big combo

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Taco Bell Update 5.42.11 Patch Notes
  • Quesarito Combo Nerfed. - Big Box no longer an option for Quesarito, users must now order a Combo 12 if they wish to purchase a Quesarito with drink and taco.
  • Fire Sauce “Blank” Packet Fixed. - Many users have discovered numerous packets of fire sauce which did not have an item description attached and were just left blank. This has now been fixed and all packets of fire sauce will have item descriptions and lore text on them.
  • New Manager “Jeff”. - Hi, Jeff!
  • New Cheesy Triple Layer Beef Burrito ingredients. - Added a little Fritos® to that bad boy.
  • Cinnamon Twists more … Twisted. - Part one of our lore expansion on our dessert menu
  • Rats removes. - No more rats for the remainder of this month!
  • Cosmetic updates. - New pop art added in dine-in to represent the “Liva Mas!” lifestyle. Worker Harold now has braces.

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo

Kinda realised I didn’t post any kind of art minus super sketchy MS Paint stuff recently…


here’s Omni and PJ as kids (which this is a noncanon pic but still a fun thing to design due to Omni never really being a ‘kid’)

Omni © CereusBlue




               Just an unnecessary edit of my chicken legged middle child wearing nothing but his chonis and holding a football because ’tis the season. Enjoy! 💀


Ksenia Cheban (2005) on beam @ the Khorkina meet. Really nice style.

break in nonfic class and two hilarious things have already happened

an evaluator came in and watched the class for twenty minutes. (this is a big deal. we’re a ‘Top’ university so when we get evaluated we gotta look good) prof was goddamn killing the lecture he was AWESOME. the evaluator leaves. there is a moment of silence. and then sir says, “that’s how we do it, motherfuckers.”

2nd thing, some students have to be interviewed by evaluators. we’re all chickenshit, so there are no volunteers. he picks out random students from the class list before his eyes settle on me and my friend sitting next to each other. 

“you two,” he says. “rock paper scissors. now.”

“AAAAAAAH” we both go, getting our fists out, ready to end our friendship. but then he changes his mind.

he looks at me, then he looks at my friend, kathleen. he says, “nevermind. kathleen, you go. you’re dressed well.”

“but sir, aisha is also—”

“kathleen, im dressed like a lesbian, you have to be the one to go.” i say to the entire class.

mental-mercenary  asked:

I'm starting to get fascinated with black and white cinema and I know that you've listed numerous noir reccomendations on your blog....Here's my question. Can you name the noir film that's best to start with. Something that exemplifies the best of what noir has to offer and will get someone hooked? What noir film did you start with, and was it the one you'd reccommend others start with?

I started with The Big Combo.

An excellent B-Noir that was not terribly well-regarded until it was rediscovered in the ‘60s. It’s free to watch on YouTube due to lapsing into public domain, and remains my personal favorite to this day. 

Other excellent starting points would be ‘Double Indemnity’‘Murder, My Sweet’, and the European Orson Welles mystery ‘The Third Man’