big bumpers

Copy my parts and you go out of business!

My old boss told me this story and I thought it would fit in here.

We both work in the automotive aftermarket world, manufacturing and sell parts to “fix up” or restore a classic car. At the time my boss worked for a company that made those big tubular push bumpers and side steps for trucks and Jeeps and such.

It’s not uncommon in our industry for companies to splash* each other’s parts. Splashing is when somebody copies an exact copy of your part. We try to avoid it happening, but that doesn’t always work.

One day somebody calls him and starts lots of questions about the bumpers. Things like which other models do they fit, what’s the return policy, etc. He quickly figured out that this was a competitor that’s going to splash his parts then return them for a refund.

So instead of NOT selling him the parts he sells him a whole pallet full of parts. The revenge part here is that they build these parts specifically for this company. They moved brackets and bent things wrong so that visually everything looked correct, but it would never in a million years bolt up to the truck and work.

Sure enough 60 days later the parts come back, they issue the refund, and then trash that lot of parts. Fast forward a few months and that competitor goes out of business. Pretty hard to sell junk parts that don’t fit!

*splashing means to make an exact copy

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know I'm excited to hear you'll be selling merchandise, as your comic is probably my favourite on the web and it would be great to have a way to support you. (Plus I obviously want a t-shirt with Ferragus having a tea party with the bunnies.) I also wanted to ask if you'll be doing a book at all? Thank you for all the great comics!

Hi, thanks for the support and yep, I’m chuffed you like the comics! I forgot about the bunny tea-party - haha I will have to revisit that idea with more woodland gatherings. As to a book, I think when I get to about 200 strips I’ll do a book. (Right now I’m at about 130). I always loved those big bumper Peanuts books as a kid (did they only come out in Australia, maybe, who knows?) where I could just read them all day. That’s what I want to capture in print. To give folks value for money :)

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What would happen if the 2p's had a daughter that just came out as bisexual or lesbian?

None of these sweet dudes would care if their kid came out as a blade of grass. Everyone coming out to their parents, good luck and i hope everything goes well!

2p Romano: Would be so happy they had the guts to come say that to them. He’s congratulating, hugging, kissing them. Just really happy
2p Italy: Honestly wouldn’t care. Is just like “cool”, before he takes a sip out of his wine.
2p Japan: Kinda laughs for a minute and whispers.“ I sucked so much dick in my life, I can’t judge for shit.”. I’m half serious… 75% serious. Honestly he’d make them and cup of tea and thank them for telling him.
2p Germany: Is ecstatic that they came out. He’s very proud of them figuring themselves out. Would fight anyone who makes fun of them.
2p Prussia: He knows coming out, especially to your parents could be hard and would instantly hug them. He’s very comforting and is literally the perfect dad.

2p America: He almost wants to pretend like he doesn’t accept them, but realizes that its stressful coming out sometimes. Once they do, he’d tell them his story of coming out.(headcanon that Allen is Bisexual)
2p Canada: Also like the idea of Matt being Bi, but leans more to men so has no problems with their daughter being bi or a lesbian. Would boast about his daughter constantly nonstop.
2p France: He would not give a flying fuck about what they were and would tell them and pull them in to sit on the couch and watch some bad television to show nothing would change no matter what they were or what decision they make.
2p England: Is trying to keep his cool, but is so excited that they shared that with him(Have I told you that I really like Oliver being a trans man?). Would totally make a cake that simply says, “Congrats on coming out!!”. He’s so nice
2p Russia: Honestly he feels so special and respected him enough to tell him. Like in the way of, I’m happy that you could trust me to not be an asshole.
2p China: His heart is beating really fast, because he thought they legit were about to tell him they killed someone and needed help with the body. Hearing that they’re either Bi or a lesbian, he’s just relieved and ecstatic they came out. Hell buy a ton of pride buttons and stickers to stick on himself to show he’s a proud supporter. Would Even buy a big ass bumper sticker to put on his car.

Fender Bender

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Fender Bender

You were sitting in your car after a long day of going to meetings. You were just about ready to head back to work when the car jolted forward, and your seat-belt jerked you back. You screamed clenching your chest from the sheer shock of it all. Luckily you were parked and the car that hit you couldn’t have been going very fast.

“Are you ok!?”

Looking out the side mirror you saw a panicked man coming up to you. You opened the door and climbed out of the car. “I’m ok” you tried to assure him.

He sighed and slumped a bit. “I am so sorry…”

You walked with him to assess the damages. They weren’t too bad. There was a pretty big dent in your bumper, and some chipped paint, but the important thing was that no one was hurt. You gave him a smile seeing that he’s calmed down. “Are you alright?” He was just staring at your car and pouting. He looked so troubled. Maybe he couldn’t afford the damages? He was driving a pretty nice car himself, maybe it was his boss’s?

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