big brown eye

Have you ever seen brown eyes
in the sun? You don’t always notice
it at first but you’ll see that
‘brown’ not longer describe them.
They melt into golden rays, circling
an eclipse. There’s nothing boring
about brown eyes, not even when
the later hours encroach; they just
turn into a sunset of their own.
—  Word Porn

You don’t need to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you. #loveyourself ❤

&;- pre - prunified hancock for ur enjoyment ladies n gents. feel free to reblog ! 

headcanon that Bodhi’s goggles are prescription, but really, those are just for flying so he can easily see the dash and his target. he has a pair of reading glasses for when he’s just chilling and reading or working on his datapad

the first time Cassian sees him wearing them he is done for

(Bodhi can’t see Cassian’s face, it’s too far away, but that reaction is exactly what he was going for)