#MyHandleExplained I needed a username for TLK FAA when I was 14, which would also be the name of my fursona. I started mixing up a name that sounded nice and unique, thus Maquenda (Ma-kwen-da) was made! Though people also say Ma-ken-da which is also totally fine, I like that!

Maquenda used to be more of a simple character, resembling my current emotions. Overtime she became to symbolise much more than that for me; a longing to Childhood and Spring….a nostalgic and melancholic feeling..




My needlepoint Jaguar rug is finally finished and she turned out great! She measures roughly 3 x 4 feet and is about 80% recycled materials! The most expensive part of the whole project was her custom laser cut claws! This was a really challenging and humbling project and I’m proud of the finished piece! I can’t wait to start a new project! 

BONUS: This is what she looked like five months ago!