes along, ruining her day. But not on Newt’s watch.

Warnings: Pretty long. Again. And fluff.

Word Count: 1,150

Newt wrapped his muscular arms around you and was about to pull you closer to him when he smelled something peculiarly familiar.


Exposure to injuries in the Maze - especially the one that got him a limp - had his nose accustomed to the smell of salt and rust for a long while.

Newt wouldn’t be all panicky if you weren’t beside him. He sat up immediately, searching your upper body for any bleeding spots. Then, he spotted a blood stain on the sheets near your lower back. Oh. Newt exhaled in relief, his hand against his rapidly throbbing chest. Then he took action.

“Y/N, love,” Newt shook you gently, giving your cheek butterfly kisses.

You hummed in acknowledgement and stretched before answering. “Is it Wake-Up already?”

“No, it’s still pretty early.” He replied in whispers. “I just need you to stand up for a bit. You can go sleep on the chair for a while if you like.”

“Why?” you pout a little, which dissolves immediately when met by Newt’s lips.

“Well, love, I hate to break it to you, but you’re buggin’ monthly visitor’s come to check on you,” Newt smiled as you grumble, getting off the bed and on the big comfy chair Newt asked from the Creators when he got sick and he didn’t want you to catch it – but he didn’t want you to leave either. And, yes, he was the one who stayed in it.

“I’m sorry you have to do that,” you sigh, wincing at the daggers stabbing your lower abdomen, tears threatening to fall at the pain.

Newt shushed you, focused on his work. You watched his muscles flex whenever he lifts the sheet up higher, finally getting rid of it, muttering to himself that he should wash it today, since he doubted any of the Sloppers would be willing to wash it.

Once the sheets were replaced, he turned to you. “Wanna get back in, love?”

You puffed some air out. “I don’t think so, Newt. I feel like hell down there.” You felt guilty that Newt was obligated to deal with this time of the month, and you felt even worse when you saw how well he seems to take it. You embrace yourself tighter, willing the pain to go away.

“That bad?” Newt frowned, joining you in the armchair. He sat down and lay your head on his lap, and you instinctively curl yourself up in a ball, your face buried in Newt’s stomach.

“It hurts.” You mumbled, breathing in his scent.

“Shh.” Newt brushed stray locks away from your face. “Don’t move too much, it’ll be over soon.”

He continued stroking your hair until Minho almost too harshly opened the door.

“Newt, the Doors are gonna o- oh.” Minho stopped mid-step, taking in the scene. “She alright?”

Minho was the big brother you never had. He always knew if you were okay or not just by how you walk, talk or act. And he made sure no one got in the way of you and your happiness.


You realized that Newt will probably ask Minho to run alone, which was incredibly dangerous. So you speak up as loudly as you can handle. “Newt, it’s alright. Just get me to Clint. Please.”

“You sure?” He looked at you, pure worry in his hazel orbs.

You nodded adamantly, instinctively clinging to his neck as he stood up, Minho opening the door for him.

Newt sat you down beside Clint, who was sorting out medicine. “Anything I can do, chief?”

Clint smiled at Newt, who rolled his eyes.

“I’ll delegate you after the authorities present beat me up.” He smiled sweetly, and Minho smirked.

“We better get going, Newt.” Minho knelt next to your seat. He watched Newt kiss you soundly, tell you to take care and head out.

“Come on, Min.”

“Don’t make her tire herself, shank.” Minho glanced at Clint before wrapping his arms around you. “And you. Don’t do anything stupid that could give your boyfriend a heart attack.”

You smiled at him. “You know I try, Min.” you winked.

“See you later, princess.” Minho waved before shutting the door.

“Looks like you got their hands full, Y/N,” Clint said, not looking up from his notes.

“Yeah, well, I do tend to be a magnet for trouble.” You said sheepishly.

Clint’s reply got cut short when Jeff entered the room. “Just caught lover boy and Minho on the way, they just got in the Maze,” he informed. “Newt told me to make you take this.” He gave you a pill. Probably painkillers.

“Thanks.” You muttered.

Except Chuck and a few Slicers, the Med-Jack hut stayed relatively silent until the runners came back to see you in a better state.

“Looks like the Runners will be back soon.” Chuck mentioned as Jeff treated his knee cut.

You stood up immediately, only to pause once your lower abdomen started wringing itself.

“Stay put, Y/N, they’ll come here first for sure.” Jeff warned, finishing Chuck’s cut.

As if on cue, Newt came barging in the door. “You better?”

You nodded slightly, not having the energy to smile. He was about to carry you back to his room when you stopped him. “You must be tired. I’ll walk back.”

His face said it all. He was tired, especially with his limp bothering him. But he was going to force himself anyway, limp and all. You cursed silently when Minho interjected.

“I’ll carry her, shank. Don’t kill yourself.” Minho pushed Newt aside and scooped you up in his arms effortlessly.

Once Minho left you lying on the bed and Newt about to join you, you stopped him. “I must look and smell like klunk right now,” you whined. Newt was all cleaned up, and you haven’t showered since the other day.

“Nonsense, love, c’mere.” You shoved him away, repeating your reason.

“I swear, you’ll get all dirty and stinky and you’ll have to shower again.”
“Then we’ll shower together. All the more reason…” He wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“You’re disgusting.” You wrinkled your nose.

Newt chuckled. “Off to the shower, then,”

While Newt was undressing you, you watched him guiltily. Not only was he the acting leader of the Glade, but he also had to deal with you.


Newt looked up and smiled. “Yes, love?”

You ignored the growing pain in your lower region and clenched yourself to him. “Thank you. So much. I never felt more safe anywhere than with you.”

Surprised at the sudden gesture, he placed his arm under your butt and across your back to support you both, laughing in amusement. “Always, darling.” He nuzzled his nose in the crook of your neck. “You’ll be safe and happy as long as I’m breathing.”

And Newt spent the rest of the late afternoon washing dirt and grime off your hair. The perfect picture of romance.

Coming Home for Christmas

Request: An idea for the holidays. The reader hates christmas because something bad happened last Christmas : friend died. Had to say goodbye to someone really close. Something really important was stolen. She was attacked and almost died.(sorry I love angst)

A/N: I regret nothing. The reader is like…early twenties. Italics are the readers thoughts.

Warning: Angst

25 Days of Holiday Tales

Dean x Daughter!Reader    Sam x Niece!Reader

You stood at the top of the bunker stairs taking in view; it had been exactly one year since you had stood in that same spot. Everything looked the same as it did that day. There were papers scattered along the war room map, a coffee cup sitting where someone, probably your uncle, had been doing research. The garland and holiday lights were still wrapped around the stair railing. It even smelled the same.

You slowly made your way down the stairs, listening to see if anyone was in the bunker. It was unlikely, nobody was expecting you to come home, not after what happened last year. Ugh last year.

Last Christmas had resulted in a fight between your father and yourself. You had done what Sam and him always wanted for you. You had gone to college. Been normal. However it wasn’t meant for you, it never was. You had always done it to make your family happy. You had decided last Christmas that you were done pretending to be someone you weren’t for your family and told your dad and uncle you wanted in.

Which resulted in the biggest blowout in Winchester family history; it was even bigger then when Sam left for Stanford.

The last words you had exchanged with your father was that he was a terrible father who pushed you to be someone you weren’t. The last thing he had told you was that you were too naive to understand and that he couldn’t wait until the day you came to him, telling him that he was right.

Letting out a sigh you continued your journey around the bunker.

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If I were…

Thank you so much @theamiableanachronism !! You always tag me in stuff and it’s wonderful and I rarely play, but this is adorable so here I go!

if I were a month: June! I love June so much. It’s the month of roses and soft light and green grass and I loooove it so much. GOSH.

if I were a day: Thursday! I’ve always loved Thursdays. Fridays there can be too much pressure to have fun; Thursdays are the anticipation of that fun. I love them. :D

if I were a planet: Earth truthfully. I don’t know anything about the planets.

if I were a god or goddess: I want to say Athena but I’m probably more Diana? (Or Artemis.)
if I were a sea animal: yeah, I’m going with a dolphin too Ami. :D

if I were a piece of furniture: A big comfy chair.
if I were a gemstone: A sapphire. (maybe?)
if I were a flower: Lilacs! Or daffodils. Sigh. I can’t choose.

if I were a weather: Rainy days when the sun is shining at the same time so everything is sparkling and there is possibly a rainbow.

if I were a color: (oh my gosh Ami all your answers are adorable I’m having a hard time changing them) Yellow :D
if I were an emotion: Gratitude 
if I were a fruit: Apple (or a Pear) (yes pears are good Ten)
if I were an element: Air 
if I were a place: A garden
if I were a taste: strawberry (is that a weird answer this seems like a weird question)
if I were a scent: roses
if I were a song: Timber I’m falling in love. (i KNOW but really though.

if I were a body part: Eyes?

if I were a pair of shoes: I don’t know?? I can’t think of anything. 

I tag: @the-girl-that-no-one-ever-knows @thirdhawkeye @cleverdeception @butterfly-magoon @illbeoutofthewoods @sistergamora

Home for the Holidays (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Here’s the (second) to last Christmas fic! I honestly don’t think the other will be online tonight, and if it is, it’ll be really late. I hope you guys enjoy this and have a very Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, I wish you a happy holiday!

Summary: You think you’re alone in the tower for Christmas, but it turns out Bucky’s there too. The next morning, Christmas morning, you find that he has a special gift for you.

Other Characters: The Avengers (even if they’re not all specifically mentioned, they’re all there :) )

Warnings: Crying, feeling of loneliness, and fluff

Word Count: 1K+

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The In-Depth Play-by-play of Our David Duchovny Experience That You Never Asked For, and Didn’t Know You Needed

Written by: Liz @2momsmakearight, and Kris @kateyes224

We really hope you find this an entertaining as we did…because we think we’re hysterical. (It’s long, but worth it)


Liz:  Where to begin? I never thought the story of our collective deaths would revolve around David Duchovny. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really, given the amount of times I’ve died on Tumblr… See…there’s those hyperbole’s we’ve talked about. “Slay me with a toothpick…”

 Kris: “FLING ME INTO THE SUN."  "FUCK MY ENTIRE ASS” is my personal favorite.

 Liz: Anyway… What time did we wake up again? The ass-crack of dawn? 

 Kris:  Too early.  Especially considering I didn’t sleep whatsoever the night before.

 Liz: No, there was no sleeping… We shared an air mattress, which could be a post entirely of its own, really. There was no sleeping. It was still dark when we left your friend’s house. But THANK GOD you got to shave your legs…

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dion-california  asked:

pluto: what do you love most about yourself? earth: what’s your ideal house/home? kepler-22b: if you could go anywhere, where would it be/why? hyperion: do you have a favorite store/shop?

Pluto: I love my lame sense of humor, I’m talking bad jokes/puns that only I usually find funny.
Earth: My ideal home would just be a super cozy feeling place. Big comfy couch and chairs with oversized pillows and blankets everywhere. A nook where I can sit in the window and read. Big kitchen for me to cook in. Large fenced in yard for my puppy. And, a huge bathtub for bubblebaths.
Kepler-22b: If I could go anywhere my answer is almost always New Zealand for obvious reasons that I want to feel like a Hobbit running across a fields and tracking across some beautiful mountainsides.
Hyperion: Probably this local used book/record shop that I love to browse through weekly if possible.

catch me laying upside down in the big comfy chairs outside of the break room I’ll sit weirdly in chairs in public I don’t give a fuck I work full time I own this place