big cabin

♡ trans will solace who gets flustered and a little emotional whenever little brother austin comes to him for “yknow like… guy stuff. man stuff. advice, maybe”

◇ trans will solace who is more comfortable giving kayla The Talk than he is austin because “how do i tell him about stuff i dont even have??” “will are you a doctor or arent you” “oh!!! i forgot!” “[eye roll]”

♧ trans will solace who catches someone (a patient who is brought in after being injured) binding unsafely and tells them how dangerous that is and that they’re safe here and sends them to mr. d to “grab a binder - don’t worry, he’s basically our patron. he’ll help you.”

☆ trans will solace who becomes the Designated Helper for all trans kids at camp. he doesnt mean for it to happen, but it does, and he doesnt mind. cecil ribs him one day, joking “they ought to make another cabin out there, eh big guy? a cabin to put all these babies that youve adopted” “some of them are older than me, c.” “but youre still an excellent papa to them.”

♡ trans will solace

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still”. We love’ products!!

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Most alluring of all Venice’s attractions, however, were the Republic’s women, who were not only beautiful but famously flirtatious and as free with their favours as the men who pursued them. Nowhere in Europe was the game of love played with more relish than within Venice’s watery borders. With its winding canals, mysterious dark passages and damp musty smells, the city reeked of sex and promised romance, torrid affairs or quick casual encounters - whatever one wanted, given freely in what the English traveller Lady Mary Wortley Montagu called an atmosphere of ‘universal liberty.’ Venice was quite simply the sex-tourism capital of Europe, the place where young male aristocrats on the Grand Tour congregated to scatter their wild oats. Its maze of dead-end alleys, canals, quays, and narrow bridges seemed to have been designed specifically with intrigue in mind, as did its anonymous black gondolas with their discreetly curtained cabins just big enough to hold two lovers.

'Alla mattina una massetta, al dopo dinar una bassetta, alla sera una donnetta’ ran a local Venetian proverb - a little Mass in the morning, a little game of cards after dinner, a little woman in the evening. Venetian women were renowned for being beautiful, well-dressed and available. They bleached their hair a streaky blonde by pulling strands of it through the crowns of wide-brimmed straw hats and sitting out on their roof terraces all day in the sun. They adorned themselves with dresses made of sumptuous imported fabrics and wore fabulous pearls and precious stones around their necks. A surprising number of women of all classes with sexually available. The city had been overrun with courtesans for more than a hundred years, and although young unmarried virgins of the patrician classes were safely cloistered away from sexual predators in the Republic’s fifty-odd convents, their mothers and even their maids enjoyed an unprecedented amount of freedom. Allowed out all day either on their own or with their 'cicisbeo,’ a male companion or lover who was officially sanctioned by their families, they moved freely about the city on foot or by gondola, at liberty to do whatever they pleased. Anonymous in their carnival masks, androgynous in their floor-length black cloaks, these liberated wives played cards in the back rooms of theatres, frequented low-life taverns and smart cafes, and even visited male friends in their private casini, the small, luxuriously-appointed houses or apartments used by the wealthy for gambling and secret liaisons. No one knew exactly where they went to or what they got up to and in most cases, no one cared. Even God, it appeared, smiled upon love affairs in the Serenissima [Venice], where 'Christ Defending the Woman Taken in Adultery’ was one of the favourite subjects tackled by the city’s painters’


Casanova’s Women: The Great Seducer and the Women He Loved // Judith Summers

regarding Venice in the early 18th century.

Remedy (2)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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Remedy (1)

It took a good hour until all her wounds were tended to. Bruce had a pained expression on his face the entire time he was attending to her, probably unwillingly imagining the grim images of what was done to her, just as I had been doing.

“She seems to be fixated on you” Bruce said as he disposed of his latex gloves. “she trusts you; for as far as she can trust anyone”

I sighed, biting my lower lip, a nervous tick that I can’t seem to get rid of. “I noticed. What am I supposed to do with that?”

“I know it’s inconvenient, but you’re gonna have to be the one to take care of her. If she’s ever going to speak, it’ll be with you” Bruce said matter-of-factly.

“It’s not inconvenient” I said all too quickly. “I just..” another sigh left me, “I’m not good at this kind of thing”

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It’s a Tie- SMUT- Requested

Anon: “Hi I really like your imagines, your writing is amazing. Do you think you could please make a Sam and Nate threesome imagines. If that’s okay.”

“That’s too bad.” 

“I know, but Madi is so sick and her studio time starts in a week, so it seems dumb of her to travel right now,” Gilinsky says regretfully. 

“I completely understand. Let me know when she feels better and we can grab dinner or something. Feel free to call me if you need any advice” I’m a nurse so the guys are always asking me for medical advice and sending me pictures of weird zits and rashes they have.

“Alright. Thanks so much, Y/N. This works out a little because I can pickup Johnson and Swazz when they get back from Omaha tomorrow night. We were really looking forward to the weekend though.”

“Well it will just be me and the buffoons.” I laugh. 

“True. Call me if you need any advice” he laughs with me. 

“I should go pick them up and get on the road. Talk to you later.”

“Bye Y/N” we hang up. 

I throw my duffle into the back of my jeep and drive over to Nate’s where I’m supposed to pick up him and Sammy. With Madison and Jack home because of her flu, this weekend has quickly taken a turn for the interesting. The five of us were supposed to go up to my family’s cabin at Big Bear Mountain for the weekend, but now it’s just me and my two best guy friends, Sam and Nate. I take a deep breath and drive to Nate’s. I honk in the driveway and they come bounding out the door. 

“Y/N!” Sammy smiles and comes up to the window. “It’s gonna be littyyy in ski cityyy” he says and throws his stuff in the back. 

“Shotty.” Nate calls from the trunk and Sammy grumbles, climbing into the backseat. 

“I have some news,” I say as Nate gets in next to me.

“Yeah?” He says, hooking up the aux chord to his phone. 

“Madi and Gilinsky aren’t coming. She’s really sick and Jack wants to stay with her and take care of her.”

“Boy is whipped” Sammy says under his breath and I hit him on the arm. 

“I figured we could still go up to the cabin if you guys wanted, even though it would just be the three of us” 

“Sounds good to me!” Nate says and starts a song. I nod and pull out of the driveway. 

“Hey Y/N? Where’s the first aid kit?” I hear Sam call from downstairs. I am making up the beds in my room and the guest rooms while the boys were supposed to be making us dinner. 

“What?” I rush down the stairs and almost burst out laughing. Sammy is curled up in almost a ball on the edge of the counter and Nate is icing his finger. They look so guilty it’s hilarious. 

“We decided to play a game of darts before dinner and Sammy wanted to play defense” Nate chuckles and I shake my head. I get the band aids from the linen closet and clean up his cut, kissing his finger when I’m done as a joke.

“All better?” I tease and Sammy nods. “Why don’t I do all the chopping for dinner.” I smirk and start cutting up tomatoes for the homemade spaghetti sauce.

A half hour later I’m at the stove stirring the sauce. Sam is upstairs taking a nap and Nate went to take a shower. I always end up cooking by myself. I start to daydream about Nate in the shower. I don’t know what it is, but the past couple months, I have been unbelievably attracted to him. I start thinking about his taught, soapy body, and tattoos. I am so out of it that I don’t hear him come up behind me until I smell soap, musky aftershave, and a hint of weed. “Nate!” I almost jump, feeling the warmth off of his freshly cleaned body. 

“How’s the sauce coming?” He peaks over my shoulder, putting his hands on my waist to be able to lean in further. 

“Good, I think.” I say, my breath shallow. 

He is right up against me as he leans even more and sticks his pinky in the red sauce, then tastes it. “Yum” he says, smiling at me. “I was going to open a bottle of wine, do you want some?” 

I nod, “I think there’s a really nice red and a bottle of Dom in the back of the coat closet. My parents always buy expensive stuff and never drink it” 

“Ooh!” He laughs and goes searching. By the time he gets back with glasses, Sammy has come back downstairs and the pasta is ready. 

“Don’t throw it in the fire!” I’m hopping up and down in front of the fire place. Nate and Sammy got one of my bras from upstairs and are playing catch with it. I grab the lacy, expensive treasure out of Nate’s hands and hide it from them. I come back to the living room and pour myself another glass of wine. We’re about halfway through both bottles. 

“I have a question” Sammy says, flopping down on the couch. 

“For me?” I say as Nate sits down on the other side of me. Sam nods. 

“Which one of us?” 

“Which one of you, what?”

“You know what I’m saying.” 

I shake my head and Sam flashes me his bright white smile. 

“Which one of us? I know you’ve thought about it.”

I look over at Nate for a second and his deep eyes meet mine. I wonder if he can see right through me. 

“I think it’s a tie. I couldn’t pick.”

Sam looks at Nate. “So you want us both then?” 


“You kinky girl!”

“That is not what I meant!”

“Sounded like it to me,” Sam smirks. I look over at Nate. He shrugs and nods. 

“Whatever, you guys are dumb. I think I’m going to go to bed.” I yawn and stretch. I head upstairs and wash my face, brush my teeth and change into my pajamas, but now that Sammy put that image in my head, it won’t leave my brain. The two of them, pressed up against me. 

No that’s ridiculous. You’ve just had too much red wine. You’re buzzed and should sleep. They’re idiots. 

I am reading in my bed when there’s a knock on my door. Still thinking about Nate and Sam now and again, I am quite aroused and my nipples give it away through my camisole. I forget all of this when I open the door and find Nate there. “We were looking for extra toothpaste”. Nate says softly and I catch his focus going towards my nipples. 

I blush. “Uh it’s chilly in here. That’s why my nipples are hard. I wasn’t thinking about.. wait never-mind. Please forget I was talking about your nipples… no! I mean my nipples.” I am so embarrassed I turn away from the door. Nate is laughing. 

“Wait a second. Did what Sammy said before get to you?” I feel his warm body behind me again. He puts his hands on my shoulders. “I know the real answer to the question though.” 

I stop dead in my tracks. He comes even closer and puts his hands on my waist for the second time that night. “You would pick me.” he whispers and I feel the heat from his tongue in my ear. His smell is overwhelming as if taking up the whole room. 

“Uh” I can barely speak and before I know it he is pressing his thick lips onto the space just beneath my right earlobe. I can’t help but sigh and lean back into him. His whole body is rock solid and the scent is even stronger. His fingers start teasing the edge of my shirt as he works his way down my neck. I am about to completely give in to him when I hear another knock at the door. 

“Uh Come in” I eke out breathlessly. 

“Have you seen-Nate?” Sammy looks at him and then at me, still flustered. “I thought you were going to ask for toothpaste,” he says looking at Nate. 

“I got a little distracted” Nate says and looks over at me. I definitely still look red and turned on. Sam narrows his eyes. 

“Was he feeling you up?” Sam says, coming closer to me. He smells more like ocean salt, alcohol, and fresh laundry. I feel his slightly smaller frame up against mine. “Was he” he leans in and kisses the left side of my neck in the same places Nate did. “Kissing you neck?” his hands roam down to my waist. “Grabbing your waist?” I nod almost subconsciously and quickly realize what is happening and how turned on I am. 

“You should both go. Now. There’s toothpaste in the top drawer of my bathroom. You’re welcome to it.” They sigh and leave, shutting the door behind them. 

An hour later, I am lying in bed, unable to sleep. I keep replaying the image of both of them taking me over and over again, getting a little more turned on every time. When, ten minutes later, I hear shuffling in the hall and see the light flick on, I tell myself, fuck it, and strip down to just a thin lacy bralette and thong. I quietly pad down the hall until I find myself in front of their shared bedroom. I think for a second before knocking on the door. 

Yeah I want this so bad 

I knock once, but I think they were already up because it’s enough for them to open the door, finding me leaning against the door frame in my white lacy underwear.

“Holy fuck” Nate says, standing there in his boxers. “Sam” he calls over his shoulder. Sammy’s face appears in the darkness. 

“Wow.” He says breathlessly. 

“You win.” I say and raise my eyebrow, stepping into their bedroom. 

“Oh hell yes” Sammy says and without waiting a second, Nate’s lips are on mine, my whole body tingling. I feel Sammy’s bare chest behind me. Before tonight I never knew I wanted both of them at once, but now it’s the only thing on my mind. 

Sammy’s hands start roaming down my hips and onto my thighs. Nate pulls away from my lips and starts kissing the tops of my boobs before popping them out of the bralette. He takes a nipple in his mouth and massages the other breast while Sammy feels up my ass. 

Sam’s hands roam back to the front and he teases the edge of my thong. “Take it off.” I say breathlessly to him, feeling something stiff emerging against my back. I lean into Nate when he brings his kisses back to my lips and feel his emerging boner as well. He grips my thighs and we move over onto Nate’s bed. 

The boys switch positions so I sit in Nate’s lap, his mouth on my neck and hands around my tits, while Sam begins to tease at my folds with his fingers. Before I know it, he is pushing in and out of me with two of his fingers as Nate moans in my ear, his cock fully hard beneath me. “Fuck” I say breathlessly and Nate slides a hand down to focus on flicking at and rubbing my clit while Sammy fingers me. I’m writhing from their pleasure and can barely keep my mouth shut, breathing heavy. I start grinding on Nate’s lap and just when I think I can get any more, I feel Sam’s hot passionate breath between my legs. 

He’s licking me. His tongue is getting in every inch of me. I begin to shake, Nate’s arm around my waist holding me steady, hips lips on my collarbone. Sam clutches my thighs between his arms as he goes to town. I reach an earthquake of a climax, expletives flying out of my mouth. 

Now it’s their turn for fun. Nate sits on the edge of the bed and I climb into his lap again. Sammy stands in front of me. First I stroke both of their rock hard cocks for a few seconds while I come down from my first high. They are both pulsing and hot in my hands, heavy breaths floating above us. When I’m ready, I position Nate at my already wet tight entrance. He slides into me slowly, taking my tits in his huge rough hands. Sammy keeps eye contact with me while his best friend stretches into me. Soon I am bouncing at a nice slow pace, Nate’s hot breathing in my ear. 

Sammy steps forward and I take his stiff cock slowly into my mouth, keeping the same rhythm as Nate’s fucking. I look up at Sammy and I can tell they are both ready to burst. That is when Nate slaps my ass and starts to speed up. I have already orgasmed tonight but I am already almost at my climax again, moaning into Sam’s dick and out into the night. I hear my ass slap against Nate’s thighs and this drives Sam wild. He grabs the back of my head and begins fucking my throat, wet and sloppy. I feel him twitch in my mouth and pull away long enough to beg for his cum in my throat. Then, I take all of him right back in my mouth, running my tongue along his length. He shoots a huge, hot load down my throat and then pulls out of my mouth, watching me swallow all of it. I pull him in for a kiss so he can taste himself. He lays back on his bed and watches Nate slide in and out of me. 

“Come on. I’m almost there.” Finally Nate is in me. I have been wanting this for months. He is huge and so hard inside of me. I feel him begin to twitch with every pulse. He moans in my ear and speeds up even more. He bends me over to take me from behind, speeding up one last time so that nothing but the sound of our flesh fills the room. I feel my whole body start to twitch just as I get the feeling that he is ready to cum. “i want your load.” I pause and turn back to look at him He grabs my tits hard and thrusts into me twice more before he sends me over the top and we reach our highs together. I let out a long moan and a heavy sigh. 

“Well that wouldn’t have happened if Madison wasn’t sick” Sammy says and we all laugh. 

“Round two tomorrow night” I whisper to Nate as I lay on his chest and his eyes go wide. 

Shit that was dirty and long AF

Hope you enjoyed you kinky mofo


Not What It Seems | Luke x Reader

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Summary: You are a powerful Greek goddess, almost as powerful as the Big Three. But you’re in danger. Thankfully, your older brothers have a perfect idea

(Y/N)- Your Name

(Y/F/N)- Your Fake Name

Requested by: @nicolerachel12 

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took so long! Hope you like it!

You growled angrily as you teleported outside of Camp Half Blood. This was all Zeus’ fault! Well, you knew it was for your own good. Since Poseidon’s son had showed up at Camp Half Blood, it meant the prophecy had been set in motion. That meant Kronos was coming after the Gods. Especially you.

You were the Goddess of Time. That meant Kronos was targeting you specifically. Zeus came up with the idea and unfortunately, the council agreed it would be safer to send you to Camp in disguise. 

 There was no arguing against the council so you stomped down to the Big House. “(Y/N).” Chiron greeted with a slight nod. “Chiron.” You nodded in return and plopped down at the table with him and Dionysus. “Seems like I’m not the only one getting sentenced to this hell on Earth?” Dionysus smirked at you. “Shut up, Mr. D. I’m only here for the summer.” You sneered. “Where am I staying?” You asked Chiron in a much politer tone.

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