big bumpin'

game sequels we need

shit wheres the bullet points thing

  • here we go
  • rock n roll racing
  • Destroy all humans
  • uniracers
  • Tao feng
  • big bumpin’
  • boom blox
  • there was this one…very weird rts/arpg multiplayer hybrid on the 360, i want another one of them
  • Brutal fucking legend baby
  • tokyo jungle
  • saturday night slam masters
  • did ANYONE play kingdom under fire? i sure did
  • fable with all features removed
  • ehrgeiz. wait, i spelled that right first time?
  • vandal hearts. does that dude still make games?
  • We need more suda51 shit i dont even care what it is
  • armored core
  • zombies ate my neighbors
  • chromehounds
  • mechassault
  • i really like mechs
  • Shadowrun, but another very strange fps

i could go all day but i want. play more classic rpgs