big cats network

Hi, this is the Big Cats Network :)

If you want to be a member you should:

  • reblog this post
  • message me to check out your blog here
  • be a cat specific blog (I don’t mind other animal posts as long as there are merely cats)
  • must be friendly and willing to give advice to other members
  • should (but not have to) follow me

When you are chosen you should:

  • add a link to the network on your blog
  • send me the picture you want to have on the network here or choose one here
  • promote me and the other members now and then
  • tell your followers about the network

Good luck! :)


Hello everyone!

As you can see, Big Cat Network will be hosting its first raffle with cool prizes! This is basically what you need to know:

  • There will be three prizes, so three winners
  • Each winner will receive one of three prizes: A tiger, lion, or black jaguar backpack.
  • Every $5 USD will get you one ticket into the drawing hat.
  • Send donations through paypal; our email is
  • Let us know in the notes/comment section of your donation that you are participating in the raffle, as well as include the best way to contact you if you are chosen as a winner.
  • We will be drawing the winners on June 20th.

Shoot us a message or email at the email above if you have any questions! Good luck!

- Marcus, Anya, Aysegul, and Noora, the founders of Big Cat Network.