big brother italy

  • Child Romano: Italy! Why are you always cleaning, doesn't that bore ya?
  • Child Italy: well, it does, but Mr Austria asked me to do so, so I must comply~
  • Child Romano: fuck that, you must rebel! Do that sign that I taught you yesterday, the sign of freedom and voice!
  • Child Italy: oh, okay, big brother~
  • Austria: Italy, I told you to clean this before the guests arrive-
  • Child Italy: Mr Austria! *sticks up two middle fingers*
  • Austria: *eyes twitching*
  • Spain, in the distance: ROMANOOOOO!!

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Rebellious phase*?

America- The revolutionary war
France- The French Revolution
Russia- The Russian Revolution and that time when Peter the Great made a law making all men not have beards.
China- The opium wars
Canada- That time he burned down dc in the war of 1812
England- All of the British Invasion of the music scene.
Germany- The mid to late 1800s. He was probably a teen then and wanted more control over stuff. And more dogs.
N. Italy- When he stopped being Austria’s servant and became his own country.
S. Italy- He’d prob say his whole life but in all honesty probably when he broke away from Spain.
Prussia- From the time he hasnt been a country to now. He seems like the dude you see at walmart at 3am buying ramen
Hungary- When she left Austria’s house.
Japan- When he fought China
Sweden- Leaving Denmark and continuing to fight him for about 800 years
Finland- Finnish-Russo wars
Lithuania- Leaving the USSR first.
Netherlands- Leaving Spain then taking over trade.
Portugal- Making the spice trade route after being cut off.
Iceland- Not saying big brother

Walking in on South Italy and his s/o. Featuring North Italy!:

Walking in on South Italy and his s/o. Featuring North Italy!:
“Please, Romano?” You giggled, pulling him aside onto the vacant wall of the house, where the garden was in full bloom. You figured, though he’d be hesitant, this place would give him some comfort.
“Ragazza, you‘re so needy!” He barked, but didn’t pull away.
“Only because I need you.” A smirk crosses you lips, visibly weakening his resolve. He couldn’t resist hearing you whine, especially when it was because of him. He sighed before speaking, and you knew you’d won.
“Fine, five minutes, okay?” Without an answer he pressed into you, mending your lips together. You loved the way he kissed, it was sweet but always had a rough nature lying back. At any moment you’d knew what he’d do, he’d clamp his hands to you waist, press you harder against the wall. This always sent a low growl from your mouth to his, something that told him he’d done a good job. But this time, as he lent over to speak in your ear, he noticed something.
“Big brother…?” Italy tilted his head, though not in normal confusion. He actually looked like he was thinking. After a moment of heavy silence the man smiled, slipping a comment that could very well be his end.
“So what are you-a going to name the children?!”
I’m pretty sure Romano became the only living Italy after that day.

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Could you tell us about france's speech pattern please? (you don't have to if you don't feel like it though, don't worry!) But I was wondering if he sounded arrogant?

I think he sounds more sleazy than arrogant lol, but it has more to do with his tone and the random orgasmic noises he makes (have you heard his recent character song? XD) than the speech pattern itself.

France uses “ore,” but he addresses himself as “Big Brother France” and its variations a lot.  It’s not because he likes to speak in third person, but rather it’s a common thing Japanese do (and westerners too to some extent), where they adopt the speech of the person youngest in a social group.  For example, if a mother is talking to her child, instead of saying “I’m so happy!” she’d say “Mommy’s so happy!” And if an older person is talking to a young boy, instead of saying his name they sometimes call the boy “boku,” because that’s how the boy would call himself.  It’s the same reason Spain calls himself Oyabun (”boss”) when he’s talking to Romano.  I think it shows the more doting side of France and how he really considers himself the big brother of the younger countries.

He also likes to drag the endings of his sentences a little (though not as much as Italy) to create a softer tone, but it can come off as a bit pretentious and narcissistic too. ^^


Analysis by the staff! The level of their intimacy through the eyes of Director Hiroshi Watanabe: Italy & Germany

It’s interesting to see how Germany, who is by nature the caring big-brother type, looking after Italy who he just can’t leave alone, even when it troubles him. Also it’s nice the way Japan sees their interaction from an objective standpoint. I am most curious about the length of Germany’s fringe and the thickness of his chest.

Germany & Italy: These two can practically read each other’s mind☆ (Intimacy Level 5)

Whenever Italy is in trouble, Germany, despite his bemusement, would come to his rescue… The way their exchange is perfectly in sync is a masterpiece in itself!

From PASH! October 2015 [x]