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I just want to make you feel loved

I’m a slut for Soulmate au’s, soooo if anyone has any recs for solangelo soulate au’s feel free to leave it down beloww Please

SOO as I said I LOVE Soulmate Au’s, so I am now trying to write one. Hope you guys like it ;) Ari xxx

The Au idea is that you get your soulmate’s last name appears on your wrist on a random point of time, but i changed it to a random part of your body

Will Solace was 14 when his soulmate’s last name appeared on his collarbone. He was bit of a late bloomer . All his friends gotten it at least a year ago. He was an imaptient kid. 

If he remembers correctly it was a Thursday and his mother discovered while fixing his collar for his uniform. He remembers sprinting to his room and staring at the name in the mirror. 

di Angelo

It was written in neat, slanted script. Will remembered he recited the name like a mantra. It sounded foreign.

Italian, maybe?

Will felt all absolutely giddy. He always fantisized about finding his soulmate. What he would say. How they would fall in love. 

His mother always warned him not get his hopes up. Will knew why she was so cautious. Father left her and Will, and it destroyed her. It left her humilated and alone.  

They were going to be different, he swore to himself. He was never going to make them feel so helpless. He was going to do anything to find this person and make them feel loved. 

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Media is always promoting a certain type of plus sized girl 🙄 the only acceptable thickness is in the thighs butt and boobs

Yes it’s beautiful but ya know what else is beautiful?

Big bellies with no boobs
Big boobs with no butt
Thick girls with no pinched waist
Small thighs with big bellies
Belly rolls
Uneven boobs
Big calfs
Big belly with no butt
Big arms!!
Chubby girls !!
Chubby boys !!
Chubby everyone !!!

Chub is okay! Squish is okay! No matter where it is or isn’t!! Squish it and smile!! Ur pretty and have a lovely body!


a little explanation for Kozispoon who asked and Emberises who was kind enough to provide the awesome setting .w.

Historical Context: the Beast of Gevaudan

the beast of Gévaudan (a former province, now part of the departements of Lozère and Haute-Loire in southern France) was the name given to a furry critter that, between mid-summer 1764 and June 19th 1767, attacked 210 people, killing 113 of which 98 were partly eaten, and injured 49.
Descriptions of the time vary, but generally the beast was said to be as big as a calf, had a large dog-like head with small straight ears, a wide chest, and a large mouth which exposed very large teeth. The beast’s fur was said to be red in colour but its back was streaked with black. Almost no early accounts describe the beast as a wolf, the peasants of the time knowing very well what a wolf looked like.

pictured: not a wolf.

Several reports go against the beast being a simple feral wolf. These include its apparent ability to evade all organized hunts by traveling several kilometers out of their way, its resilience to bullets, and the unnatural tameness it displayed when it was finally put to death by Jean Chastel in 1767.
The autopsy of the beast at the time found the creature to present features of both a wolf and a dog, indicating it might have been an hybrid, and noted the presence of a child’s femur head in the stomach of the beast, as well as several gunshot scars on the hide with even some pellets remaining under the skin from previous fights.
The corpse however started to rot during its travel to Paris, after which the king decided to have it buried in a location unknown to this day.

The beast of Gévaudan was widely regarded at the time as an instrument of God’s wrath, because of course it was. Some people, in regard of various elements such as the beast’s strange death, its hide’s strange bulletproofness and Jean Chastel’s strange strangeness, as well as some of the victims being beheaded, affirm that the beast was the pet of some serial killer, who would have organized in some way the murders of these people.

shit’s creepy yo.

Southern right whale (Eubalaena australis)

Here is the last of the rights, the Southern right whale. They are the best known of the three species, occupying the widest range, and also the only one that isn’t endangered. After the northern right whales nearly became extinct due to overexploitation, whalers shifted their focus to the southern oceans, and with the onset of industrial whaling catches increased exponentially. In 1937 a ban was put on right whaling (more than 50 years before the universal ban) because all three species were nearing extinction, but some nations continued to hunt them illegally. Especially the Soviet Union hit the remaining population hard, taking more than 3300 animals between 1950 and 1960. It wasn’t until the early 1960s that Southern right whales were even seen in New Zealand waters again, and it is said that if the illegal Soviet whaling had not happened, the NZ population would be three times its current size. Luckily, unlike their northern counterparts, this southern species is recovering from whaling activities in the past and slowly increasing in number.

However these whales are facing modern day threats too, and one comes from an unexpected corner: Kelp gulls. They are a naturally occurring species in Patagonia (Argentina), and used to peacefully coexist with the right whales that come there each year to mate and give birth. However in recent years human waste (e.g. garbage dumps) has boosted the population incredibly, and since 1996 Kelp gulls have been observed feeding off live right whales. The gulls wait for a whale to come to the surface, then land on the whale’s back and use their powerful beak to hack into the skin. They feed off the blubber, creating huge holes - the whale in the illustration has scars on her back from exactly such attacks. The whales are literally being eaten alive, and constant pestering from the gulls decreases the time mothers can spend at the surface to nurture their calves. Calves themselves are targeted even more than their mothers because they’re still slow simmers, and Kelp gull attacks are a big factor in calf mortality off Patagonia. It is a very tough problem to get rid of too, as the behaviour is passed on from adult gulls to juveniles. It’s unfortunately one of the many ways in which we indirectly harm and endanger whales.

Last but not least, something has to be said for looks: even though the three right whale species are visually indistinguishable, there are some clues to be had when it comes to differentiating them, and one of them is colouration. All three species can have white markings, but only a Southern right whale would ever have as much white as this whale. Some right whales also bear an even more distinctive colouration pattern, and while it can be observed in all three species, it is most often found in the southern. This pattern is called ‘brindle’, and it means the whale is born largely white, instead of all dark. It is only seen in 3-4% of the population, so quite a rare sight! Usually these whales are males, and while they do darken with age, they will never be completely black. Instead they become a light grey in colour, often with black spots on top. Some whales remain completely white, even after growing up! About 6% of the population is partially brindle coloured, and these animals are always female. And if a male and female brindled right whale mate, their offspring is sure to be a brindle too ;)


12/2/2017 6.22 miles

It was just Carlo and I, and he was even a bit late. I was chuckling to myself as I left my house in enough time to be a few minutes early… “Every time I’m early someone else is always late”. Sure enough, it wasn’t until a quarter after 6 that we set out.

It was a good run. Nice and easy, so lots of chatting. We talked about shoes and my mom.

Carlo’s a good friend. It felt good to get a lot of it off my chest while running and thus not much opportunity to get overly weepy :)

Got to taekwondo, too. Mrs Chung brought the shoes. I tried them on, they fit! I wore them for class. The jury’s a bit out, but at least I didn’t further mangle my toe. Otherwise a pretty standard class. Wednesday’s class actually marked the return of Patty, a 5th degree black belt who’d been out for a few months from a couple of injuries, so it was good to see her again.

Speaking of injuries, I finally got in to see the doctor about my plantar fasciitis. He did a pretty thorough eval/intake/history and we didn’t have time for any therapeutic treatment. He supported my assessment of possible plantar fasciitis, but alerted me to another possibility, that it could be the peroneus longus tendon that runs under the arch from big toe to calf* with either inflammation, irritation, or possibly even a slight tear.

Later in the day on Saturday, we packed up the car and drove for an hour to a cut-your-own christmas tree farm. The pickins were slim to none. We left, aiming for another one that seemed just around the corner. It was. Their pickins were similarly slim. We relented and bought a pre-cut tree. Strapped it to the car and drove back home.

But we were still able to get in a hay ride!

* Slightly simplified, more or less.


Zinger did a good job and calved a beautiful healthy big bull-calf! We couldn’t get a better shot because he was behind the food trough, and mama wasn’t thrilled about how close we were (so good, Angus mamas.) Promised @littlebean-jellybean​ a picture!

I was SO tired today. Staying up dancing will do that haha. Still managed to get to the gym though! Some parts of my body felt stronger, some felt wimpy (probably the tiredness more than anything else), but glad I went! Shins are still killing me which is unfortunate. 

Tomorrow I’m going to a Surrealism costume party! So that’ll be fun! I have a really cool outfit planned! 

Fat Chick Clothes

Hey y’all! Local fat nb trans gal here! There are a few items of clothing I’ve been looking for but I’ve had a lot of trouble finding anything. I’m a 2x or 3x, but really broad in the shoulders. If anyone knows where I can find these items (online or in store) please let me know and I’ll add links to this list, or if you can, please tag and reblog so other fat women can find some clothes :)


Over the Knee Boots (size 11 wide with big ass calfs)

Skinny jeans


Skater skirts

Wide shoes

My problem with fat representation on tumblr, especially in the black community

The preferred Plus Size Aesthetic : Small waist, big hips, big booty, normal b sized boobies.

My Aesthetic : Big waist, small hips, no ass, gigantic boobies.

Me: feeling like a piece of poopy every time I see a gorgeous girl on tumblr with the preferred ascetic described as “big girl” or “plus size” b/c to me that’s not, that’s normal, that’s thickness, I am a big girl.

Big girls have rolls and tummies that hang over their jeans. They could have back fat that overshadows their glorious asses. We have big tities and small titties back titties too. We have cellulite, and thighs that rub together, big calfs and a hard time finding clothing that fits. For me I have big thighs but my tummy is the show stopper and I often have to buy pants that fit my gut and not my hips. We often do not fit the hour glass body criteria, we look more like apples and pears. So please stop describing these non plus size women as so. We are fat we are beautiful. And we deserve PROPER representation.