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Taco Bell Update 5.42.11 Patch Notes
  • Quesarito Combo Nerfed. - Big Box no longer an option for Quesarito, users must now order a Combo 12 if they wish to purchase a Quesarito with drink and taco.
  • Fire Sauce “Blank” Packet Fixed. - Many users have discovered numerous packets of fire sauce which did not have an item description attached and were just left blank. This has now been fixed and all packets of fire sauce will have item descriptions and lore text on them.
  • New Manager “Jeff”. - Hi, Jeff!
  • New Cheesy Triple Layer Beef Burrito ingredients. - Added a little Fritos® to that bad boy.
  • Cinnamon Twists more … Twisted. - Part one of our lore expansion on our dessert menu
  • Rats removes. - No more rats for the remainder of this month!
  • Cosmetic updates. - New pop art added in dine-in to represent the “Liva Mas!” lifestyle. Worker Harold now has braces.

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo

Kinda realised I didn’t post any kind of art minus super sketchy MS Paint stuff recently…


here’s Omni and PJ as kids (which this is a noncanon pic but still a fun thing to design due to Omni never really being a ‘kid’)

Omni © CereusBlue


Ksenia Cheban (2005) on beam @ the Khorkina meet. Really nice style.



mental-mercenary  asked:

I'm starting to get fascinated with black and white cinema and I know that you've listed numerous noir reccomendations on your blog....Here's my question. Can you name the noir film that's best to start with. Something that exemplifies the best of what noir has to offer and will get someone hooked? What noir film did you start with, and was it the one you'd reccommend others start with?

I started with The Big Combo.

An excellent B-Noir that was not terribly well-regarded until it was rediscovered in the ‘60s. It’s free to watch on YouTube due to lapsing into public domain, and remains my personal favorite to this day. 

Other excellent starting points would be ‘Double Indemnity’‘Murder, My Sweet’, and the European Orson Welles mystery ‘The Third Man’


Some Curse

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Words: hair under 1,600

A/N: Obviously my first challenge would need to be for my wife’s and her sister-wife’s celebration. Congrats to @impala-dreamer & @idreamofhazel on your milestones! I don’t know where this came from…thank you to @amanda-teaches for the beta. The quote I chose from the challenge is in bold, and I’d like to apologize to Sam Winchester for using such a profound quote of his in such a ridiculous way.

Warnings: Swears. Imbibing in some adult type bevies. Dean is in a mood.

Paring: Kinda, sorta, not really Dean x Reader. (Sam’s there too in a friend type capacity)


You were going out tonight. Winchesters be damned.

Monster isn’t caught yet Y/N…it’s taking girls Y/N…you’re a girl Y/N…we have whiskey here Y/N…Sam can’t be seen by the cops Y/N…we’re on a case Y/N…blah blah blah.

All valid points. All of which you were blatantly ignoring. The three of you were at a complete dead end; Sam had been pegged as a possible person of interest at the latest crime scene, so he was on lock-down. Dean wanted to go stake out yet another abandoned farm house. You had a brand new shirt that was going to get you free drinks all night and you needed to get away from the brothers for a few hours.

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so my favorite texture site had THIS up

i clicked it out of curiosity and to my surprise

I know these

and if youre polish you know these too

so im joking with furby like “hey those are the rolls from biedronka, theyre definitely from biedronka” and were joking cause like, no big chain store/bakery combo has a monopoly on making a certain kind of breadroll but then i check one of them better

Theres a very big chance this is a biedronka roll

Anthony Joshua stops Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round!

Gotfuckingdamn y'all. Fucking crazy fight. Joshua dropped Klitschko in the 5th but almost immediately gassed. Klitschko took over, drops Joshua for the first time in his career in the 6th, and won a few rounds after that. Joshua came back to life in round 9 and by round 10 was putting big combos together. Drops Klitschko after freezing him on a big uppercut, knocks him down again, and blitzes Wlad til the ref steps in and stops it!

That’s moment of he year, Fight of the Year, and goddamn I need a smoke after that. Joshua answered questions about him chin, his toughness, his skills, his power, and his composure. Amazing performance.