big calfs

Media is always promoting a certain type of plus sized girl 🙄 the only acceptable thickness is in the thighs butt and boobs

Yes it’s beautiful but ya know what else is beautiful?

Big bellies with no boobs
Big boobs with no butt
Thick girls with no pinched waist
Small thighs with big bellies
Belly rolls
Uneven boobs
Big calfs
Big belly with no butt
Big arms!!
Chubby girls !!
Chubby boys !!
Chubby everyone !!!

Chub is okay! Squish is okay! No matter where it is or isn’t!! Squish it and smile!! Ur pretty and have a lovely body!


a little explanation for Kozispoon who asked and Emberises who was kind enough to provide the awesome setting .w.

Historical Context: the Beast of Gevaudan

the beast of Gévaudan (a former province, now part of the departements of Lozère and Haute-Loire in southern France) was the name given to a furry critter that, between mid-summer 1764 and June 19th 1767, attacked 210 people, killing 113 of which 98 were partly eaten, and injured 49.
Descriptions of the time vary, but generally the beast was said to be as big as a calf, had a large dog-like head with small straight ears, a wide chest, and a large mouth which exposed very large teeth. The beast’s fur was said to be red in colour but its back was streaked with black. Almost no early accounts describe the beast as a wolf, the peasants of the time knowing very well what a wolf looked like.

pictured: not a wolf.

Several reports go against the beast being a simple feral wolf. These include its apparent ability to evade all organized hunts by traveling several kilometers out of their way, its resilience to bullets, and the unnatural tameness it displayed when it was finally put to death by Jean Chastel in 1767.
The autopsy of the beast at the time found the creature to present features of both a wolf and a dog, indicating it might have been an hybrid, and noted the presence of a child’s femur head in the stomach of the beast, as well as several gunshot scars on the hide with even some pellets remaining under the skin from previous fights.
The corpse however started to rot during its travel to Paris, after which the king decided to have it buried in a location unknown to this day.

The beast of Gévaudan was widely regarded at the time as an instrument of God’s wrath, because of course it was. Some people, in regard of various elements such as the beast’s strange death, its hide’s strange bulletproofness and Jean Chastel’s strange strangeness, as well as some of the victims being beheaded, affirm that the beast was the pet of some serial killer, who would have organized in some way the murders of these people.

shit’s creepy yo.

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if u ever feel like it, some more cow!hanzo and bull!jesse would be awesome!

I got you anon, I am always up for bull!jesse and cow!hanzo.

The next time Jesse sees him is six months later, after the initial successful insemination. He and Gabe are visiting to Japan to show him off to some of Hanamura’s affiliate farms, hoping to sire some high-quality calves. They have a few parties buying Jesse’s services, stored on liquid nitrogen on the gamble that this stud will make it big. He’s even got to do a few live covers, but Jesse can’t get Mr. Shimada’s prized cow out of his mind.

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Zinger did a good job and calved a beautiful healthy big bull-calf! We couldn’t get a better shot because he was behind the food trough, and mama wasn’t thrilled about how close we were (so good, Angus mamas.) Promised @littlebean-jellybean​ a picture!

I was SO tired today. Staying up dancing will do that haha. Still managed to get to the gym though! Some parts of my body felt stronger, some felt wimpy (probably the tiredness more than anything else), but glad I went! Shins are still killing me which is unfortunate. 

Tomorrow I’m going to a Surrealism costume party! So that’ll be fun! I have a really cool outfit planned! 

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'The way Dean looks at Renee'? I'm honestly drawing a blank here. Outside of scripted TV moments, when has he ever looked at her in a way that shows he even likes her? This really isn't me being bitchy, I legit cannot remember a single unscripted, non-work picture of Dean giving Renee big ol' calf eyes.


My problem with fat representation on tumblr, especially in the black community

The preferred Plus Size Aesthetic : Small waist, big hips, big booty, normal b sized boobies.

My Aesthetic : Big waist, small hips, no ass, gigantic boobies.

Me: feeling like a piece of poopy every time I see a gorgeous girl on tumblr with the preferred ascetic described as “big girl” or “plus size” b/c to me that’s not, that’s normal, that’s thickness, I am a big girl.

Big girls have rolls and tummies that hang over their jeans. They could have back fat that overshadows their glorious asses. We have big tities and small titties back titties too. We have cellulite, and thighs that rub together, big calfs and a hard time finding clothing that fits. For me I have big thighs but my tummy is the show stopper and I often have to buy pants that fit my gut and not my hips. We often do not fit the hour glass body criteria, we look more like apples and pears. So please stop describing these non plus size women as so. We are fat we are beautiful. And we deserve PROPER representation.