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Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest

GD promoting CL’s new video; CL liked.

This is so precious. I’m just so into BFF, nonromantic/nonsexual relationships and will ship those to the ends of the earth. 

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@the-feminine-grotesque i was reading your replies to some of my asks and it got me thinking, so heres my response i guess?

At first glance, Wang So’s punishment seems very out of character 

As someone who has been treated like an animal, it’s something he is completely against. But why is Chae Ryung an exception? 

Essentially, Chae Ryung was going to be executed - the issue people have with the situation, is how. Why not quietly have it done without anyone knowing, why have all the Damiwon ladies watch it? 

Its all down to court politics. So far Wang So has been too soft - and the consequences have taken place. Jung and his clan want an autonomy and Wook has power over the entire court - allowing them all the freedom to not even turn up. 

And he was too soft on Chae Ryung. Because he didn’t want to hurt Soo, Chae Ryung took advantage and continued to act as a spy and spread rumours that Soo was a foreign spy. Being a foreign spy is a big deal. Chae Ryung put Soo in complete danger. If So wasn’t the King, it would get Soo killed without question. And if the court got knowledge of Soo’s writing - it wouldn’t be something So would simply be allowed to overlook - he’d have to do something (just as Taejo couldn’t simply overlook Mu’s attempted poisoning) i.e. take her out of the palace (which is something Wook, Yeon Hwa, the Hwangbo clan and even Jung would be down for). 

Being soft doesn’t work. And it’s why Mu’s rule only lasted 2 years. 

You have to be brutal, and you have to instill fear. 

Yes, Chae Ryung could have been quietly executed and that would be the end of it. But that would simply leave an opening for another court lady to take her place. So he made them all watch the execution - it was brutal and it will be ingrained in their mind. So the next time someone offers them money to commit treason, CR’s death will flash in their mind - and they will think twice.