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could you do big cat keeper!leo if the game is still on?

  • loves all of the big cats, but his favorite is the black panther (leo voice: “actually, they’re melanistic leopards. use the right terms.)
  • he trains one and it’s name is chunjang which means black bean paste because of his coat and leo like adores him to pieces like every morning he visits him first and chunjang practically leaps out of the cage when he sees leo
  • because he has a soothing voice, leo is always being cute and lulling the baby leopards and tigers to sleep like he just picks them up in his arms and sings gently and all the other keepers are like “awwww” and leo looks at them like “shut it”
  • wore a baseball cap and sunglasses and went to the zoo’s store to buy a little keychain of and cashier hakyeon knew it was him and was trying not to laugh the whole time
  • loves seeing younger kids holding plush tigers or jaguars and when one of them is like “i can roar like the lion!!!! wanna see??” leo is like yes YES 
  • keeper ken “goodmorning to you leo!” leo: “are you a cat?” ken: “……” leo: “then don’t speak to me.” im joking he’s not like that but like around the others he’s quiet and keeps to himself but around the cats he’s just a big goofy chuckling boy
  • you come by to see the cats and leo is in the cage and you’re like “where is he……….” and leo turns to you like ? and you’re like “excuse me, is chunjang sleeping?” and leo’s like ,,,,,,,,,,, “you know his name?” and you’re nodding like ofc!!! he’s my favorite i always come just to see him - see!!! and you like show leo your phone and on it you have a folder in your photos titled chunjang *heart emoji* *cat emoji* and leo is like sdghawqhif thats cute i have on just like it but he doesn’t say it
  • instead he’s like “chunjang is sleeping right now, but…….im going to feed him in an hour……….you can come back……” and youre like omg yes i will and like you do and leo sees you diligently waiting and he’s 
  • endeared to say the least
  • and after you watch him with chunjang you’re just like @ leo like you’re sooooo lucky and leo for the first time gets red in the face and looks down and he’s like ,,,,,, “um —” and suddenly he feels chunjang like pushing at his back with his nose and leo’s like ok ok im going and he comes out of the cage
  • and he’s like listen i can tell you more about chunjang,,,, want to come to a cafe with me later,,,,, and you take his hand and he’s like !! and you’re like YES
  • leo and you going to the zoo store and getting matching chunjang t-shirts hakyeon like (———————: 
The Zookeeper Personality Guide

A zoo is like a high school cafeteria: people tend to be grouped and classified with others like them.  Oh, and someone’s always throwing food.

Certain types of people prefer to work with certain types of animals, and on the flip side of that, certain types of animals attract certain types of people.  Don’t even act like that’s not true, y'all.  Many keepers (including me) work with a variety of species every day, but even then, almost every keeper has a niche where they fit best.

Curious to see where you land?  Under the cut, if you dare…

[DISCLAIMER: Jokes, people.  These are them.  Don’t get offended.]

[Also, reblog and let me know if you agree or disagree, and add your own!  These are really general categories, but the possibilities are endless…]

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Greetings! Keeper Joy here with our first weekly Zoo Baby Profile! Today I have the pleasure of introducing the apples of my eye, our American lion cubs!

About the Individual(s)

Birthdate: 22 November 2016

Atrox and Sabor, two of the zoo’s newest arrivals, are a pair of North American cave lion (Panthera leo atrox) cubs. The siblings were born to a surrogate mother African lioness who, due to the cubs’ large size, had trouble birthing them naturally and so a cesarean section had to be performed. Due to this complication the mother rejected the cubs, this of course meant they must be hand reared and as the resident Big Cat Specialist and Head Big Cat Keeper the responsibility was mine.

At just about two months old now, Atrox and Sabor are almost ready to start trying meat, though they still won’t be completely weaned until they’re around six months old. For the time being they’re still totally on the bottle. Atrox, the tawnier of the two, is the male. He’s slightly bigger than his sister, though it’s not quite noticeable at this age, and is the more reserved of the two. Sabor, the lighter colored female, is more rambunctious than her brother and has been since birth.

About the Species

North American cave lions, also known as American lions, are the largest cat species known to date. The North American relatives of the Eurasian cave lion (Panthera leo spelaea), these cats roamed the Earth naturally until the end of the Pleistocene epoch. Standing over 3 feet at the shoulder and weighing up to 800lbs these cats were apex predators, preying on anything from deer, bison, young mammoths to ancient man. It’s still speculated as to whether or not North American cave lions lived in prides, the way their modern day relatives do. However we do know, thanks to cave paintings, that male cave lions lacked the large manes modern lions sport.

Location at the Zoo

Currently the cubs are, for the most part, still off view from the public. However, if you’re visiting at just the right time you might be able to catch a glimpse of them at the Big Cat House.

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AU where Laura is a big cat keeper who takes care of Catmilla. In the beginning, Catmilla has been an ass to her but later she's a big softie to Laura. One day when Laura goes to check on her she finds her in her human form

oooooh i like this a lot!!! it has potential to be a really cool AU. like can you imagine Laura’s face when she finds a gorgeous yet somewhat disheveled young woman sprawled out in one of the panther cages and the actual panther missing?

also why was Carm a panther for so long in the first place? did something happen to her to cause her to not be able to transform back? was she hiding from someone? the possibilities are endless!

I did the Zookeeper AU thing y'all! It’s currently a work in progress, but I’ll post the first part here. 

Edit: Part 2 and Part 3 are up!  Also AO3 here


Carmilla is a Big Cat keeper, while Laura works with the “cute and fuzzy” animals. Laura and Carmilla meet when one of Laura’s animals is housed in the Big Cat building for the winter. Fluff forthcoming!

“Sheridan, up,” Carmilla said. The elegant black panther jumped onto the bars of the holding cage, towering above her. In response, Carmilla clicked the small metal clicker in her hand.

“Good boy. Sheridan, tail.” The panther turned and backed up against the holding cage, carefully flicking his tail between the bars and sticking it out for Carmilla. 

Next to her stood a redhead in scrubs, holding a small syringe and a vial. “Thank you. I just need a few samples.”

“No problem, Dr. LaFontaine. Sheridan’s been getting better at blood draw training, so I guess this was good timing. What all are you testing for, again?”

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Kept: a Zookeeper AU, part 2

Chapter 1 here   AO3 here

Chapter 2: Carmilla gets a little injury, and it’s time for a quick trip to the First Aid Cabin… where we meet Lola Perry.

Laura wasn’t exactly excited about going over to the Big Cat building every day. It was nearly on the other side of the zoo. That morning she prepared the diet for Betty after doing her rounds. She’d checked in on some of her favorites, like the dwarf mongoose, the Pygmy sloth, and the sugar gliders. The sugar gliders were expecting a baby soon, and Laura would get to help hand-raise it.

After lunch, Laura grabbed the square metal pan that held Betty’s diet and started her trek to the Big Cat building. The keeper she’d met yesterday seemed pretty disdainful of the whole situation. Laura knew that C&F didn’t always have the best reputation, but it frustrated her that she wasn’t taken seriously. She promised herself that she would be stone-faced when she was around the big cats that day.

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Kept, Chapter 13: First Time

The saga is here    AO3

Carmilla takes Laura to bed for the first time… let’s just say it’s so sweet it may give you a toothache.

Carmilla felt nervous as she set Laura down on the bed. She was honestly a bit surprised this would be her first time - she knew Laura had dated other people and assumed it had happened before. But everyone feels differently about being close with someone in that way, and Laura had always been the type to take her time.

In the middle of a kiss, Carmilla paused. “Okay I hate to ruin the mood, but I should check on S.J. I mostly want to make sure he won’t jump the fence and destroy something.”

Laura laughed. “That’s completely fine, sweetheart. I can be patient.”

Carmilla gave her another peck and Laura nibbled at her lip, causing a quiet moan to escape her. “Please, please hold that very thought.”

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